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Top softwares for call centers

If you have a call center or are thinking about opening a call center, then this list of Best Call Center Software and Applications is for you.

The primary function of a call center is to solve customer problems, take feedbacks, get new customers, sales, and reaching out clients for customer support.

A call center generally is full of agents and customer care representatives. Whenever they make a call or reach out to a new client, it costs money and makes your budget go high. This is the reason that various virtual call center softwares were made to make the working of call centers more effective and efficient.

Using a call center software or application modernizes the entire concept of how a call center functions. These call center software decreases the workload from your agents and you get a more smooth-running business environment.

Our team here at TechNinja PRO has devised the list of the best Call Center Software and Applications available in the market nowadays. You can take your pick, check prices, and short-list the best one.

Top Call Center Software and Applications

RingCentral Contact Center

Compatibility with other sales software


Sales via outbound calls feature work smoothly



Data-driven customer care AI software



Remote handling of customers and agents



Automation of pre-recorded message for greater outreach

1. RingCentral Contact Center


RingCentral is a cloud-based solution and has the best compatibility with any type of business you want to integrate with.



Standard IVR & ACD

Advanced IVR & ACD

Omnichannel Capabilities

Outbound Dialing Feature

Dialer (Preview, Predictive, & Progressive



RingCentral is one of the fastest-growing call center software companies and is the best choice for a lot of businesses all around the world. It is one of the largest pure-play cloud call center business communication providers available in the world right now.

In addition, they provide an all-inclusive business communication solution to all of the enterprises at a global level, irrespective of what size their business is.

The best thing about RingCentral is, it can integrate with those systems which you are already using. It’s very easy to plug RingCentral in your already based setup like Google, Salesforce, etc.

Having already more than 340,000+ clients, it is already one of the best call center software used by authentic clients in their already growing businesses.

RingCentral Contact Center - Pricing Plans


Inbound Voice Only


Inbound Voice and Omnichannel


Inbound, Omnichannel, and Outbound

2. CloudTalk


CloudTalk will help you set up a complete virtual phone system to monitor things all around the world and deal with your customers trying to connect with you remotely. Its main use has been for sales via outbound calls.


Unlimited inbound & intracompany calls

Mobile app (iOS & Android)

Unlimited call queuing

International numbers (140+ countries)

Unlimited outbound calls (Flat rates)

Custom reporting


Salesforce integration

Power Dialer, Smart Dialer

Call Monitoring (Call Barging, Call Whispering)

Speech to text

Single Sign-On (SSO)

SQL Exporter

Real-time client dashboard

Integrations to other systems

Open API



CloudTalk has also been around for a while now and is a fully optimized VoIP phone system.

The makers of CloudTalk have integrated CloudTalk with more than 75 features that are not just advanced but also have been tested in the field a million times. All of these features work together in a symphony and compliment each other. You can make tiny tweaks to maintain a customized dashboard for yourself to improve your company’s sales and customer experience.

You don’t need to make even small changes as CloudTalk can integrate with your already installed and working CRM, eCommerce, and helpdesk systems.

Lastly, when it comes to quality, no one can beat CloudTalk. It offers the best telephony solutions and has been rated at the top for that.

CloudTalk - Pricing Plans








Contact CloudTalk for customized system (offer)

3. TalkDesk


TalkDesk is a data-driven cloud-based solution software and offers improvement in a variety of call centers by giving us the chance to deal with customers at a more personal level. The market that is targeted by TalkDesk is call centers that are customer-centric.



IVR - Studio

Real-time dashboards - Live

Business Intelligence - Explore

Mobile Agent (iOS & Android)

60+ out-of-the-box integrations

80+ AppConnect partners

Guardian & Connections Standard

Connections Standard

Customer Report & Dashboard Creation



TalkDesk is another one of the best call center software and application that provides a cloud-based solution for call centers to connect effectively with their customers.

What makes TalkDesk stand out from the rest of the competition is its comprehensive and detailed reporting. You wouldn’t find any of the call center software out there having that capability or feature installed in them.

Coming to the TalkDesk interface is integrated with many advanced features and all of these features serve the purpose of enhancing your call center’s work efficiency.

One of the things that must be mentioned here is the capability of TalkDesk to integrate with more than 20 business sales tools to transform your business into a well-oiled machine. This will not only boost your sales, but also your agents would be able to personalize their TalkDesk by making small tweaks here and there to make their calls more effectively.

TalkDesk - Pricing Plans

They charge $65 per seat/month


For small and medium-sized businesses

Professional PLUS

For large call centers


For large corporations requiring customizations along with 24/7 customer support

4. Bitrix24


Birtix24 can be used in a wide variety of businesses ranging from small to medium-sized and corporate level businesses. Additionally, it can also be used for managing remote teams and remote agents.



Tasks and projects


Chats and video calls

Online store

Contact center


CRM marketing

Sales Intelligence

Sales center



One of our personal favourite call center software and application is Bitrix24. It is a CRM (customer relationship management) call center software.

One of the most refined features of this call center software is email marketing and telephony. Both of these features might sound simple, however, a polished call center agent might know that it is very vital for both of these features to be seamlessly working to enhance the work efficiency.

Used by more than 8 million people worldwide, its availability is in both cloud and on-premise with open source code access i.e. making it a cloud call center.

As per its brilliant performance at a Global level, Birtix24 is now available in 18 different languages. Also, their featured inventory is increasing day by day.

The combination of bulk SMS, multiple pipeline support, management of campaigns (campaign management), sale automation, and marketing models automation makes Birtix24 a very tough competitor indeed.

Bitrix24 - Pricing Plans


Storage: 5GB


Special Plans (3 sub-categories)

Storage: 10GB to 50GB

$19/month to $55/month

Business plans (2 sub-categories)

Storage: 100GB to 1024GB

$79/month to $159/month

5. Newfies-Dialer

New Fies Dialer


You can use Newfies-Dialer in your organization to reach out to more clients and customers by contacting them with a pre-recorded message instead of the agent directly calling them. Afterwards, if the client wants to carry on the conversation, they can press a number and thus, get transferred to any of the live agents in the company’s call center.


Voicemail Detection

Inbound Calling

White Lebelling

Custom Domil (SSL)

Developer APIs


Voice/SMS Billing



The main purpose for which Newfies-Dialer was made is to send call billing for telecommunication companies to their customers and clients to sell voice broadcasting as a service (vBaaS).

It has also been termed as an auto-dialer solution for SMS and Voice Broadcasting. You can use it for doing marketing of your/third party business, conduct market research, carry out votings, and opinion polls.

Also, it offers flexible outbound IVR and Press-1 to transfer lead generation.

No doubt, it stands at this position in our list.

Newfies-Dialer - Pricing Plans

Ports: Maximum number of calls allowed at one time.

25 Ports


100 Ports


250 Ports


500 Ports


1,000 Ports


Frequently Asked Questions

Initially you would have to determine the features that you require for your call center. Here are the best features of call center software and call center applications:

●    Call queues

●    Call recording

●    Conference calling

●    Call barging

●    Call termination

●    Call routing/Call distributor (Automatic)

●    Omnichannel

●    Interactive voice response

●    Notifications

●    Voicemail

●    Predictive dialler

●    Disposition codes

●    Toll-free services

●    VoIP

●    Database

●    Authentication infrastructure

●    PBX

●    SIP Trunks

●    Campaign management

●    Call Control

●    History of Interaction (Interaction History)

●    Transcription

When it comes to customer relationships or maintaining a consistent service of solving customer queries, all inbound and outbound call centers work 24/7 for the purpose to fulfil customer satisfaction and engagement.


To prolong, preserve, and establish their call centers for a long period, almost all of the call centers nowadays are using “Virtual Call Center Software and Applications”.

Call Center Software is a tool that will help the agents in:

  • Micromanagement
  • Increase efficiency of their day-to-day tasks
  • Expedite
  • Enhance customer experience
  • CRM Integration for customer context
  • Cloud-based calling
  • Interactive voice response
  • Call Scripting
  • Escalation management
  • And much more.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is not an easy task as you are not dealing with machines, software, or technical stuff. You are directly dealing with LIVE people whom you do not know how they are going to react, respond to, or ask.


In this regard or case, one should think about at least streamline the process of their call center by integrating it with the best call center software and applications.

In this day and age, call centers should understand that it’s not the 80s, 90s, or the early 2000s anymore. The years have passed, and we live in the Golden Age of technology.

Integrating your business with technology would increase the efficiency of your business and will give you a reduction in the workload of your agents.

Several call center software companies are available in the market from which you can choose the best one that suits your needs and requirements.

 When you study the biggest players and huge companies (brands) like Amazon, Apple, or Google, you come to realize that their CEO’s pay so much attention to the “customer satisfaction” area of their business. That’s because for the customer is everything.

Why? That’s because if your customer is taken care of, you’ll get customer loyalty out of them. This strategy converts a simple one-time customer into a long-term loyal client. Isn’t that the main purpose of call centers?

Customers leave when they are not taken care of. You see, if you keep things simple, sharp, clean, and efficient, you would have no place to go except for UP!

According to Active Campaign, customers leave your business for the following key reasons:

  1. They are not treated via the proper trending technology.
  2. Their Customer Experience is not smooth and streamlined.
  3. They have to wait long periods of time on the call.
  4. They don’t consider your call center practice to be effective and clear. Customers become frustrated when the communication is not clear.
  5. They keep on getting transferred to several operators before reaching their final destination.
  6. They don’t get connected instantly.

These are just a few major reasons out of many other factors.

So, how can one overcome these issues? Well, the answer is pretty simple. You need to inject your call center with the following set of traits:

  1. Advanced Technology
  2. Maintained Infrastructure
  3. Highly Trained Staff

If you incorporate even one of the above-mentioned practices in your business, you’ll start to get the results within a short period. Your customer satisfaction will get higher, and your call center business will start to bloom.

The best thing about these call center softwares and applications (which we have listed for you) is that the majority have both free and paid versions of their call center software/products.

One thing that must be mentioned here is, you should not compare yourself with the big corporate level call centers as they have huge capitals for investing, buying, and setting up industry-level business resources.

 One must not draw a line of comparison with those huge players in the call center sector who can buy the most advanced software and tools made especially for their businesses.


However, thanks to all the software developers out there who have engineered such amazing call center software and applications just for people like us who want to get their hands on such software that cost almost near to nothing.

Final Verdict

As per the progress that the world has made with the technological revolution, the industry of call centers and support team has also revolutionized.

In the past, all of the tools that the agents of your customer support needed were in different software that didn’t integrate. However, this has changed a lot and now the majority of the call center software and applications come with those features that work effectively well with each other.

Thus, making an all-in-one cloud call center software giant

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Inbound Voice and Omnichannel


Inbound, Omnichannel, and Outbound

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