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Suppose you like a movie that is available in some other language that you don’t understand. The possible solution for that is to download subtitles. In this way, you can read the subtitles in your native language as the dialogues proceeds.

There are a lot of sites that you can use to download subtitles, but there are a few problems involved. You may not find the subtitles for the specific movie that you are going to watch.

Sometimes, the subtitles that you see for the film do not sync with the movie dialogues. So, here is the list of some best websites to download subtitles. You can search for the subtitles for any movie you want on these websites.

  1. Addic7ed
  2. OpenSubtitles
  3. YIFY Subtitles
  4. DIVX Subtitles
  5. TVSubtitles
  6. Subtitle Seeker
  7. Podnapsi
  8. Subscene


Addic7ed - Best sites for subtitles
Addic7ed – Best sites for subtitles

As you can probably imagine from the title, Addic7ed (meaning addicted) seeks to function as the one-stop-shop giving subtitles to film addicts. Like OpenSubtitles, it has among the subtitles websites offering downloads for both TV and film shows.

You will have to sign on for Addic7ed to have the ability to download subtitles. After you are signed in, you can look for films with a search bar and go by way of a drop-down menu. Brand new releases are prominently displayed in an RSS feed at the upper part of the webpage.

The website also provides a schedule, displaying the other releases of your favorite TV shows to keep organized (with related links to subtitles contained). Additionally, it provides an FAQ and support forums to ask questions, together with tutorial web pages, to explain the way to apply subtitles with ordinary programs.

2. OpenSubtitles

Best Subtitles - OpenSubtitles
Best Subtitles – OpenSubtitles

With one of the best collections of film subtitles on the web (more than 5 million, based on the website itself), OpenSubtitles is likely the very first website you wish to see in case you are planning to download subtitles.

The website is a really global affair, with more than fifty various language choices to select from, making it possible for you to browse the site in languages from Aragonese to Vietnamese.

Each upload includes a movie name, comments, upload date, as well as a general score of the quality of the subtitles provided. Using the visible search bar at the top part, you can search for subtitles that have been published by various other drivers. A sophisticated search bar allows you to search by age, format, rating, and much more.

The website does not only include movie subtitles, however. You can likewise download subtitles for TV series, and also take part in the community forum, in which users provide tips and help for locating the most effective subtitles.

3. YIFY Subtitles

Best Subtitles - YIFY Subtitles
Best Subtitles – YIFY Subtitles

The site has a user-friendly screen that enables you to search for desired subtitles based on genre and language. Below you will also find an enormous collection of all of the latest and popular movies.

The site also enables you to see the ratings, even the season of release, for all of the uploaded videos. Nevertheless, when downloading subtitles, you will be directed to some PDF download page, which happens to be somewhat challenging.

In case you would like to search for a particular video, the search bar must help with an autosuggestion application, which allows you to discover a specific release as you sort. A website devoted to each film provides info on the film, such as duration, release date, and score, with subtitles that are free mentioned below.

The website is free to use, with no registration required. The site handles available subtitles – you are not able to publish your own.

4. DIVX Subtitles

While the website is visually and sounds like something the not early 2000s, DIVX Subtitles is nevertheless a helpful aid for locating subtitles to obtain, particularly for more mature releases. The website was operated after at least 2002 (and before that by an alternative owner).

Updates for DIVX Subtitles keep on to trickle through, particularly for massive releases and non-English movies. You can browse the website by keyword, language, rating, or format, though you can also check out the newest uploads via the group page.

In case you cannot download subtitles for a foreign or older language film, then DIVX Subtitles might have the ability to assist you. Most of the subtitles on the website happen to be in languages apart from English. This makes DIVX Subtitles a helpful resource if you are struggling to watch English language movies (or you would love to improve the skills of yours in some other languages).

5. TVSubtitles

Best Subtitles - TVSubtitles
Best Subtitles – TVSubtitles

TVSubtitles.Net is another good website you may depend on for downloading subtitles. This website has a thoroughly clean interface that is simple to use. Subtitles are categorized into two categories: films and TV shows.

This makes it simpler to find the subtitles you are searching for. Furthermore, in case you have a subtitle file, you would really like sharing with others, the website makes it simple for you to do it.

6. Subtitle Seeker

Best Subtitles - Subtitle Seeker
Best Subtitles – Subtitle Seeker

Instead of having its unique group of contributed subtitles (by site users), this particular website pulls in and combines results from more than 20 download subtitle sites. It is in-depth, and this causes it to be the best spot to go in case you can get your ideal subtitles elsewhere.

The great thing about Subtitle Seeker is it is a primary, user-friendly interface; a lot of people extolls that. On the home page, you will see a search bar and also areas for recent subtitles for equally TV and film shows.

7. Podnapsi

Best Subtitles - Podnapsi
Best Subtitles – Podnapsi

While Podnapisi might sound as it serves the overseas market, this English language website for movie subtitles is among the simplest and cleanest to work with. The site features more than two million subtitles for download, with more than 58,000 films and also more than 6,000 TV series available.

Podnapisi is divided into apparent sections, with the main web page showing a shortlist of the newest uploaded subtitles, and also areas demonstrating the recently best rated, most downloaded, and also nearly all commented on uploads.

Like other significant subtitles sites, Podnapisi enables you to search for implementing an enhanced search tool, with choices for search phrases, years, words, and other things. In case you are struggling, an active support community enables you to ask questions and also discuss the newest releases.

A community effort to convert the website is now underway, with various languages from Afrikaans to Xhosa available.

8. Subscene

Best Subtitles - Subscene
Best Subtitles – Subscene

Subscene is in existence since around 2005, offering subtitles in different languages, like those uniquely created for the hearing impaired. The user interface is easy, with a visible search bar at the top part and popular films, as well as discussion board posts mentioned on the front page.

It provides regular updates from users with a signup web page making it possible for you to publish your own personal subtitles. Both TV and movie subtitles are available, and also subtitles for popular music video clips.

In case you are struggling with the website, you can post on the community discussion board. This has a massive selection of discussions, with articles in different languages offering tutorials and reviews.

Every film comes with a private entry page that lists info on the film itself, like the entire year of release, with a summary of subtitles organized by user-generated ratings and also comments shown underneath.


Best Subtitles - Moviesubtitles
Best Subtitles – Moviesubtitles

But there are precise subtitles for popular TV movies and films, and this’s most likely one of the best websites out there. Subtitles can be found right here in numerous different languages. Most subs are packed and saved with the aid of the WinZip, plus you have to unpack them to be able to utilize them.

For seeing numerous films with such subtitles for starters, you will have to set up or even have a DirectShow filter called DirectVobSub for all the Media Players. And, some massive subs collection for any movie type is really here. You can quickly acquire subs for the very best popular TV or movies.


So, these are the best websites to download subtitles for any movies you are going to watch. Searching for the subtitles for a specific movie can be hectic, so this is the best way to download subtitles- just type in the URL of any website mentioned above, and you are good to go.

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