How to counter pick Akali? Top 5 Akali counters.

Akali - Counter Play

If you know who can counter Akali? You can quickly or correctly counter pick Akali. Here we will give you information about LoL champions who can counter pick Akali.

Akali is the most popular character you are playing for a long time. Here the critical question is how you can counter pick Akali. Which counters we should choose to play against Akali.

Most of the summoner’s eviction Akali in the mid lane. In a league of champions, Akali is the assassin champion. In this article, we will discuss top counters which we can pick to counter Akali.

Some essential tips for playing against Akali

  • Alkali can use Mark twice by using its shroud dashes; you have to avoid it carefully.
  • Akali cannot use her shroud freely, and when the opponent has stealth reveal abilities such as Lee Sin, it makes it hard for Alkali to use her cloak freely.
  • Always try to choose counter champions who have stealth reveal.
  • Upgrade the oracle lens as they can negate the stealth she gained through her shroud.
  • Before getting her ultimate, try to punish her maximum in the mid lane before getting her maximum.
  • Alkali can be hit by her shroud’s abilities, e.g., Area Of Effect(AOE).

Best Akali Counters

Here are some best Akali counters.

  • Annie
  • Morgana
  • Malzahar
  • Lisandra
  • Rumble
  • Lee Sin
  • Azir


Annie has a vast AoE (Area of Effect) burst, and even when Alkali is in her stealth, she is vulnerable to Annie.

Use Annie’s full combo when Alkali attempts to activate her shroud. Annie has a lot of crowd control.

Annie - Akali Counter Play
Annie – Akali Counter Play


You can efficiently react when she jumps. During jumping using her travel time, you can proc and pool on her as you walk away.

When your binding is on cooldown, be extremely careful. She can really screw you over without your CC(crowd control) ability.

Morgana - Akali Counter Play
Morgana – Akali Counter Play

You can judge on behalf of the health whether or not you should kill or retreat. If you have managed at level 2,25 % of her health off, you should go for kill attempt/poll/ignite and bind.


You have to avoid it when Alkali jumps on you. The three jumps you can prevent and can harm her effectively.

On the first jump, rooting her as you move back, or WQ her. On the second jump, cast your E, and ult her. On the third jump, ult will be a favorable trade for you.

Lissandra - Counter Play
Lissandra – Counter Play

To stop her from going anywhere, you can W her in the center of her shroud. You can target her current location using your Q. It will hit her, and the result breaks it out on hitting.

Lee Sin

You can get an advantage by using your Q and E to reveal Akali’s stealth.


He uses magic damage that is around 90% very high with a minimum 54 % winning rate that is a high rating. His primary weapon of choice is magic. He is a mid liner. Keep in mind Corki is an appealing character.


I hope now you have found the counters of Alkali. By using these counter champions, you can make a new strategy and can play more effectively. Now you are ready for the new virtual ground to fight and become number one.

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