DPC Watchdog Violation – Easy fix

DPC Watchdog Violation

DPC Watchdog violation is a blue screen of death errors. No matter how frustrated you are, we have a quick and easy solution for this error. There is a lot of other Blue screens of death errors that we have discussed. Here is another one. First of all, keep that in mind that you are not alone and secondly, there is no serious problem with your system. All you have to do; is understand the real cause of the problem.

What is the DPC watchdog violation?

Giving a value of 0x00000133, DPC stands for Deferred Procedure Call. Don’t be confused, and you don’t need to learn its meaning. DPC watchdog violation in Windows 10 occurs when the build-in bug checker of Windows running for a long and failed to get a response. Or your Pc stuck at IRQL.

Why do I have a DPC WatchDog violation?

Causes involved in the DPC watchdog violation are below.

  • It is a sort of Hardware incompatibility. If you have recently changed or installed any new input device, remove it and try again to start the PC. Incompatible hardware can be of many types like if you are trying to attach the AMD graphics card when your motherboard supports only Nvidia graphics card, you can face DPC watchdog violation error.
  • Missing drivers or corrupt drivers can also cause this blue screen of death BSOD. If you have installed new hardware and there is no driver for that, you can see this issue. Moreover, if the relevant driver is installed but has been corrupted, it is a high chance that you can view this issue then too.
  • DPC watchdog violation can also be caused by the conflict between the two software or the application that has been installed in your system.

Easy fix- DPC Watchdog violation

Now, there can be Two scenarios, whether you can log in to Windows, or you may get stuck at the Blue screen of death. So these are the solutions for you according to that.

-If You can log in to Windows

You are lucky if you can log in to Windows because you can now apply the fixes directly and quickly. However, if you are stuck at the BSOD with DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION, no need to worry in that case too, you can read the solution below.

1. Update your Drivers

This seems like a very straightforward solution, but it works. In the above section, you have read that the missing and corrupted drivers are the culprits behind the DPC watchdog violation. Updating drivers is not that much of a difficult task. You can update drivers using any software like drivers easy, or you can update the drivers manually.

Updating drivers manually is not a big deal. You have to search for your device model on Google, and you will be given all the drivers for your device. Just download all the drivers and install them one by one. The drivers that you already have will be updated, and the missing drivers will be installed, restart the device, and you are competent to go.

If you want to install the drivers manually, you can do that using the software provided by your system manufacturer. You can download that software from the official website like you can download the HP driver manager form the HP official website. For drivers like Nvidia, you have to download their drivers from their official website, and you can not find that on any of your manufacturer websites.

2. Change the SATA AHCI Controller

This is the second fix that you can apply to change the settings. This is also a driver related issue, and the driver that is causing the problem is the driver that is responsible for the data transfer or exchange. The driver acts by verifying the congeniality of the data and providing an efficient output. You can quickly solve the violation error if you can change the SATA AHCI driver. So here are the steps that you have to follow to sort this out.

Step 1:

Open the device manager of your Pc, for that you can directly access that using the system settings, or you can use shortcuts. Press the Windows icon, and a search bar will open. Write the Device manager here. Or you can also right-click on the start button to open a list of quick functions. Look for the device manager and click to open it.

Device Manager
Device Manager

Step 2:

Now you have to click on the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers button, as shown in the image below:


Now right-click on this and then click on Properties. Then a new tab will open, click on the Drivers tab, click on the details. The thing we are finding out here is that if the DPC watchdog violation that you are facing is because of this or not. For that, you have to confirm that the name under the driver details should be iaStorA.sys. If it is something else like the image below, skip this method and try something else. This error is not because of this problem in your case.

SATA AHCI Controller
SATA AHCI Controller

But if it was showing iaStorA.sys, then you have to follow this method.

Step 3:

In the same window, click on the Update driver option. In the next window, you will be provided two options. You have to select the 2nd option and continue.

Update Driver - SATA AHCI Controller
Update Driver – SATA AHCI Controller

In the next section, your driver will be updated. Now restart the computer. The DPC watchdog violation error should have gone by now. If it is still there, move to the next method.

3. Run Event Viewer

The Event Viewer can help you identify the cause of the DPC violation error that displays the blue screen of death. This is a tool in the Windows utility that hunts out the errors in a log file.

Step 1:

To access the Event viewer, Press R and Windows Key simultaneously now enter, ‘eventvwr.msc’ in the Run box. Click on ‘OK’ to open the Event Viewer.

Step 2:

Find Windows Logs from the left side of the panel. From there you have to choose the ‘System’ option.

Step 3:

You can find the logs that own Error or Warnings marked in the central part of the panel. You can then diagnose the cause following the violation error.

This will help you recognize and choose the right troubleshooting method to eradicate the error.

4. Check for Disk Errors

The corrupted windows file can also cause DPC watchdog violation windows 10 error. You can check your disk for any faulty file or hardware problem. With Windows 10, you can run a drive checking scan very quickly using the command prompt.

Follow the steps:

  1. Run CMD as an administrator.
  2. Enter the command chkdsk C: /f and hit enter.
chkdsk C: /f - Command
chkdsk C: /f – Command

This command only detects the error, but to fix the issue, you have to enter the /r parameter.

-If you are unable to login to your Windows

For most of the cases, your Pc won’t turn on or precisely don’t log in to windows. That is the most frustrating moment. But don’t you worry, because we have come up with the solution to those too.

1. Software and hardware compatibility

If you may expect an external device to work smoothly right from the time you start using it, this is not so. You may face the violation error. The drive may not be compatible with the hardware or software present in your device. Here is a simple way to resolve this issue.

  • Hardware Compatibility –If you are using multiple devices, you have to plug in the machine one by one and check their compatibility to identify the drive that is causing the error. When you identify the particular device, you can check its specs and find out about compatibility with your system and exchange it for another compatible device.
  • Software Compatibility– For software conflicts causing the violation error, you use trial and error method as in the hardware compatibility testing. Once you identify the software, uninstall it and restart your system to find out if the error persists.

2. Replace or Remove the hardware

If you love your Pc, you surely know that when this all happens, what new equipment you attached. Remove or replace the device, or you can also update or install the drivers for that if you can log in to windows. For example, if you have fitted a new graphics card, try to remove that and start the Pc again.

3. Reset your PC- final step to resolve dpc watchdog voilation

This is the final option that can solve this issue for sure. All you have to do is to get a USB with the Windows installation media and connect it with the infected PC showing DPC watchdog violation. Now boot your Pc with the external USB device. Go to the advanced settings. Click on Reset This Pc. Now you can choose whether you like to keep your files or delete them. We recommend you to remove the files to eradicate the problem. If, unfortunately, you don’t have an option for resetting your PC, you have to install a fresh copy of windows in your Pc. The procedure is the same for that, select install windows instead of resetting this Pc.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a blue screen error that appears on your Windows Operating system as a cause of files getting corrupted, outdated SSD drivers, SSD firmware is no longer supported, or incompatibility issues of hardware. The stop code you’ll most probably see is DPC_Watchdog_Violation.

  1. Check your PC cables
  2. Replace iastor.sys driver
  3. Disk must be checked
  4. Drivers must be updated
  5. OS must be updated
  6. Do/Run a full system scan
  7. Analyze if any software or hardware is showing incompatibility issues
  8. Delete the recently installed software’s

Scan your computer for DPC Watchdog Violation error. Open the Command Prompt Program as an administrator. Type: SFC/scannow and press Enter. This action will scan and fix errors in your Windows System automatically.

This is the stop error or exception error commonly known as the Blue Screen of Death. This is because of the crashing of your Windows Operating System as a result of some fatal system error. This is actually an indication that your operating system cannot operate safely any longer.

Well, the Blue Screen of Death is mainly because of the recently installed software, hardware, or settings. All of this is mainly easily fixable.

Based on overheating, your computer can get power supply issues, RAM or Motherboard may get faulty, issues with drivers, slow processor, and many other factors that get affected by overheating may cause the Blue Screen of Death to pop-up. The Blue Screen is actually a protection mechanism that prevents your computer from further damage by stopping the computer.


The blue screen of death errors is the most severe one, and every failure has a different solution, but most of the time, they are very similar to each other. In the above article, we have explained the solution to the most critical error among the Windows 10 users, and that is the DPC watchdog violation. Apply the above fixes one by one. If none of the overhead is working for you, then the best solution is to install a fresh copy of windows, or you can reset your Pc.

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