Avast VPN Netflix Not Working? Here’s is How You Can Watch Netflix on VPN

How You Can Watch Netflix on VPN

The first thing that you should know is that streaming online by using a VPN is completely legal, and you can access Netflix via a VPN. The thing about Avast VPN is that it has been causing problems for the users as they are not able to access their favourite website and app called Netflix.

The reason being, Netflix does not allow access to their content via a VPN. However, several other VPNs like Surfshark VPN has been ahead of this problem and has kept it a high priority to provide its users with access to Netflix. Avast Secureline VPN has failed in that regard.

If you are a part of that community that uses Avast Secureline VPN and has not been able to watch Netflix, then let us guide you on how you can access Netflix via a secure internet private connection.

Why People Use VPN (Avast VPN) to Watch Netflix?

The main reason for using a VPN service is to access the internet through a secure portal so that your activity cannot be tracked by hackers, malware, government restrictions, and just to access that content that is not accessible directly on the internet in your country.

When it comes to Netflix or any other streaming service, they have your payment information, and this can be compromised if that information is open and available on the internet. That’s why people prefer using a VPN service to gain extra protection for their identity and financial information.

All of us require protection to keep our private information protected completed from other people as it can be easily stolen from the internet. Isn’t this the same reason that you are using Avast VPN so you can’t be tracked on the internet?

Furthermore, a lot of people use Avast VPN or VPN in general to get access to that content that is not available on the Netflix handle in your country. To get that additional access to those shows and dramas, the trend of using a VPN for streaming videos online has been increasing at a very rapid rate.

As VPN gives you those address that is virtual through a separate server in any of the countries of the world, you can easily access the Netflix library of that country. The user of Netflix in India is not able to access the Netflix library of the USA, and that’s the hurdle that VPN eliminates from your way.

Sadly, Avast Secureline VPN has failed in that matter and does not give you access to Netflix libraries from all over the globe and that’s why people are getting frustrated.

The Reason Why Netflix Banned Avast Secureline VPN Servers from all around the World?

You might be thinking that Avast is to be blamed for this, but the story is different. You see, sites like Netflix does not want people to go out of their way to gain access to that content that is banned in your country because of licensing issues (obviously).

If it was up to Netflix, you’ll never be able to access Netflix via a VPN. Whenever Netflix is launched in any country, they sign a copyrights agreement that has to license. So, the content that is getting streamed in Europe will not be streamed in the USA because Netflix holds the license to do it.

Carrying on with the Netflix VPN issues, when a user accesses the banned library in any of the countries, that user is breaching the agreement of the copyright Netflix have with that country. So, who is responsible for that breach? Yes, you guessed it right. Netflix is held responsible for all of that copyright infringement. Although, it’s not illegal for the USER to access that content using a VPN as it’s not the user who signed that agreement.

Another thing about Netflix that you might now be familiar with is that Netflix tracks the behaviour of its user and recommends that user with those shows that the user likes to watch. That’s called the Netflix algorithm.

Netflix’s algorithm uses data mining techniques to recommend shows. If a user is using a VPN, then it becomes difficult to track the behaviour of the user, and Netflix gets confused about what to recommend and what not to.

Data mining techniques that are used by these Billion Dollar Companies are so modernized and advanced you cannot believe it. Why do you ask? Well, they can track:

  1. Recommend future programs to watch based on your viewership.
  2. Cost-per-hour of their content.
  3. What shows and movies you’ll most likely watch if they appear on your homepage.

If a company is investing that much in enhancing the user experience of their audience, then definitely they don’t want any BIG SHOT VPN to come out of nowhere and interfere with their processes.

However, our all-time favourite streaming giant (Netflix) has been trying to block out VPN servers from all around the world since early 2016. No matter what, the majority of the VPNs like Surfshark VPN has not yet come in the grip of Netflix, and allows you to access Netflix like slipping into butter.

Avast Secureline VPN sadly got affected and is not able to stream Netflix any longer which in turn frustrated its users.

How was Netflix able to BAN Avast Secureline VPN Servers?

Many streaming websites like Netflix and YouTube use software whose job is to look for markers. Markers mean looking for encrypted connections and a crowd of people logging in to a particular website via the same IP (same server).

If several people are coming from the same IP then definitely it’s nothing more than a VPN server. Thus, Netflix’s marker software flags those IPs and block them. That’s why an error message appears.

If you are looking for a professional term for that kind of thing then let us help you. It’s called IP Blacklisting. Why IPS get blacklisted?

The reason that IPs get blacklisted is that big streaming websites don’t want people coming on their platform via a back door or something fishy. That’s why the battle of VPNs and Netflix has been going on for a while now. This will never end.

Regrettably, all of those VPNs that available in the market that allows you to access Netflix are so expensive that a common person with an average income is not able to afford those VPNs.

A silver lining nowadays is shining from Surfshark VPN that allows you to access not just Netflix but also many other sites that Avast Sevureline VPN does not provide for as low as $2.49/month. Now isn’t that great!

Has Avast VPN ever worked with Netflix?

Even though we all familiar with what giant of a company Avast is when it comes to its antivirus software and malware protection software, however, if we compare its product Avast Secureline VPN with the rest of the competition in the VPN market, it’s considered to be a smaller VPN with just 50 to 55 servers worldwide. Surfshark VPN has 3,200+ servers (stats for comparison).

As of today, only three Netflix libraries are accessible from Avast Sevureline VPN (which is very few).

How can I want Netflix with a VPN?

Except for the three Netflix libraries that Avast VPN will unblock for you, sadly you are stuck. So, if you want bigger access then what should you do?

The answer to this question is fairly simple, just get yourself some other VPN. What we here at TechNinjaPRO prefer is Surfshark VPN to fulfil your Netflix cravings. You can read our Surfshark VPN Review and see if that fits your needs.

It’s not just restricted to Netflix, it can give you access to anything on the internet along with protection. It will be like your personal bodyguard when you surf the internet.

You can get Surfshark VPN for as low as $2.49. It’s affordable, it is fast, and has the greatest Kill Switch technology integrated into it.

Although, if you go in some other direction then here’s how you can use your chosen VPN to get access to Netflix.

Access Netflix with VPN on your PC/Computer

The process mentioned above to gain access to Netflix via a VPN is the same as described above, the only variation would be to access your selected VPN via its mobile application.

Almost all of the VPNs out there have their custom-made applications that you can easily download on your cell phone, and start browsing on the internet risk-free to gain access to the content that you love without any hesitation.

Final Say, (Don’t use Avast Secureline VPN for Netflix)

There is no doubt that Avast is a huge company and has one of the best products in the antivirus industry, however, its VPN is not as strong as it should be (at least for now).

We don’t recommend that you use Avast Secureline VPN for Netflix. If you are looking to choose the best VPN for your Netflix cravings, then we recommend that you read our Review Here of one of the leaders in the VPN industry.

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