Best Discord Music Bots

Best Discort Music Bots

Discord may not be very famous yet, but it comes with a lot of features that can surely engage you with it. They have made this for gamers, and they know it’s worth it. Discord is a home for passionate people, and it provides seamless service with no cost on hand. It is an open-source program, and you can do a lot of tweaks if you know a little bit about development. Here, we are going to talk about the best music bots that can boost your experience with Discord.

One of the most significant points about using Discord as the main VoIP client of yours is it packs in a load of amazing features. And just about the most amazing ones from the chips would be that the service enables you to add useful bots to the server of yours. Today you will discover several various bots you can add to the server of yours, plus they can assist you with small community amounts to stream integration. Though sandals that play music are undoubtedly 1 of the personal favorites of mine and that is what we are going to chat about in this post.

Therefore in case, you have meant to add music to the Discord server of yours then but are not sure which bot to visit, we have got the back of yours. We’ve compiled a summary of the very best Discord music bots you have to try.

Enough with the chatter, let’s take a look at the best discord music bots out there.

1. FredBot

FredBot - Best Discord Music Bots
FredBot – Best Discord Music Bots

Fredboat is among the most prominent music bots around and for an excellent reason. It is relatively simple and requires zero configuration. The bot’s music commands are not hard to recall along with it. You can have excellent music playing on the server of yours quickly.

The bot is entirely free to work with and also enables you to enjoy music from providers like YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc. You can decide to relate a song directly or maybe playlist that you would like to play or even utilize Fredboat’s search feature to discover the song for you.


RYTHM - Best Discord Music Bots
RYTHM – Best Discord Music Bots

Today in case you are on the search for a music bot that’ll not just play music but additionally locate the lyrics for you, then you definitely must take a look at Rythm. Much love Fredboat and Groovy, Rythm provides users a simple interface with a good number of instructions to assist you in participating in excellent music from numerous servers.

But among the most refreshing things relating to this bot is which it can discover the lyrics to the song that’s playing, in case you would like to hum along. Rythm additionally provides a web dash panel for server admins from wherever they can readily manage the music being played straight from the net, which is a neat addition.


VEXERA - Best Discord Music Bots
VEXERA – Best Discord Music Bots

Vexera is yet another outstanding option in case you are searching for an easy music bot that has support for numerous sources, like Spotify, Bandcamp, Mixer, Vimeo, Twitch, Soundcloud, and YouTube. What differentiates Vexera from another bot on this list are its moderation characteristics, which allow you to kick quickly, ban, or even mute people in the server of yours.

Best Discord Music Bots thirteen

An additional fantastic aspect of Vexera is it provides support for more than fifteen various languages, and yes, it can additionally fetch you the lyrics to the song. Even though the no cost version is relatively capable in itself, the premium versions of Vexera provide a few extra features as volume control, autoplay, bass control, etc.

4. 24/7

24/7 - Best Discord Music Bots
24/7 – Best Discord Music Bots

Rounding off the list is the 24/7 music bot that, as its title suggests, is a no-nonsense bot that is going to play music on the server of yours around the clock. The bot can perform specific song requests, as well as allow you to participate in the face radio station of yours in the stream of yours for an uninterrupted experience.

Best Discord Music Bots fourteen

The free model of the bot enables you to participate in YouTube live streams, but in case you would like a lot more features, you can sign up for the premium edition. When you choose the paid version, you obtain access to a multitude of options, for example, better quality audio playback, volume controls, the capability to create the custom commands of yours, along with many a bit more.

5. Groovy

Groovy - Best Discord Music Bots
Groovy – Best Discord Music Bots

Groovy is another feature-rich music bot you can get for the Discord server of yours. It is additionally pretty simple to operate, has simple instructions. It enables you to play music from services like Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.

Best Discord Music Bots Eleven

The bot provides a lag-free, excellent music listening experience; also, it is very sound, even on big servers with an impressive pc user population. Nevertheless, the bot is not free to use totally, and several of the features of its, including crucial ones as volume control, are concealed behind a paywall.

6. ErisBot

ErisBot - Best Discord Music Bots
ErisBot – Best Discord Music Bots

ErisBot is an effective Discord music bot that is very easy to work with and brings very configurable commands. Among the greatest features of ErisBot is it enables you to develop and use the own custom prefix of yours for instructions, a feature that other Discord music bots do not support. Something that I recognized while using ErisBot is the fact that often it fails to parse the YouTube links and begin playing the clip rather than only sound, so that is one thing you will suffer from in case you are utilizing ErisBot. Aside from that, I’d no issue while utilizing ErisBot for playing music and I suggest this particular bot to any person who’s searching for an excellent music bot.

7. Tony Bamanaboni XD

Tony Bamanaboni XD - Best Discord Music Bots
Tony Bamanaboni XD – Best Discord Music Bots

The title of the bot is difficult to pronounce, although bot is quite simple to work with. The bot does exactly what you would expect from a Discord music bot meaning that it is able to play/pause music, hunt for music, create auto-playlists, queue music, and much more. Additionally, it supports all of the typical music sources including more, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

Almost all that is great, though the feature which differentiates Tony Bamanaboni XD from some other Discord music bots on this list is the power of its to employ audio filters to alter the music paper. You are able to make use of filters including bass boost, pitch, and pace among others. In case this’s a feature that you simply need, then you definitely must click the link below to test it.

8. Zandercraft

Zandercraft - Best Discord Music Bots
Zandercraft – Best Discord Music Bots

Zandercraft While the Zandercraft bot is noted for fun features, GIFs, and its products, I’ve worn it for several months simply to enjoy music. I use Zandercraft to play music since it’s the capability to play XHD (extra HD), Hi-Fi music. If you’re a music junkie then it is the ideal tool for the server of yours. Zandercraft supports all of the typical functions which include playing songs, looking for songs, including songs to queue, generating playlists of the favorite songs of yours, and much more. If you like to stream Hi-Fi music, plus you are searching for Discord music bots that can deal with that, you should really take a look at Zandercraft.

9. BMO

BMO - Best Discord Music Bots
BMO – Best Discord Music Bots

BMO is a lot more than simply a Discord music bot as additionally, it supports games, image manipulations, utilities, and much more. Nevertheless, because we’re enthusiastic about only the musical functionalities of the bots, we are going to focus on that. In the event it involves the music features, BMO is pretty simple. You are able to look for songs, have them, and also include it with the queue. I discovered the bot worked quite quickly and played songs in excellent quality. Having said that, it’s instructions are a small amount harder and also you are going to have to invest time learning about this particular bot.

10. MEE6

MEE6 - Best Discord Music Bots
MEE6 – Best Discord Music Bots

MEE6 is a superb music bot for Discord. What I like virtually all about this particular bot is the visible player that allows you to control the music of yours. You do not need to work with any complicated commands. Simply make use of the simple drop and drag to rearrange songs, and also simply click to pause, relax, and bypass songs. It is just like using another song player. Other highlights include 24/7 playback, volume increase, song seeking, people voting for favorite songs, and much more. The bot supports several music sources like SoundCloud, Twitch, YouTube, and much more. It is a competent music bot and also you really should try it out. Having said that, remember that the music control interface isn’t free and it is an element of a membership pro plan.


Now you understand about a few fantastic Discord music bots, and it is time to try them out on the server of yours. Remember that several of these bots could surface offline at times. That typically happens once the developers are running server-side maintenance, and it does not last too long. If it can bother you, nonetheless, you can often add several music bots to the server of yours or decide to host a bot on one’s own.

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