How to Catch Your Partner Cheating on Snapchat: Easiest Guide of 2021?

Snapchat cheating Clickfree

Do you know why people love using Snapchat? Because it doesn’t keep the messages for long. After a short time, the messages and pictures posted will not be there. So, your cheating partner will always use that as an escape route.

We, however, have a way to intercept the messages and other postings before they disappear. With our solution, your partner is not safe anymore from the trap. He or she will never see it coming. For you, the Snapchat results will be on your device.

Let’s see what this is that captures Snapchat regardless of its notorious messages hiding behavior.

Part 1: Catch Your Cheating Partner Snapchat Activities with ClickFree

As your partner devises ways to hide the Snapchat activities, you can use ClickFree to get them before they disappear. This is a spying solution that will continue to inspire millions of people in more than 190 countries.

What it does best is spy on your partner’s Snapchat and other phone details without being detected. It’s the power of stealth mode feature in it. Now, what will it uncover accurately? You get to see all the messages, pictures, timestamps, and contact details.

Even after disappearing on the targeted account, ClickFree will still get them. It doesn’t matter which Android version your partner is using. It’s compatible with Android 4.0 and above.

Snapchat Cheating - ClickFree
Snapchat Cheating – ClickFree

You don’t need to root your partner’s device to get the results and other data. In Android, you only need to install it once on the phone and activate the stealth mode. After the setup, you can log in to your account to see what ClickFree has collected.

The advantage of using it is that you can access the results anywhere. Major news outlets are aware of this, and that’s why it’s featured in many other news outlets.

All you need is an internet connection to get started. Since you are getting the results online, there must be some data security involved. This app secures the information you monitor by not storing it in its cloud. Instead, it will sync with your partner’s phone every time you log in.

Now, the Snapchat capturing feature in this application may not get everything you need. That is where the keylogger comes in. It’s the option that records all the keystrokes made on the phone. You can, therefore, use it to check what you are missing.

Since it records the keystrokes, that means it will get the Snapchat’s username and password once you locate the authentication details, that gives you a direct entry into the account. Now, it’s time to see how to catch cheating on Snapchat using the ClickFree solution.

Part 2: How to Catch the Cheating Partner on Snapchat Using ClickFree?

What You Need

  1. Get the phone to install ClickFree once
  2. Internet connection
  3. Email address

Steps to Catch the Partner on Snapchat

  • Step 1: Visit the ClickFree website and register an account using your email address and a password. Next, select your partner’s phone’s OS platform and proceed to pay for a plan that suits you.

    Snapchat Cheating - ClickFree Account
    Snapchat Cheating – ClickFree Account
  • Step 2: You will later receive an email with the confirmation details. Use the sent link to install ClickFree on your partner’s phone. Make sure you activate the stealth mode as you finish up the installation process.

    Snapchat Cheating - ClickFree Installation
    Snapchat Cheating – ClickFree Installation
  • Step 3: When you re-access your account, the dashboard will be waiting for you. What you need are the features on the left pane.

    Snapchat Cheating - ClickFree Dashboard
    Snapchat Cheating – ClickFree Dashboard
  • Step 4: To access Snapchat, click Social Apps>Snapchat to see what has been collected. If you would like to see the written records and the authentication details, use the keylogger option.

    Snapchat Cheating - ClickFree Keyloggar
    Snapchat Cheating – ClickFree Keyloggar

Part 3: Why Is ClickFree the Best in Catching Cheater on Snapchat?

Well, you may have heard of other apps that can also do the same. We are, however advocating ClickFree for the following reasons:

  • There is no rooting or the phone before the setup
  • ClickFree operates in stealth mode. That means your partner will not discover it
  • The information is shown in your online account and in real-time
  • You get to spy on other social media activities as well
  • ClickFree does not drain the battery when fetching the information
  • It occupies less than 2MB memory space. That is too small for your partner to notice
  • You can uninstall ClickFree remotely via your online account. You don’t need the cheater’s phone to pull it out
  • ClickFree has friendly prices with no hidden fees after subscription
  • In case you have any problem, the customer support is readily available to sort you out.


It’s easy to catch a partner lying via Snapchat if you have a recommendable solution. We love ClickFree since it does not involve anything that will make the cheater suspicious. That is why millions of people love it all over the world.

You can read some of its achievements on Forbes and Life Wire. After that, please create an account and wait for the right moment to use it on your partner’s phone.

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