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Technology has taken over the world gradually but now with the passing days, the latest inventions have provided ease in every sphere. When it comes to audio aid, technology has brought a revolution for the sound too. The gadgets are not only user-friendly but also they can give you the experience that can blow your mind.

Since we are talking about tech and sound quality, there are so many speakers that can provide you the high pitched crisped quality for the sound that can make you groove. Some important features that you should know about the speakers will help you out to see what exactly we need to look at the good quality speakers.

Features to look for in Good Quality Speakers

Spending money once can save you from long term hassle of rushing over and over again. Some important considerations make it even easy to pick what exactly you want. Here are some core features that will help you out to make a decision to buy the speakers. The important considerations include.

The frequency responsiveness is measured in Hertz unit that shows the range of the tones that it produces. The first digit of the number shows the low level at which the speaker plays the music and how deep is the bass. The next number tells the upper limit which is the tonal range of the speakers. The speaker can produce a fuller sound if the frequency response is wide.

  • The sensitivity of the Speakers: The sensitivity rating of the speaker indicates the effectiveness of converting power into the volume. The high rating will show how loud your speaker can play with the amount of power given. It is mostly measured by one watt of power being driven and measures the level of loudness into decibel which is placed one meter away.
    A sensitivity rating with just 3 dB high than the other speaker only requires the half power to provide the same amount of sound. Having a speaker with low powered amp then you will need a speaker with a high sensitivity rating that has 90 DB or above.
  • Material: You can find speakers manufactured by so many materials like paper, metal, rubber, plastic with their own properties of sonic. The manufacturers, to maintain the balance with the strength and lightweight for the efficient working for clear sound.
  • The impedance of Speaker: The amount of the electrical resistance which is present in the speaker is shown by the impedance that is presented to the amplifier. Same like the power rating, it can be a little tricky because the impedance fluctuates constantly when the music is being played.
    The speakers with low impedance i.e. speaker with 4 ohms can be troublesome with the amplifiers or the receivers if they are not designed to pass a large amount of current.
  • Power handling: Most of the speakers that we carry suggest the power range. This will provide a sense that how much powerful amp you will need. The lower number represents the minimum wattage needed and the highest number will tell the maximum watt that your speaker is able to handle. All of these mentioned are the core features that you need to go through before making any purchase for the speakers.

Types of Speakers

There are so many types of speakers that are available in the market that could make you in the state of baffled. Here, we are mentioning some main types for the speakers so that you will get to know the main differences among the types.

  • Woofer: A woofer speaker is also known as bass speakers in technical terms. They are mainly used for producing the sounds with low frequency ranging from 50Hz up to 1000 Hz. They usually cover the lowest octaves for a frequency range of a loudspeaker.
  • Subwoofer: A subwoofer, similarly as woofers are designed to reproduce the low-pitched frequencies which are bass or sub-bass. An audio receiver will help you out in placing the speakers. The subwoofers are one that can physically be placed on the floor.
  • Soundbar Speakers: These types of speakers project the audio with a wide enclosure. In appearance, they are tall, partially acoustic. They can be mounted anywhere depending upon the requirement. Multiple speakers are placed in the cabinet (the wooden box in which speakers are fixed) of a soundbar speaker that creates an effect of stereo sound. You can attach a subwoofer to supplement the sound.
  • Stereo Receiver: A stereo receiver mostly possesses 2 channels on both sides left and right. When it refers to the sound receivers. With the channels on it, you can attach more speakers to it.
  • Bluetooth speakers: The Bluetooth speakers are tireless and portable in nature that one can connect it with your smart devices through Bluetooth. Some of them are able to catch the signals within the range of 10 meters.
  • Floor-Standing: As you can guess from the name these floors are placed on the corners of the room mostly in the living rooms or the ones with the wide area. These monitors give a deeper bass response because of increased height as compared to the other kind of portable speakers.

What size speakers that I require?

Good quality speakers are sometimes large in size to provide the coverage to all over the area. That does not mean that small and compact speakers are low in quality. The size of the area actually helps to determine what kind of speaker is perfect for space. For instance, a living room has tall ceilings and open should have the floor-standing speakers because the large acoustic chambers of these floor-standing speakers give the illusion of natural sound with solid bass.

For a smaller room like a home desk or for the bedroom, bookshelf speakers are recommended. These are mid-bass speakers that belong to the floor standing speakers. You can place them on stands or wall-mount them or else put them in the piece of furniture.

For hard-hitting bass lovers, powered subwoofers are suggested.

What amplifier to use?

Many feasible ways are available to power the stereo speakers. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option then the stereo receiver is a good choice. This allows the user to combine and amplifies the AM/FM tuner. The high-end systems, an integrated amp or power amp for the best sound quality.

In the regime of speakers, the subwoofers are in hype as they are able to catch the low-frequencies to produce sound. Just have a quick look over what subwoofers are. To know more about it visit usercompared.com


Subwoofers are designed for handling the sub-bass and the bass sounds frequencies. Usually, they are attached to the many setups of computer systems, home theaters, studios at home set up, festivals, and concerts.


They are able to withstand the pressure level of sound SPL (sound pressure level) for the low end sounds being played on the high DB. Originally, these subwoofers were made to protect the traditional speakers from the louder and lower damaging frequency pressure.

How does the subwoofer work?

Generally, the subwoofers are electromagnetically driven by a magnetic field in a single voice coil. Theses coils are back to the speaker cone. When the current flows, it moves. The waves are created when the driver cone moves in and out just like a piston.

Types of Subwoofers

The subwoofers are classified in the following types:

  • Passive Subwoofers: An external amplifier is used in these subwoofers like any other speaker in the system. For an extreme sound of the bass, they need more power to reproduce low-frequency sounds and, to sustain the effect of the base through the subwoofer, a receiver or amplifier needs to provide enough power.
  • Powered Subwoofer: These types of subwoofers have the amplifiers and woofers enclosed in them and don’t require an external amplifier with it. These types of units are great because they are compact and utilize minimum space, which makes it easy to carry around and you can easily place it anywhere. Furthermore, they are also very easy to install. The downside of these woofers is because of their small size they may not be ideal if you want strong bass.
  • Vehicle-Specific Subwoofers: They are a mixture of the powered and unpowered subwoofer. They are designed by keeping in mind the size and interior of the car. Like the powered subwoofer, they are compact but are not able to produce the bigger bass.
  • Enclosed Subwoofers: They are somewhat similar to passive subwoofers but are enclosed in a tailored box. This is useful to increase the bass quality when you don’t have the time to build or design the sound system from zero.

Sizes of the Subwoofers

The size is the factor that determines how high/loud or low the subwoofer can go. In general, the bigger the subwoofer the bigger will be the bass. But the size of the space is another important factor to consider while buying because if you want big bass you also need to have a big space to keep it.

  • 8-inch Subwoofer: These are the ones that are easily available and have low prices. They are pre-installed in the factory sound systems and are best under seat subwoofer. At this size, they may not be able to provide the bigger bass but they sure provide clean and clear bass. They need a good pair of door speakers to provide optimal performance. The best under seat subwoofer that is available today is Rockville RW10CA and Rockville SS8P.
  • 10-inch Subwoofer: These are also known for their compact size and easy installation, but they have a better response to bass as compare to the 8-inch subwoofer. The 10-inch subwoofers are also great for producing the bass with extra power without making any compromise to the quality of sound.
  • 12-inch Subwoofer: The subwoofers of this size can easily handle a variety of different kinds of music. They are very popular among the audiophiles that like bigger bass. But because of their big size, their response level is low which makes them good for the slow kind of music.
  • 15-inch Subwoofer: These are the best car subwoofer for deep bass that are available today and they consume a lot of space. They have a deep and powerful bass than any other size subwoofer but their response is the slowest one. You may also need to upgrade your car speakers if you use this subwoofer.

The top suggestions for best car subwoofer for deep bass are Rockford Footage and Rockville 15-inch subwoofer.

Features of the subwoofer we needed to look at?

  • Drive Size: Before making any decision you need to look at how much power you need from your subwoofer. An 8-inch subwoofer is an affordable option but they won’t give you any heart-thumping bass. A 10 or 12-inch subwoofer reproduces the lowest sounds and they are the most commonly used ones. But if you need the heart-thumping effect then a 15 or 18-inch subwoofers are a way to go.
  • Frequency Response: This is an extremely important factor to consider as it represents how low the sound will go. As we know, a human can hear the sound as low as 20 Hz, considering this a good subwoofer will give you sound as low as 35 Hz.
  • Enclosure: The type of sound a subwoofer produces depends on the enclosure you use. So it is a very important factor to keep in mind.
  • Cross-Over: It is an electric circuit that makes the way for frequencies that are below the specified point in the subwoofer. A good subwoofer usually has a cross over frequency of 100 Hz.

Best Subwoofer under 500

The top options that are available in the market for Best Subwoofer under 500 are:

  • Polk Audio PSW505
  • Klipsch R-12SW
  • BIC America F12
  • Klipsch R-10SW
  • Yamaha NS-SW050BL

Best Powered Subwoofer Car

The top Best Powered Subwoofer Car that is highly recommended by every user is:

  • Rockville RW10CA
  • Rockville SS8P
  • Rockford Footage P300-12


The bass is the thing that everyone notices in a sound system, especially in a large gathering. And to make it easy for you we have compiled with a guide for the speakers to enhance the listening experiences. Subwoofers are given more priority that is why we have mentioned here some best-powered subwoofer car and the best subwoofer under 500.

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