Games Like Town of Salem

Games like town of Salem

Town of Salem being extremely addictive is a popular game among children and adults equally. It is an online-based game, and you can play it with your friends from all over the world over the internet.

This game is very much near to reality. Different roles are assigned to each of the participants like mafias, murderers, neutral people, and firefighters, etc. You have to perform what you are. If you are a murderer, you have to escape from the defense. And if you are a good guy, you have to chase and catch bad boys.

As the game has a unique idea, it builds some interest in players to play some more games like the town of Salem. And over time, several developers have created games like the town of Salem. They have the same strategy, and some have better user experience and graphics.

So here is the list of alternatives for Town of Salem.

1. Throne of Lies

Compatibility: PC, MAC, LINUX

Throne of lies
Throne of lies

The game’s story revolves around a throne. 8-16 players play live, and they have to take over the throne by betraying the fellow members. Like the town of Salem, each member has been assigned to different characters with different powers. Using those powers, the players can defeat the others to get the throne.

The game has comparatively better graphics, and it is also in 3D. It comes with 40 classes. As we are looking for games like the town of Salem, this game is comparatively better looking.

The game has four groups: blue dragons in them are good leaders. The game is divided into two parts, the day and night. On a daily bases, the fellow players talk to each other and try to betray others to get them into prison.

Here is the official trailer for Throne of lies.

2. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Compatibility: 3DS, iOS

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Do you like mystery related movies or games? If yes, this game is for you. It is highly addictive, mystery resolving game, in which you have to solve the puzzle using clues and with your detective sense.

There are two phases of the game. 1st of all you have to search for the witnesses and interrogate them, you have to force the witnesses so that they spit out the truth. In the next phase, you have to collect all the evidence and arrange them to solve the mystery. You can also play with your partners to solve the mystery.

Here is a small preview of the story of the game.

3. Sky Break

Compatibility: Any browser with flash player

Sky Break
Sky Break

There was a time when humans used to live on the land Arcania. But some mad scientists did an experiment, and some creatures came in drones and pushed the humans out of the town.

Now you must find out the reason and get the humans back to town. You will enjoy the gameplay as the graphics are much better than the town of Salem. In solving the mysteries, you have to fight with the multiple creatures.

Here is the official trailer for Sky break.

4. Spy Party

Compatibility: MAC and PC

Spy Party
Spy Party

Do you have a spy like nature? If yes, then spy party is for you. In this game, you act as a spy, and you have to spy on different people during a party. During spying, you will be assigned with various missions. Solving the missions will promote you to the next levels.

You get many controls being a spy in the game like; you have the power to zoom in using binoculars. You can also mark territories and can assault the targets.

Here is a small introduction about Spy Party.

5. Detective Grimoire

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, PC.

Detective Grimoire
Detective Grimoire

This is also a mystery based game in which you have to solve a series of mysteries from the death of the tourists to the long chain of crimes and fatalities. The incredible storyline and several puzzles get interesting with time, and this makes the game addictive.

Same like Phoenix wright, you have to investigate the witnesses and collect the clues that will lead you to solve the mystery.

Take a look at the trailer for this game.

6. Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod
Garry’s Mod

This is one of the best games that are very similar to the town of Salem. It has the best mechanicals and graphics. You will get guns to shoot your enemies. And with time, you will discover more abilities and gadgets that will increase your interest in the game.

But you have to purchase the game, as this is not free. This is a multiplayer game, so you will not feel lonely while playing with the large community.

Watch the trailer to get an idea about this game.

7. This is The Police

Compatibility: Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, SteamOS, Linux, and Mac.

This is The Police
This is The Police

Your retirement days are near, you only got 180 days to solve everything, and you also have to earn money for retirement.

You can earn money in one way or the other. So you can make money by bribes, drug deals, mafias and different sort of corruptions. It is not that easy to play, as you have to trick your partners and Police department into making that money.

Watch the trailer.

8. Hello Neighbor

Compatibility: Xbox One, PC

Hello Neighbor
Hello Neighbor

In this game, you are a peaceful man living in your house until something unusual happens in your neighborhood. You suddenly became an interesting man, that went out in the neighbors to find out the mystery. There is a house in the neighbors that shows unusual activities. In the game, you have to enter that house, and after passing through several levels, you get to the basement of the house to solve the mystery.

In the neighbor’s house, you find and collect the clues and keys to open the basement. And the game doesn’t end there, and you have to face the horror creatures in the basement of the house. And if you fail to save your back from there, the game starts from the last checkpoint.

Here is the trailer for this game.

9. Velvet Sundown

Compatibility: MAC, PC

Velvet Sundown
Velvet Sundown

This game is pretty exciting, and its story is very much similar to a Hollywood movie. The game starts from a luxurious yacht, and 11 players play it. So there are 11 characters in the yacht that have to complete their separate mission, and the primary goal is to deceive one another to win the game of survival.

You get the freedom to walk around the city and make money. Town has a lot of things to interact with different characteristics. In case if you want to quit, you can. To teach you the basics of the games, the game starts with several simple tutorials and story. It is the launch trailer for Velvet Sundown.

10. The Ship: Murder Party

Compatibility: Linux, Mac, PC

The Ship: Murder Party
The Ship: Murder Party

This is a shooter game, in which you have to murder the other people for survival. The game starts from a basic story like the town of Salem, in which you start your journey in a ship. This ship is from 1920. In the start, everything feels good, but soo, you realize that for survival, you have to murder other people.

You have to defend yourself and use mechanics and tactics to kill other people

11. EpicMafia

Compatibility: Any browser


From a collection of all the games like the town of Salem, this is a game that has a very similar storyline like the town of Salem. In this game, you get the role of attacking the mafia and take them into the custody of the people. You also have to save the villagers as the mafia murder them and hide the head.

In the whole process, you have to keep yourself alive to win the game. EpicMafia also gives you the freedom to have a conversation with your friends and share your progress and stats with them.

12. Masochisia

Compatibility: MAC, Linux, PC


This is a horror game. No doubt it is a game like the town of Salem, but it is not that simple to play. It is a family-based game, in which you are a young member of your family and want to make everyone happy. But things don’t go the way you like.

Your mother and brother are vulgar to your father. And you try to make things healthy. This is the game delivering a message about the family.

13. Don’t Knock Twice

Compatibility: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Don’t Knock Twice
Don’t Knock Twice

This is another horror game that is alternative to the town of Salem. Don’t Knock Twice has a storyline which revolves around a mother that lost her daughter just now. Now you have to face the witch to make the two knocks, the 1st knock to wake her up and 2nd knock brings her from the dead.

In the gameplay, you have to explore the large house in which you interact with a lot of horror things in search of your lost daughter. You also got a phone that will guide you through the ways to find your daughter.

14. Rim world

Rim world
Rim world

According to the theme of the game, you are a survival of an accident of your spaceship, and now you are in the Rim world. Here you have to do the construction work to make a strange city. Meanwhile, you have to rebuild your Spaceship to get back to your planet.

In the process of building the city, you have to face a lot of challenges like fighting with the animals, curing your wounds and fighting pirates, etc.

15. The Long Journey Home

Compatibility: Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, PC

The Long Journey Home
The Long Journey Home

This game is much similar to the town of Salem, and this is also similar to Rim world, as you are stuck in an unknown place and you have to rebuild your spaceship to return to your planet.

In the start of the game, you have to solve small missions, and that makes your chances to get back to your planet, but with time, this looks stupid to you, and it becomes difficult to survive there with the limited resources. This is the 2nd phase of the game, and it is most difficult. Resource management skills can make you win in this phase.

16. Grand Theft Auto 5

Compatibility: PC, Xbox One, Playstation.

Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto

This game is not very much similar to the town of Salem, but the theme is pretty the same, and it is quite famous. In this game, you came to the City of Los Angeles, and you have to play the role of a free thief in which you get contracts of theft and murders from different influential persons of the city, and you have to complete them, and you get money.

With time, you can purchase properties, cars and many other things with that earned money. You can switch between the three main characters.

You can also play it online, where you can play it as a multiplayer game to complete the missions with your fellows. GTA 5 is one of the best seller games because of its storyline and graphics. You must have suitable hardware to play this game if you want to play this on PC.

Enjoy the most beautiful trailer here.


All the similar games with details and trailers are in front of you, choose the game of your taste, and you will see them better than the town of Salem.


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