‘Avast Virus Definitions Won’t Update’ Issue (FIX)

Avast Virus Definitions Won’t Update

Avast virus definitions won’t update’ is an issue that causes the virus definition not to update and thus Avast antivirus becomes unable to protect the user’s system from the latest threats online. These threats can be viruses or malware.

Avast has been around since 1988 and is a Czech Multinational Cybersecurity software company and has headquarters in Prague, the Czech Republic that researches and develops various software.

They have several products available in the market ranging from artificial intelligence, computer security software, and machine learning.

Avast Logo
Avast Logo

When it comes to using Avast antivirus for your computer, it is one of the most freely downloaded antivirus software used by people on their Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS. It has been declared as the best protection service for internet-connected devices. Also, it has the largest shares in the antivirus market.

Furthermore, there are very few intelligent antivirus software available in the market. Avast is one of that rare software. Talking about its compatibility, Avast antivirus software is compatible with almost all kinds/types of operating systems.

With all of the best features for protection against spyware, malware, and viruses, sometimes it can cause a few problems. However, these problems can be easily fixed like sometimes the virus definitions do not update automatically.

Why is the “Avast Virus Definitions Won’t Update” Error Occur?

As always, first, we’ll determine why you are getting the “Avast Won’t Update Virus Definitions” error. This is to determine the root cause of the problem and take precautions to avoid getting that error again.

The reason why you are unable to update avast virus definitions is that a recent update was pushed with a date anomaly installed in it. So, even if the update is correctly installed on your computer, the virus definition is showing an error.

One of the major reasons for getting this type of error is maybe because you haven’t installed Avast correctly. This can happen if during installation an update failed or was cancelled.

Another reason for Avast Virus Definitions not getting updated is the incompatibility issues. If your Windows are not updated regularly, then your newly updated Avast version may become incompatible with your already installed Windows version.

Methods and Solutions: Avast Antivirus Not Updating Virus Definitions

The methods and solutions for troubleshooting Avast Virus Definitions Won’t Update for your Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android. Also, the majority of the errors are caused by bugs that your computer might be carrying and blocking the necessary updates.

Experts have recommended that you can fix the issue of Avast Virus Definitions Outdated by simply downloading the latest Avast Antivirus version. This will help you resolve the ‘Avast Virus Definitions Update Failed’ issue.

Still, if the problem doesn’t get resolved, then some of the program files might have been corrupted. You can resolve this by troubleshooting the problem via the built-in troubleshooter. This will let the application repair itself against the corrupted files.

FIX # 1: Updating the Avast Antivirus Software

The initial solution that comes to mind is the simple solution of updating your Avast Antivirus software. This may solve the incompatibility issue that may be causing the Virus Definitions not updating error.

Firstly go on to look for the pending Windows Updates. If the updates of Windows are pending, then go and install them.

Now, see if any of the Avast antivirus software updates are available. Update your Avast Software to the latest version, this may help update virus definitions automatically and also decrease the CPU load.

To be more precise, the latest versions of 6.16 and above do not have these issues of Virus Definitions not getting updated.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to update your Avast Software and Virus Definitions:

  1. Go to the Settings of your Avast.
  2. Go to General and click on Updates.
  3. There, you’ll find the currently in-use features of your Avast Software.
  4. Click on Updates and perform Updates to the latest version.

Once all of the updates are done, and still, you are getting that Virus Definitions won’t Update issue, then you can try the following solution:

  1. Go to the Control Panel of your computer.
  2. Locate the Programs and Features portion from there.
  3. Now go to the Installed Applications portion and locate Avast.
  4. Next, click on Uninstall/Change.
  5. You have to select the Change option.
  6. Move on and select Repair.

Once you are done, Avast Antivirus will carry on its repairs and keep on making the necessary changes until all of the non-working data files are replaced by the working data files.

Finally, Restart your PC and hopefully, the error will be gone.

FIX # 2: Reinstalling the Avast Antivirus Software

If your updating the Avast Antivirus Software does not work, then you can try Fix # 2 by reinstalling the Avast Client Software.

To perform an uninstall of your Avast Software, initially, you need to boot into safe mode and perform the uninstall of Avast from there. Now go on to the official Avast Uninstall Utility Software launched by Avast itself.

Form your computer, boot into the safe mode. You can do this by following the steps below:

  1. Press Win + R to launch the Run dialogue box. Type MSConfig there and press Enter.
  2. Locate the Boot Tab and click the Safe Boot below the Boot Options.
  3. The box next to the Safe Boot option should be checked.
  4. Next, click Apply and Ok.
  5. Lastly, restart your PC to automatically boot into safe mode.
  6. Once you are in Safe Mode now, run the avastclear.exe file that we had downloaded earlier on our computer.
  7. This action will remove all the residual files of your Avast from your computer.
  8. Next, you have to Boot your computer into Normal Mode.
  9. Download and Install the latest version of Avast directly from their website.
  10. This will remove your ‘Avast Virus Definitions Won’t Update’ issue once and for all.

FIX # 3: Repairing Your Avast Software

If the above-mentioned solutions don’t work out, you can always go on to try repairing your already installed version of Avast Antivirus Software.

Another reason that experts have figured out for the ‘Avast Virus Definitions Download has Failed’ issue is the unexpected shutdown of the device on which you are running your Avast Program.

Perform the repair by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. 1. Open up your Avast Application.
  2. On the top right corner of your application, you’ll see the Action-Menu. Click on it.
  3. A drop-down menu will appear. Locate Settings from there and click on it.
  4. From the Settings menu, select the General tab.
  5. From the General tab, locate Troubleshooting and click on it.
  6. There you’ll see the “Still Having a Problem?” option. Click on Repair.
  7. Select Yes.
  8. This will start the Scan.
  9. Wait for the Scan to fully complete itself.
  10. Finally, when the Scan gets completed, click on Resolve All.

This method will help you resolve all of the pending and unresolved hidden issues in your Avast Program.

FIX # 4: Contact Customer Support

Even after applying all of the above-mentioned fixes your problem of Avast Virus Definitions Won’t Update don’t get resolved, then, you can directly contact Avast Customer Care and ask them for solutions in regards to your problem.

FIX # 5: Upgrade Your Avast Software Account

Lastly, the issue of Avast Antivirus Not Updating can also arise if the user updates their account from free to premium. You can resolve this issue by performing the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open up your Avast Application.
  2. Go to Settings from there.
  3. Locate the General Tab and select the Sub-Tab of Update.
  4. Next, find the Application Update. Check more options from under there.
  5. Uncheck the Proxy Server box.

If you follow the above procedures properly, then hopefully the Avast Antivirus not Updating Virus Definitions would get fixed.


Avast is the biggest antivirus software when it comes to its usability. It protects your devices from hackers, spyware, viruses, and malware. So, when it faces any type of issue, it’s a headache that no one wants. However, the above-mentioned fixes will help you in resolving the updating virus definitions issue. Otherwise, you can always go to their user-friendly customer care portal and launch your complaint there.

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