Best Linux Laptops 2021

Best Linux Laptops

If you are a professional hacker, a security expert, or just a newbie who has just learned about Kali Linux, you have probably wanted to know which laptops are best for Linux.

The best laptop for Linux Regardless of whether you want to use Kali Linux by dual boot or VMware / Virtual Box virtualization software. Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll sometimes need a laptop that’s powerful enough to perform jailbreak tasks and be fully compatible with Kali Linux’s kernel. Let’s take a look at some good laptops for Kali Linux that have been voted by Laptop Hunt!

1. Apple MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro
Apple MacBook Pro
  • 15-inch screen (2880×1800)
  • CPU: Intel i7-7920HQ
  • GPU: AMD Radeon Pro 560
  • RAM: 16GB DDR3, cannot be lifted.
  • ROM: SSD 512 GB
  • Stand out: Touchbar touch screen, gorgeous Retina display.

It sounds funny to buy a MacBook to run Kali Linux, maybe the MacBook runs very smoothly with MacOS, but MacBook Pro is a great laptop to run Kali Linux. Equipped with a 16GB Ram configuration, 512 GB SSD hard drive, and new Intel i7-7920HQ chip, you can not upgrade a MacBook, but this configuration is more than enough for Pentest work and running Kali. Along with, that is a 15-inch screen with a resolution of 2880×1800, a threshold resolution that few laptops have reached, but this is not too important for a hacker. If you don’t care about the cost and want to find the right notebook, the MacBook is always a great choice.

2. Lenovo IdeaPad Y700

Lenovo IdeaPad Y700
Lenovo IdeaPad Y700
  • 17.3 / 15.6 / 14-inch screen
  • CPU: Intel i7-6700HQ
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 960M
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • ROM: SSD 128 GB + HDD 1 TB
  • Standout: Keyboard backlight, JBL sound

You should take a look at Lenovo’s Y700Y this will be a great choice. IdeaPad Y700 has three screen size options of 17.3in, 15.6in, and 14in. With a 17.3-inch laptop weighing quite a power (about 3.5 kg). If you are a frequent traveler, skip this form or see if the 15.6-inch or 14-inch models are more portable.

With Intel i7-6700HQ CPU, 16GB RAM and GTX 960M discrete graphics chip will provide a smooth experience and the ability to “crack pass” speed. IdeaPad Y700 is equipped with two hard drives in parallel, a 128GB SSD to run the operating system, and a 1TB HDD to store data. Besides, it is also furnished with a JBL speaker system, which can be said to be a laptop with excellent sound quality, which can be said to be the best on current laptop models.

3. Dell Inspiron i5577

Dell Inspiron i5577
Dell Inspiron i5577
  • 15.6-inch screen
  • CPU: Intel i7 7700HQ
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • ROM: SSD 512 GB
  • Stand out: The M.2 standard SSD (32Gbps) is five times faster than regular SATA.

This is one of the best laptops for Linux and Pen testing. The Dell Inspiron comes with a 15.6-inch screen with a TN panel that may not be as good as the two laptops above, but still displays bright enough and has excellent color accuracy. The Inspiron i5577 comes with a 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD, which is much faster than SATA SSD 3. 16GB DDR4 RAM easily handles multiple tasks at once.

If 16GB of RAM is not enough for you, you can upgrade it to another slot. In addition to the advantages of M.2 SSD, Dell Inspiron i5577 also owns NVidia GTX 1050 graphics chip, and it’s rare to see GTX 1050 on a laptop. Along with that is the battery life up to 8 hours of web surfing.

4. Alienware 17 R4

Alienware 17 R4
Alienware 17 R4
  • 17.3 Inch screen
  • CPU: Intel i7 – 7820HK
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060/1070/1080 (optional)
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • ROM: SSD 256 GB + HDD 1TB (7200rpm)
  • Standout: The display is FullHD and also 4K.

This is a laptop equipped with a terrible configuration for gamers or designers. With an i7 – 7820HK configuration plus a GTX 1060 graphics chip, Alienware 17 offers users a smooth experience, along with an SSD and a 7200rpm HDD, which is really a wise choice if you are a human. Like to store a lot (wordlist, for example, to crack passwords). Can clearly see the downside of this machine is the price and weight too heavy (4.3 kg). Battery life if running at full capacity will be about 2 hours.

5. Dell Precision 5520

Dell Precision 5520
Dell Precision 5520

Dell is one of the few leading laptop manufacturers that offer Ubuntu as a discounted alternative to Windows 10. That means many Dell laptops can be configured at checkout like machines. Linux laptop replacement. If you see for a high-performance Linux laptop, the Dell Precision 5520 might be the one you’re after.

The Precision 5520 can be configured to send with Ubuntu 16.04 preinstalled and even reduces the cost of the standard Windows-based model to $ 100. The laptop comes with an Intel Core i7-6820HQ CPU and can support up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM. Storage configurations start at 500 GB SATA HD and range up to 1TB M.2 SSD.

While many Linux laptops have flexible displays, the Precision 5520 comes with Ultra HD 4K InfinityEdge displays. This makes it ideal for creators who want to do editing work or even those of us who want to watch videos in high resolution. Overall, the Precision 5520 offers the best value among all the Linux laptops mentioned here.

6. Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition

Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition
Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition

The Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition uses a combination of aluminum and carbon fiber in its clamshell design. The combination of lightweight, durable materials allows the XPS to weigh only 2.7 pounds. Like other Dell models, the XPS 13 is available as a Windows laptop, but can also be modified to come with Ubuntu 18.04 preinstalled instead.

Although the price for laptops starts at $ 850, by adding extra features and hardware, you can easily configure the XPS 13 Developer Edition for nearly $ 2,000. In any case, it is one of the most advanced Linux laptops on the market.


So these are the laptops that you can use for Linux. Or you can say that these are the best Linux laptops for 2020. You can find any of them on amazon. There are different variants available for each of the laptops mentioned above. You can pick any of the laptops according to your needs.

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