How to fax from a printer without phone lines? (step-to-step demonstrations)

Fax from Printer

To send faxes occasionally, people often use a commercial fax machine. It can be dangerous for you to use fax machines from retail stores. Fortunately, printers will help you to send faxes without phone lines.

Make sure to arrange a printer with faxing capabilities. A wireless printer will not need a phone line. In this situation, you can use the best online fax service, CocoFax. If you want to learn How to fax from a printer without a phone line, CocoFax offers the best guide.

Send Fax from a Printer without Phone Lines

Several printers are available with a fax button on the interface of the printer. If your printer has a fax button, it shows its capabilities to send and receive faxes. Nowadays, people use multifunction printers.

How to fax From Printer?
How to fax From Printer?

Multifunction printers can copy, scan and print, but may not have fax hardware. To use a printer, you have to keep it turned on. Several printers offer limited integral memory; therefore, it is not sufficient for a large volume of faxes.

Use CocoFax to Fax without Phone Lines

If you want to fax from Google drive, CocoFax can work as a magical fax solution. It allows you to attach essential documents from Google drive. There is no need to arrange a fax modem or a phone line to send and receive faxes.

Use CocoFax to Fax
Use CocoFax to Fax

In the first step, create an account with CocoFax. A free account will help you to get a fax number and a trial for one month. See these easy steps to send a fax without phone lines.

Step 01: Sign in to your CocoFax account to open a user-friendly dashboard. If you want to test the features of CocoFax before paying money, you can start with a free trial. Remember, 30 days are enough to test the services of CocoFax.

Sign in to your CocoFax Account
Sign in to your CocoFax Account

Step 02: Open dashboard on the web browser and click on “Send Fax.” In a pop-up window, you have to write the address of the recipient in the “To” field. If you have hard copies of a document, feel free to put them in your printer for scanning.

Scan every document and save these copies on your smartphone or computer. Moreover, you can save essential documents on a computer or cloud drive. You can easily upload scanned copies of the document.

To add notes, the subject field is appropriate. Furthermore, feel free to add a cover page in the body of the email.

Step 03: Attach a document that you want to send as a fax and tap on the “Send” button. Your work is complete, and CocoFax will transmit this message to your receiver. After the successful or unsuccessful transmission of a fax, you will get its notification in your inbox.

Attach Document
Attach Document

Remember, fax transmission can’t be successful if the recipient’s fax machine is busy or turned off. Carefully enter the fax number of your receiver because the wrong number can be the reason for failure.

Receive Faxes

Receiving faxes may be simpler than sending them. After registering your account, you can share your fax number with other people. CocoFax will collect your faxes and send them to your inbox. You may see them in the inbox of your email or dashboard of CocoFax.

To see received faxes, open your CocoFax account or an email ID and download your fax document. This document will be available as attachments. You can download these attachments in pdf format.

You can connect wireless printers to your laptop or phone. Still, some printers need a telephone wire. Faxes operate on telephone signals. CocoFax can decrease the need for a fax machine, phone line, and a fax modem.

No doubt, a fax number is essential, but you will obtain it from CocoFax. It is easy to start using the services of CocoFax with its free trial immediately.


In a nutshell, faxing without a phone line is possible with the help of online fax services. You can use wireless printers, but it is not suitable for businesses. CocoFax can save you from all these troubles. It is easy to manage faxes with PC and smartphones. No doubt, CocoFax is affordable and instant. It allows you to save money and time. This encrypted and HIPAA compliant service can immediately send international faxes. You will get 30 days to evaluate these services. Fax enabled printer can be an excellent choice to decrease the expense of extra hardware, but CocoFax is the best. It can manage faxes of a growing business.

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