Best TikTok editors- Edit your TikTok video easily

Best TikTok Editors

It is trending, and it will keep trending. Tik Tok is on fire. According to recent reports, Tik Tok got popular much faster than Facebook and Instagram. And this is insane as we all know that those two platforms are widely used all over the world and something that giving a fierce competition to this can be a superstar. Now with the time, the Tik Tok industry is getting saturated, and because of that, the rivalry between the Tik Tok actors is increasing day by day. Well, there is good news, and that is there is not much competition until now. And you can easily compete with better quality and content.

Talking of the best content, you have to produce a better video with better animations and timings, for that you need a Tik Tok editor. Don’t worry, and you don’t need any specific skills for editing. You need to be creative. The most satisfying part is that you don’t need a PC or any other computer for that, you already have the best equipment in your hands. And that is your phone. You can download the most popular and most potent Tik Tok editors on your phone, whether it is an android phone or iPhone.

Here we have handpicked the top and best Tik Tok editors.

1. Videoshop Tik Tok editor


The first member of our list is Videoshop Tic Tok editor. This is light in weight yet the most powerful video editor for your Mobile device. Videoshop is available for both Android and iOS. The primary task that you can handle using videoshop includes video trimming, video time-lapse, video time control, video animation, and much more. This is a perfect example of Tik Tok editor as it fulfills almost all the need for becoming a Tik Tok star.

  • The robust features of Videoshop include sound effects, filters, and video motions.
  • You can immediately post the video on your Tik Tok after editing on Videoshop.
  • To start editing, import the video from your phone’s gallery and start editing.
  • Here comes your creativity. You will get to learn the features of the ap with time, and then you can produce a fantastic video.

2. Inshot


This one is famous- real famous, not only among the Tik Tok users but also the Youtubers. The following are some of the innovations of Inshot.

  • You can edit, trim and crop the video.
  • Filters can be added, and you can also change the colors manually.
  • The best feature is the controlling of the video that Tik Tok users demand the most.

The thing that is most appreciated in this Tik Tok editor is its simple interference. And Inshot has the most straightforward intervention, and you get the starting tutorial within the app. But as this is a famous app, you can get its video editing tutorials on Youtube in different languages.

Inshot Editors
Inshot Editors

Inshot also has a good collection of music that you can add in the background of the video, that is not good enough as you can find in the Tik tik. Although the collection is unique, The fun does not end here. If you want to use unlimited music and effects, then you can purchase a premium membership for only $10/year. This is a pretty good deal.

3. VivaVideo – Tik Tok video Editor


This one is with the easiest interference to use. If you have not many approaches in creativity, you can use VivaVideo with ease. There is no compromise on any of the video editing features here. You can make a lot of tweaks with your Tik Tok video here. The most robust features include 50+ readymade themes and effects. You can also background music from the collection and even a custom sound. You can also blur the video.

VivaVideo - Video Effects
VivaVideo – Video Effects

It has some of the most trendy video editing effects that will give your Tik Tok video a spark to get viral. You can also join two videos for your Tik Tok video as you know this is an essential feature for making some Tik Tok videos as this is an ongoing trend that two videos are merged so that you can act.

With this Tik Tok editor, you can save the video up to 4k, so there will be no compromise on your Tik Tok video quality.



This is another Tik Tok editor with a very simple interference but robust features. The name of this Tik Tok editor is beautiful too. Like all of the above apps, Timbre is also very helpful in editing the Tik Tok videos. You can give a new feel to your Tik Tok videos using this Tik Tok editor. You can practice all the necessary and essential video editing options with Timbre. You can trip, convert, mix, split, reverse, and many other tweaks can be done with Timbre. Besides that, Timbre also has a lot of themes and transitions too to make your video an original one and eye-catching.

Timbre - Editors
Timbre – Editors

The procedure to do the video editing is simple, and you can do that by importing your Tik Tok video in the app. You will discover a lot of other peculiarities after using the Timbre.

5. BeeCut – Tik Tok Editor

This one is the recommended Tik Tok editor, as it is quite famous among the video editors. The reason for its popularity is its adaptability across the platforms. Yeh, you read that right, you can use Beecut video editor on all the platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS. This is great. Isn’t it? The following are some of the significant features.

  • You can edit your Tik Tok videos using different tools in the Beecut like trimmer, mixer, and other effects.
  • You can edit the video in multiple resolutions and aspect ratios, such as 9:16, 16:9, 1:1, 3:4.
  • You can add several animations, colors, strokes, and a lot of other effects and cool things in your Tik Tok video.

6. Magisto

Magisto is another great tik tok editor that can help you edit for your tik tok videos. It is a very compact software that comes with several features. The best part of this software is that you can get to know its functioning process quite easily. You can also search for Youtube tutorials about this Tik Tok editor.

Magisto is fully compatible with Tik Tok. Thus the video that you have already published on Tik Tok can also be edited using this app. You can download Magisto not only in Android but also in the iOS platforms.

This is how you can use this Tik Tok editor:


Frequently Asked Questions!

There are a number of best editing apps for Tik Tok. Famous one include






Famous TikTokers use special video editing skills to get more views and followings. You need to install the best Tik Tok editors and you can easily get to edit the Tik tok video.

There are a lot of apps that are best for video editing. BeeCut, Majesto and Inshot are some of the finest Video editors for mobile devices.

The top alternatives for TikTok are:

  • Likee
  • SnackVideo
  • Dubsmash
  • Funimate
  • YouTube Shorts
  • Cheez
  • Triller

The most similar app to TikTok is Triller. You can edit, create, apply filters, lip- sync, comedy videos, dialogues, and dancing on Triller. It has several filters (100+) and editing tools you can use to create a viral video.

Well, once your video is uploaded on TikTok, the app does not allow you to edit your video and caption. So, you need to make sure that everything is in right order before you go on and post your TikTok video online.

They definitely do. The Hashtags on TikTok allows the user to communicate and meet with like-minded people on a specific topic as per their requirement. So, do remember to put Hashtags on your TikTok videos captions.

Use one of your choices

You are looking at the top 5 Tik Tok editors right now. And now if you want to pick one, you can. All the features and cons of these Tik Tok editors are mentioned above. Well, according to our suggestion, you can use any as all these video editors can fulfill your modern needs for Tik Tok videos, and you can Outstand in front of your competitors.

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