Entertain At Home: Why You Should Get All These Channels on FireStick While On Quarantine?

FireStick offers users almost unlimited opportunities for entertainment through various applications and channels. No wonder why this streaming device has become very popular, especially while the world is on quarantine. Not to mention the fact that the additional FireStick channels have been made available because of Amazon’s move of partnering up with third-party television networks and content providers.

One can download and install different channels straight from the Amazon store. These channels offer wide-ranging entertainment options, from news, sports, TV shows, movies, and even kids programs, among many others.

Check out FireStick Channels List (2020) – All Available Channels On The FiresStick to see what Amazon has to offer to you in this regard. In this very post, however, you’re going to discover the best channels available on FireStick and why you should get them while you’re staying at home because of the coronavirus threat. Sounds fun, right? Read on!

1. Netflix

What attracts people to Netflix the most is its plethora of original offerings. There’s more to Netflix than just original series, however, as this streaming service also provides documentaries, TV shows, and movies. It even has a separate kid’s entertainment channel. Despite its libraries being divided according to region, it’s still, by far, one of the largest, if not the largest, streaming service available in each household at the moment. It should definitely be on your FireStick.

2. HBO Go

If you have subscribed to HBO, this channel actually comes for free. If you’re an HBO fan, then you surely would find HBO Go an excellent place for streaming not only HBO originals, but also lots of comedy specials, sports programs, documentaries, and movies. There are even bonus videos available, such as behind the scenes clips of some of the most popular films that hit the big screen. Get it now!

3. ABC

While it’s true that this channel requires a paid subscription, just like Netflix, since it mostly offers live streaming, it’s still one of FireStick’s most popular channels worldwide. Should you be getting this on FireStick? Definitely, yes. ABC provides multiple movie genres and a lot of live streams, which you would surely enjoy while staying at home.

4. Comedy Central

If you’re a fan of Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show, then, Comedy Central should, no doubt, be part of your FireStick shopping list. You can download it for free, although you’ll be required to make in-app purchases if you really want to unlock the channel’s most popular videos. Getting Comedy Central on FireStick means you can have complete access to Detroiters, South Park, and other stand-up extras.

5. FOX News

You’ll need a subscription account to access FOX News. Still, it’s a premium channel for catching breaking news, especially the latest news alerts about the coronavirus, as well as sports news updates and even live streams on demand. FireSticks’s Fox News is a free extension of Fox News Network’s leading news service.

6. BBC News

Whether you’re interested in entertainment, business, or other popular topics, you can stream everything by getting BBC news on FireStick. The good thing about the BBC network is that it has a global news coverage, which you can bring to your TV through FireStick even without a cable TV subscription. Full-length top stories around the world and TV programs can also be accessed with BBC News on FireStick.

7. Al Jazeera

Another news channel that’s worthy of being on your FireStick shopping list is Al Jazeera. It brings you news and stories from different parts of the world. This is a popular news channel from Qatar, but it has an English version that features a wide range of content, such as magazine shows, talk shows, documentaries, editor’s picks, live TV, and more. The good thing about Al Jazeera on FireStick is it doesn’t require TV subscription sign-in or any login. Yes, you heard it right–this channel is completely free.

8. Spotify

One of the most popular and widely used platforms for streaming music, having genres from different parts of the world, is Spotify. Downloading the app is free, and all you need is to make an account and sign in to gain access to the extraordinary worldwide music experience. Please take note, however, that Spotify on FireStick can be upgraded by getting a paid subscription. If you’re a music lover, then you can’t go wrong with Spotify on FireStick.

9. Vevo

Vevo is another music streaming app you can get on FireStick. You won’t be required to make an account to gain access to limited free music. However, if it’s a full-fledged music library you want, then getting yourself an account is necessary. But, it’s free and will only take a few minutes, so spending a little bit of your time working on it is worth it. Chances are you’ve already come across Vevo after watching multiple music video performances on Youtube. It’s essential to note that while you can access Vevo’s content for free, limitations exist depending on the region you belong to.

10. NFL

NFL lovers would surely love the NFL on FireStick with its load of exciting NFL videos. The NFL has you covered whether you want the latest news or watch the highlights of your favorite teams. You can download NFL for free, but please take note that to access some types of videos, you have to make in-app purchases. Another bonus from the NFL on FireStick is that it will keep you updated on significant events and game scores throughout the season.

11. Fox Sports

You better get Fox Sports on FireStick if you want to find different live streams and channels that you actually may not enjoy on any other platforms, especially if you’re outside the United States. It’s definitely one of the best platforms available for sports fanatics worldwide.

12. NBA For Fire TV

NBA fans from all over the world can now follow their favorite teams and games on FireStick with NBA for Fire TV. It’s actually the official NBA channel not only for FireStick but also for Fire TV devices and even Amazon Kindle. Please take note that you’ll need to subscribe to the NBA League Pass to sign in and get complete access to all live NBA games of the regular season.

13. Nick Jr. For Fire TV

If you have kids at home, then you definitely should get Nick Jr. on FireStick. This channel features popular shows like I Shrunk The Kids, Hobby, Broken Record, Peppa Pig, Top Wing, Shimmer And Shine, Blue’s Clues And You, Ryan’s Mystery Playdate, Bubble Guppies, PAW Patrol, and a lot more. Signing in with your television provider is required if you want an ad-free experience and want to unlock Nick Jr.’s full range of content. However, there’s still plenty of free stuff your kids can enjoy.


While you’re locked at home because of the quarantine, these FireStick channels are really a must-have to help kill the boredom. You can binge-watch different shows or get into a movie marathon with your family. There are almost countless streaming devices available in the market. Still, FireStick is leading the line by providing the best channels that anyone from different parts of the globe can access.

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