Can you successfully invest in using a smartphone?

Invest using Smartphones

If you want to get into the habit of investing some of your hard-earned money, and putting it back to work for yourself, then using a smartphone to support might be the option for you. It can sometimes feel a bit daunting getting started, particularly if you lead a busy life and don’t necessarily have the time to pursue other financial avenues when focusing on your main business or prospect. However, with the vast majority of us having a wide array of technology at our disposal in the modern era, getting involved in an investment strategy is much easier (and less time-consuming) than you might think.

For those interested in making the most out of their smartphone and using it productively to learn about investment markets and even get involved in building their income streams further, we’ve devised a short guide with some tips and tricks on things that you might want to try. Read on to find out more!

Getting Started

As with most other things in life, you want to start doing your research on investment before getting involved in a specific strategy, and that means deciding on the sort of asset class you want to go with. There are tons of different investments, from stocks and shares to more tactile and long-standing purchases, such as a physical property investment, with pros and cons to match.

Invest using Smartphones
Invest using Smartphones

Trawling through multi-page documents and guides on different aspects of investment might not sound appealing. Still, fortunately, there are various content types that you can consume, depending on how you like to receive your information. Most of these are smartphone-friendly, meaning you can enjoy them while on-the-go or commuting to fill time. If you look at RWinvest, for example, an award-winning property investment company in the northwest of the UK, they have an array of smartphone-friendly content, from podcasts to pdfs and guides to videos, all explaining the ins and outs of property investment for the uninitiated, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world with a click of a button.

Passive investment strategies using your mobile

Suppose you’re someone who spends a lot of time on the go, and you don’t necessarily feel like you have enough time to allocate to an investment strategy to make it viable. In that case, you might want to look into something a little bit more passive that can tick over and do the majority of the legwork for you while you pursue your primary endeavors. There are a ton of smartphone apps that can help you to make this happen.


Micro-investing through apps such as MoneyBox is a good starting out example of how you can start investing your money every day without even noticing it. In particular, this app rounds up every purchase you make through your smartphone throughout the day to the nearest pound, keeping your bank account at a nice round figure and investing the remaining change on your behalf. After selecting the funds and techniques you want to go with, you can go about your day and let the app do the rest.

Other helpful apps and tools

Most of us use our smartphones daily for things like social media, listening to music, and playing quick games to pass the time, and that’s great. However, as well as getting engrossed in the investment world, there are a whole host of other productive apps and usages for your smartphone that you might not have even considered. The Big Investment blog recommends apps like Mint and Cleo, financial apps that can help you get better with your spending and money habits by helping you map out your finances and giving you advice along the way. Ultimately, the moment you start thinking about your smartphone as a helpful computer in your pocket and less like a machine used for posting selfies, the moment you become that little bit more productive.

Helpful Apps and Tools
Helpful Apps and Tools

Taking a break

Staying productive and using your phone to fill time with positive practices is ideal, but we all need a bit of time here and there to unwind and relax. If you want to take a bit of a break and use your smartphone to check in on what’s going on around you on social media or want to do something else to take your mind off work, here are a few apps that you might want to try out

  • LinkedIn – Social media is the right way of staying in touch with friends and family. Still, it’s also a proper way of reaching out to new, like-minded people for similar opportunities and projects. If you want to use social media on your phone, LinkedIn is an excellent app for contacting those in your field and even searching for new opportunities. If you’re going to get inspiration on your next investment prospect, you can even reach out/find those that have had success in the past and get bite-sized bits of expertise here and there.
  • Tip – If you have a business that you want to invest some time and resources into marketing, promoting posts on social media can be a great way of generating buzz and exciting your demographic on the sorts of things you offer. Depending on where your primary target audience is located, you can do sponsored posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Of course, you would tailor the position depending on the social media platform, leading with an image-focused base if going on Instagram, for example, and so on.
  • Duolingo – Like playing games on your smartphone? Duolingo can be a great middle-ground, gamifying the language learning process into little bite-size quizzes while also ensuring you get something out of the app in return. Continue a streak each day, and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to learning a new language entirely in your spare time. Again, to scratch that itch for gaming, you will have little challenges here and there to keep you engaged, and you earn points that you can then use to purchase different items and boosts.

Not interested in learning a second language? There are many other productive training apps out there to make sure you’re investing time back into yourself. You could learn to play an instrument, for example, or even know how to code to train for a new profession.

Be sure to let us know your money-saving techniques and rituals by reaching out!

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