Best Books Ever to Clear Microsoft MD-100 Exam – Why Use Exam Dumps?

The current trends in the technology sphere require a professional to be conversant with various inventions and innovations. Microsoft is one of the leading corporations which spearheads technology advancement by providing ideal methods and services. Currently, the professionals in the tech industry trust Microsoft certifications as the ideal tools to showcase their prowess in their area of expertise. This article is devoted to the MD-100 exam and its related credential – the Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate.

All the Facts about Microsoft MD-100

Microsoft designed this assessment to measure the candidate’s ability to work as a proficient modern desktop administrator. It entirely tests the knowledge and skills in Windows deployment, devices and data configuration, connectivity configuration as well as Windows maintenance. The Exam-Labs Visit (MD-100) Exam Section – Click Here MD-100 is also part of the requirement for earning the Microsoft 365 badge for Modern Desktop Administrator.

Besides, this assessment has the following key characteristics:

  • It contains 40-60 questions which can be of various formats;
  • It costs $165 for candidates in the United States. The cost varies depending on the country the exam is proctored;
  • The maximum time a candidate can take to complete this assessment is 150 minutes.

The second exam to earn the above-mentioned certification is MD-101. It’s worth mentioning that Microsoft MD-100 is the replacement for 70-698 test and if you managed to pass it before it was retired, then to obtain the associate-level badge in Microsoft 365 for Modern Desktop Administratoryou’ll have to sit for Visit Certbolt URL MD-101 exam only. So, this certification proves that the professionals have the ultimate skills and knowledge to configure, deploy, manage, secure, and monitor devices as well as applications in a Windows Operating System environment.

Best Books to Prepare for MD-100 Assessment

To gain a profound understanding of every concept related to modern desktop administration, you will have to prepare effectively. One of the best options to use is the books that are written by experts.

Some of the top books that can make your preparation lively and easy include the following:

Microsoft Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

This is the ultimate book to make your preparation easy. It is a helpful guide that is aiming at the management of the configuration of Windows 10. The author, Joan Lambert has used her experience to cover the key aspects which users encounter in different spheres of work. With this book, your preparation will be so beneficial because it highlights all the necessary tricks you should put in place to optimize your knowledge retention as well as hands-on skills.

Exam MD-100 Windows 10 Study Guide

The advantage of this book is that it covers up-to-date details about MD-100. It is a perfect tool with a succinct description of the key concepts, tips, practice tests, and mock exams that contain valid answers. This book also equips you with various techniques for deploying and upgrading Windows 10. Upon completing your preparation with this book, you will have all that you need to nail the Microsoft MD-100 exam. It will also build a very strong foundation for MD-101 which is the final test for getting the modern Desktop Administrator Associate credential in Microsoft 365. Interestingly enough, this printed edition is designed for both novice and experienced IT administrators who want to gain skills in the ultimate administration of Windows 10.

Exam Ref MD-100 Windows 10

This guide helps you to prepare for test MD-100 and equips you with the knowledge when it comes to deployment, configuration, security, management, and monitoring of Windows applications as well as devices. This Exam Ref MD-100 Windows 10 focuses on decision-making and critical thinking acumen which are crucial for the associate-level roles in the industry. The coverage of concepts is based on the exam objectives, what-if scenario challenge, and features strategically. Therefore, it is an important tool for testing your understanding of the limit.

MCA Modern Desktop Administrator Complete Study Guide

This is a must-have book for every candidate who wants to pass MD-100. It is an accurate and clear study guide that meets all the exam objectives. This guide also provides you with hands-on exercises, full explanations, challenging review questions as well as real-world experiences. Starting with the basics of Windows deployment to the advanced security of an enterprise system, this book also provides up-to-date concepts designed to help you pass your test. This particular guide:

  • Covers all the exam topics;
  • Prepares candidates to install, implement, and configure Windows 10;
  • Improves the comprehension and knowledge retention of concepts;
  • It helps candidates to learn and upgrade new skills.

Why Use Exam Dumps in Your Preparation?

Reliable exam dumps from trusted sites such as the play an important role in ensuring that you are ready to take the real exam and can pass it with flying colors. Free braindumps give you clear insight into the main test environment because they are uploaded by real exam-takers who recently experienced MD-100. But if you want to be ahead of the pack in the main assessment, you’d better opt for the MD-100 Premium Bundle that will cost you $59.99 and which contains three valuable items for your exam prep. These items are an expert-verified exam dump with previous test questions, a video tutorial of lectures, and a handy study guide. However, these dumps are ete files, so make sure you’ve installed the ETE Player on your computer or mobile device otherwise you won’t be able to open the products purchased from the In a nutshell, with exam dumps from the, you build confidence to nail the actual assessment.


Getting the Microsoft 365 Associate certification for Modern Desktop Administrator is an important step that every professional in the industry should take. And MD-100 exam gives you a perfect overview of what the world requires you to know because it is designed according to the current industry demands. Therefore, you should find the best prep materials from reliable websites like the to help you pass it easily. Just make use of their actual and trustworthy exam dumps and advance your career now.

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