Fixed – Confirm Form Resubmission (err_cache_miss) Error in Chrome

The majority of the moment, individuals question what this particular Confirm Form Resubmission (err_cache_miss) Error is? Some take it as a mistake, in general, and people explain it as a mistake. But based on the Superuser posters, it’s referred to as a characteristic of Google Chrome.

This pop up arises while you both do the prior web page onto the browser of yours or even renew the system. This pop up continues to be found by many people every so often, but this bug helps to keep on showing up in all of the types of Google Chrome as well as several other products. The main reason being, the weakly built module of google chrome that handles the forward and backward movements. As a result of this, it’s become nearly impossible to fix this issue.

Why Confirm Form Resubmission (err_cache_miss) Error appears?

This sort of pop up appears if you press the reload button to resubmit the information or even if you refresh Chrome or perhaps after pressing a back button. When too many resubmissions are received, make sure you try again later to show up on the browser.

Based on various discussion boards, the Confirm Form Resubmission isn’t a mistake. It’s viewed as a Google Chrome feature that functions as a warning. This particular function is supplied by the creator to stop the web browser from unintentionally duplicating post actions on forms.

This bug was often found by the users, though it’s nonetheless persistent in all of the variations of Google Chrome. This issue isn’t just experienced by individuals using Google Chrome, but similar has additionally been found in some other browsers. Probably the most likely reason behind this may be the component of Google Chrome that works with the forward/backward movement is weakly constructed. Therefore it’s tough to fix this particular issue.

You are going to see these kinds of pop up messages on sites which include some sort of forms. These types include:

  • Sign up forms and login forms
  • Search forms for searching a database
  • Credit card forms for doing transactions

The information supplied by the person in the type is delivered from the user’s browser into the server. And also, during this transfer, when the web page is refreshed, the information on the site may be duplicated. For instance, in case you’re filling a form about particular transactions through the bank card of yours and after clicking on the publish button. While the operation has been done, in case you attempt to renew the site, you will receive the dialogue Confirm Form Resubmission.

However, if there wouldn’t be such a feature, then it may be likely you’ve two transactions from the card of yours as well. Thus, to stay away from such accidents, this particular feature had been designed and is now being practiced. Though some folks find it annoying having such popup messages, you will find a few ways to correct it.

How to fix Confirm Form Resubmission Error?

As these resubmission form errors are very irritating and time-consuming. Consequently, we’ve explored and also found out specific means whereby you can eliminate this particular issue of Confirm Form Resubmission Dialog Pop Up.

Replacing the Post Method

This MethodMethod is applied to publish the information entered by the person in the type of the browser. There are two methods:

POST Method: The details moved into the class wouldn’t be added to the URL, and hence, the specifics aren’t apparent on the person.

GET Method: The details are added to the URL and, therefore, do not guarantee the confidentiality of the information currently being transferred.

If your post enables you to change details on the site, you can change the POST Method by getting MethodMethod. To do and so, stick to the steps given below:

Step one: Just remove POST from the URL and also work with getting at its location.


//Remove POST

<form action=index.php?load=SEARCHmethod=post>

//Use GET

<form action=index.php?load=SEARCHmethod=get>

Disadvantage: This Isn’t the very best solution in case you’re using Google Chrome or maybe some other browser regularly.

Clear Google Chrome Browsing Data

Clear Google Chrome Browsing Data
Clear Google Chrome Browsing Data

The browser remembers the info when loaded in the type, and hence, information duplication is possible. Thus, in case you induce the browser to forget about everything, then there wouldn’t be some time of repetition. Therefore, you ought to attempt to clean away the browsing information every so often.

While clearing the information, you have to select all of the options viz. Passwords, browsing data, cached data, media licenses, etcetera. After doing this, use the internet browser once more and find out if the mistake is solved or not. We can accomplish this by following the actions provided below:

  • Step one: Open your Google Chrome web browser and click the three dots positioned on the best right edge of the browser.
  • Step two: Now, choose More Tools> > Clear browsing details from the selection.
  • Step three: Navigate the Advanced Tab and choose the information you wish to delete.
  • Step four: Then, click Clear Data.

By using Google Chrome Properties

In this particular technique, we alter the Google Chrome components to resolve the issue. Comply with the steps provided below:

  • Step one: First of many, Right-click on the Shortcut icon of Google Chrome and choose the Properties.
  • Step two: A dialogue box is going to pop up & you will have the ability to find an area named Target.
  • Step three: Now, because you can see the target industry in the picture shown above. Just add -disable-prompt-in-repost Without quotes after the target.
  • Step four: After carrying out this, attempt to reopen Google Chrome utilizing precisely the same shortcut.
  • Step five: Now, determine in case the same type of dialogue arises or perhaps not on refreshing the site.

Necessary: If you’re utilizing this technique to resolve the Confirm Form Resubmission error, then you definitely should have two shortcuts of the browser 1 with the default qualities as well as the other one with the revised properties provided above. They each should be applied based on the demand of the user. When you’ve worked from the internet browser where the protection of information plays a significant role, you need to utilize the browser with default properties to help keep your private details safe.

Disable Motion Across The Browser

As outlined by a few individuals, the Confirm Form Resubmission is not a bug. It happens because the internet browser tries to post the type once more on the refresh as there’s an issue with the browser, plus it can’t cache POST requests.

Among the causes for this problem is accidentally going backward or forward. To fix this particular, we can turn off motion buttons for the internet browser. On touch screen products, you can stay away from this issue by disabling the sliding choice to move backward or forward. Thus, after carrying out this, whether or not the event happens accidentally, the dialogue would not pop up.

Reset Chrome Browser Settings

Reset Chrome Browser Settings
Reset Chrome Browser Settings


Among the fixes could be resetting the browser’s settings. The browser may configure within an improper manner that results in such errors. So resetting it is usually a possible fix. To reset the internet browser of yours, follow the actions given below:

  • Step one: Click the three dots on the best right corner of your respective browser to start the Control Menu.
  • Step two: Choose the Setting’s choice from the menu.
  • Step three: Scroll down till the conclusion and click Show Advanced Settings.
  • Step four: Choose the choice to Restore configurations to their authentic defaults after the web page and check out it. Step five: Click the Reset Settings option.

Disable Corrupted Extensions

Disable Corrupted Extensions
Disable Corrupted Extensions

Among the causes for becoming Confirm Form Resubmission mistake is usually corrupt extensions on the internet browser of yours. We can fix this particular by disabling the extensions, plus the next actions can do this:

  • Step one: Click the three dots on the best right corner of your respective browser to start the Control Menu.
  • Step two: Navigate to More Tools> > Extensions.
  • Step three: Now, locate the corrupted extension from the list. Turn off it and re-enable it.

They’re all of the extensions you’ve on the browser. You’ve to disable them for then and once re-enable all as per requirement. Next, attempt to recheck the website to find out if the mistake has been solved or maybe not.

Make use of the PRG Pattern

PRG stands for any POST/Redirect/GET pattern.

The types on the web page usually put into action solely the P POST portion of the PRG pattern, which leads to Confirm Form Resubmission Error. Rather than this, the total PRG pattern must be applied.

Whenever any post requires a kind on it, they can attempt to add a single page between that web page as well as the real page after it. In such a situation, it doesn’t publish the information directly on the server.

By doing this, the person can post the form information to that site. Do some processing, which is essential to achieve that web page, and after that, send it with the server. The user can’t view the next page as the action industry of the type is the very first page. The browser is going to remember to go as its final technique rather than POST. So, we will not experience some issues even on unintentionally refreshing the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever you see the err-cache-miss message prompt on your browser, you can click the continue button

The refresh button to resubmit information in your Chrome browser is the F5 Short key.

Yes, to perform a hard refresh on Chrome, You will have to use the Ctrl + Shift + R shortcut key


These are the methods to solve the Confirm Form Resubmission Error. You can apply the above solutions one by one. If any of the solutions mentioned above does not work, just drop a comment below, and we will reach you back with a solution.

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