Ethernet Splitter vs. Hub vs Switch: What’s the Difference?

Ethernet Splitter vs Hub vs Switch

Are you short on ethernet ports? Are you looking for splitting the Ethernet? The solutions you will find are multiple, and you may get confused between them because there is very less difference between them. The possible solutions for splitting your Ethernet are ethernet switch, an Ethernet hub, and an ethernet splitter. You should know your need and the functioning of these devices to choose the required one.

Here is a complete guide to differentiate between the three, so you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Ethernet Splitter

Ethernet Splitter
Ethernet Splitter

Ethernet can be your first choice when you are looking for splitting your ethernet connection. Ethernet looks like the modest and having no pretensions or ostentation. You can have a better alternative.

The cheap accessibility of Ethernet splitters can be very effective these days. Furthermore, with an Ethernet Splitter, you have the liberty to utilize only a single cable to run directly from your router or modem to some Ethernet switch you have in the other room. This will give you access to a few other ports that can be used to connect other things.

The performance factor by these Ethernet splitters may help you in boosting of your internet speed as well. We can base this upon the reason of having more ports.

They are pretty easy to use, and don’t require power outlets or software to set them up.

Ethernet has three ports, two at a side and one on the other. This device can be useful when you have small ethernet cables.


A single ethernet splitter does not split the internet connecting, and you always need another ethernet splitter that will unsplit the connection back into two wires.

Well, if you have two devices integrated in one room along with a switch or router of some kind in some other room, what you can do is, use an Ethernet Splitter to connect the entire setup. This can happen if and only if you are comfortable with 100MBs in addition to two proper spare ports on the other end.


Ethernet splitter channels only two cables as they are of old 100 BASE-T standards. These cables use only two channels of four, and a splitter uses the remaining two. And when you have to connect to the other device, you add another splitter that uses the spare two cables and split the connection.

Ethernet cable splitter can be the right choice when your setup is small, and you have to split for only two devices.

Ethernet Switch

Ethernet Switch
Ethernet Switch

Want to know everything about Ethernet switch? Watch this video:

So we were looking for ethernet connection splitter, ethernet switch is the best among all. There are two types of Ethernet switch, there is an ethernet switch with five ports, and there is also with eight ports.


All you have to do is to connect the ethernet cable from the router to the ethernet switch, and then you can attach as much of 7 other devices with the ethernet switch.

There is a misconception about ethernet switch that after connecting more devices, the data get interrupted between the devices. But the case is not that, with ethernet switch the communication is of full-duplex that means the data sent and received among all the equipment is done at the same time and thus not get interrupted.

Ethernet Hub

Ethernet Hub
Ethernet Hub

Hub switch or router? Watch this video:

This is a little bit old school then ethernet switch and has the same functioning of ethernet splitting.


Ethernet hub works with half-duplex communication, which means ethernet hub does not have to ability to send and receive data at the same time for multiple devices, which may cause a lot of mishaps like data collisions and the bandwidth fluctuation between the connected devices.

Pro tip: Double check while purchasing ethernet switch as it looks the same as ethernet hub.


So, do you know your requirements? Well, let me short it down for you. If you want an ethernet connection splitter for a small area, then ethernet splitter is the best choice for you. And if you’re going to for longer distances and multiple devices, consider ethernet switch as your new ethernet hub, don’t buy ethernet hub, as that is an old device and can give you a lot of headaches.

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