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Taking notes can never get old, however, it can be evolved with some new features with time like better interference and cross-platform support. There are a lot of note-taking apps are available for your phone and computer but there are two apps by the market leaders that anyone can easily pick among all the folks- those are Google Keep and Evernote. Both are popular and are feature enriched. But the question is what app is for you?

Well, it is much easier than you think. Just read the complete comparison and you will end up solving the mystery that what notes taking app you actually need.

Both apps are different

It is a misconception that all the note-taking apps work the same way. There are many major differences between Google keep and Every note. The major difference between the two apps is the basic concept on which they are built. Google Keeps was actually built for taking the notes and Mark To-list online with a cool interference. So, if you just have to take small notes, mark to-dos for the day and all in a nice interference and cross-platform support than Google keep are for you.

While Evernote is a bit of a complicated thing with a lot of extensive features. It is a perfect app for long notes with multimedia adding options in asymmetry. So, if you have to do more than just taking the simple notes then Evernote is the best choice for you.

Here is a deep analysis for both the apps from different perspectives:

1. User Interference (Look and Feel)

Both have a modern look and feel but there is a significant difference between both as they are made for two different types of people.

Google Keep

Google Keep offers an especially easy-to-use interface, despite wherever you utilize it. for example, after you land on the Google Keep web site, you’re greeted together with your notes. you’ll use either a grid or list read, produce a replacement note quickly, and pop a keyword into the search box.

Google Keeps Interface
Google Keeps Interface

If you had to capture all of your notes by hand, would you utilize sticky notes, or would you decide for a notebook? If you’re feeling powerfully regarding one or the opposite, your call between Evernote and Google Keep ought to be straight forward.

Google Keep’s interface appearance and sounds like sticky notes fastened to a bulletin board. you’ll build it as colorful or monochromatic as you desire: Assign every card a color to designate priority or class or persist with the default white cards for a less vivid dashboard. Besides color-coding your notes, there are solely 2 style customizations available: Grid read (shown above) and list read, that displays all of your notes during a single-column list.

There are a few choices once it involves text data format, as well. Note titles use a default font, note text uses a default font, and you have got two choices for the way note text displays: in lines/paragraphs or as a list. Its look and feel are utilitarian, supplying you with a no-fuss thanks to collect your notes and reminders as merely and quickly as doable.


Evernote, on the opposite hand, is a lot of organization-focused and grayscale. It feels like however, you’d manage email in Outlook (Notebooks in Evernote ar the equivalent of folders in Outlook). The list of notes shows a title and short outline of every note, and clicking on a note displays it in its totality in a very giant preview panel.

Evernote interface
Evernote interface

Evernote additionally offers way more in terms of information your notes. Its editor comes complete with a toolbar that permits you to format your text, adding bolding, italics, ordered and unordered lists, checklists with checkboxes, tables, and more. you’ll change fonts and colors furthermore, or cash in of Evernote’s pre-designed templates to make professional-looking notes with the token endeavor.

2. As a Web Clipper

Both Google Keep and Evernote replenish net clippers, browser extensions that authorize you to save articles, text, and pictures you find while browsing the net. However, every tool’s net clippers replenish completely different options.

Google Keep’s net clipper

Google Keep’s net clipper is merely supported on Chrome. Evernote, on the opposite hand, offers its net clipper for all major browsers, as well as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and IE7+. therefore if you wish a notes tool with an internet clipper however like a browser aside from Chrome, Evernote is that the obvious selection.

Both tools’ net clippers allow you to capture web content as bookmarks, saving the title and a link to your note-taking tool of selection. each conjointly allow you to capture specific text from a webpage and reserve it as a note, or save a picture from an internet page as a note.

Evernote net clipper

However, Evernote’s net clipper offers tons of options that area units missing from Google Keep. as an example, Evernote conjointly offers you choices to save lots of a screenshot of a page or the total text of a page. once capturing the total text of a page, the online clipper grabs text and pictures.

Additionally, Evernote’s net clipper allows you to add clips to a selected notebook, add tags to the note, and leave remarks—all among the online clipper interface. Google Keep allows you to add remarks and labels among the online clipper, however, if you wish to color-code your note or add a reminder, you will have to travel to the tool’s net or mobile app to try and do, therefore.

3. Google keeps Vs. Evernote – Compatibility with third-party apps

When it involves group action Evernote and Google Keep with the opposite apps you employ in work and life, Evernote stands out. whereas each support cross-application functions, Evernote has rather more flexibility within which apps it works with than Google Keep—which solely supports alternative Google apps.

For example, adding reminders in Google Keep mechanically adds a reminder to your Google Calendar. and there is a crosscut for Google confine Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides that opens confine a little sidebar, therefore, you’ll add notes to stay while not departure the programs you are already operating in.

It’s excellent if you employ principally Google Apps, however, it’s non-ideal if you wish to mix note-taking with a Microsoft product or alternative third-party app.

4. Google Keeps Vs. Evernote- Significant features

Google Keep Significant Features

  • Copy note to Google Docs once you have to be compelled to produce a protracted document from an easy note.
  • Handy location-based reminders: produce a reminder for once you leave work, arrive home, or head to category.
  • Cool color-coding: For a fast thanks to reasoning your notes, provide them colors to spot sure ones at a look.

Evernote Significant Features

  • Sturdy text editor: the choices within the note text editor might cue you of Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. you’ve got plenty of information, font, list, table, alignment, and even subscript and superscript choices.
  • Helpful intrinsical chat: you’ll chat with alternative Evernote users right from the online interface or mobile apps.
  • Notebook Stacks: Organize your notebooks by grouping them victimization Stacks. This allows you to keep notebooks with similar subjects along.
  • Convenient internet Clipper extension: The Evernote internet Clipper browser extension allows you to capture web content or elements of pages and pop them right into your Evernote account.

Above is the deep analysis of both Google Keep and Evernote. Choose the one that suits you best.

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