9 Instagram hacks to Enrich your Instagram experience

Instagram Hacks

Do you know that you can do a lot using your regular Instagram handler? In this article, you will get to see a lot of hacks that can make your Instagram experience a lot better.

Think of the Instagram profile of yours and bio as your elevator pitch – you wish to allow brand new supporters to know precisely who you’re and also everything you do in just seconds.  So a nicely presented profile is crucial to leaving a long-lasting impression!

Allow us to share the best hacks of ours for producing great Instagram profiles and bios, which help you get noticed from the crowd:

1. Get the best Bio Alignment to stand out

There are some ways to make the Instagram bio standout of yours, and becoming the proper alignment, or maybe spacing for the bio of yours, can make all of the difference. This one could take some error and trial to get right, though the results are going to be an eye-catching bio that sticks out!

Remember: You simply have 150 characters for the Instagram bio of yours, that be very careful not to compromise on your brand name messaging to receive the alignment of yours right.

The best way to alter the alignment or even add spaces on your Instagram bio:

  • Open the Instagram account of yours in a web browser. (This Instagram hack can easily be performed in the mobile app, though it is a great deal more straightforward in the pc version).
  • Copy the area in between the arrows (make certain you are copying the area between the arrows, not the arrows themselves!): > >????????? < <.
  • Tap the Edit The Profile button of yours from the profile page of yours on Instagram
  • Navigate on the Bio text field and paste the areas you copied above before every type of text.
  • In case the copy of yours is not entirely centered, you can continuously add or even delete spaces until you get the best alignment!

2. Rank your Instagram profile on more keywords

Did you understand the “Name” field in the Instagram bio of yours is searchable?

This means that you can alter it to words that spotlight the Instagram profile of yours, or maybe business is approximate.

By incorporating keywords that are very important in the Name field of yours, the probability of yours of showing up in Instagram’s Explore page in case anyone searches for all those phrases is going to be higher!

3. Turn your Instagram feed into an E-commerce store

In case you are obtaining frustrated by not being ready to link away from Instagram, you are not the only one!

That is precisely why Later developed a fix that allows you to drive more visitors from Instagram: Linkin.bio!

With Linkin.bio, you can tag the Instagram posts of yours with virtually any link you would like (think product pages, content articles, and even blog posts!) to flip the feed of yours right into a clickable, optimized landing page.

These links can go wherever you enjoy – to the blog of yours, the business website of yours, or maybe any other sites you believe the readers of yours are going to be keen on!

With the new Shopify integration of ours, you can quickly connect the store of yours to Later and tag the products of yours in Linkin.bio posts! You can also track engagement and simply click rates with Later’s analytics.

The great part? We just published a free version of Linkin.bio, so everyone can begin operating more site visitors and reaching the product sales goals of theirs through Instagram with Later. You can put together Linkin.bio by Later at this time at no cost – no credit or trial card needed!

How to show up in even more search engine results on the Explore Page: Tap on “Edit Profile” on the best right of the Instagram profile of yours Under the profile photo of yours, and you will discover that the “Name” field. Change the content here to include the keywords of yours. When finished, tap “Done” on the best right corner of the screen of yours.

4. Add Special Characters to Your bio page

Ever thought about exactly how some Instagram profiles have these cute special characters as sun, stars, and pencils in the Instagram bios of theirs?

Instagram Hacks: Special Characters

Consider it or not, these are the first emojis you can get in your word processing programs like Google Docs or Word!

Here is how you can use specific characters in the Instagram bio of yours using Microsoft Word:

Add Special Characters to Your bio page
Add Special Characters to Your bio page
  • Open a Word document
  • Start entering the bio of yours and also exactly where you’d want to place a unique character go to “Insert” and “Advanced Symbol”.
  • Here you can browse for symbols you would love to incorporate, like zodiac signs or perhaps arrows. Wingdings, Wingdings, two, and Wingdings three from the drop-down menu have the best icons to choose from.
  • Add the icons just where you’d like them in the bio of yours.
  • Open the Instagram account of yours on the desktop of yours and go to “Edit Profile” Copy and paste the bio of yours from the Word document to the Instagram bio of yours and also tap “Done” when you are done.

5. Add line break after your bio

Perhaps you have been attempting to produce a pitch-perfect Instagram bio though you are obtaining frustrated because Instagram removes the line breaks of yours?

This is a quick fix that could generate an enormous impact on the bio of yours – and leave guests with a terrific first impression!

And virtually all it requires is signing into Instagram from the laptop computer of yours! How you can include line breaks on your Instagram bio:

  • Go to Instagram.com on your sign plus notebook directly into the account of yours
  • From the profile page of yours, tap “Edit Profile” This is going to open the options tab in which you can create the bio of yours straight into the text box!
  • Click “Submit” when you are done editing the bio of yours, and yes, it is going to update the profile of yours – all series breaks included!
Add line break after your bio
Add line break after your bio

Did you realize that you can now add clickable links in your bio?

Now, when you include a # or @ before a word or account, other users will be able to click it!

This may be genuinely beneficial in case you are managing multiple accounts for the brand of yours, or even in case you are running a branded hashtag campaign.

For instance, online clothing store, ASOS, does this well as the link from their bio to their Instagram profiles dedicated to wellness and sneakers and beauty. They also link to their #AsSeenOnMe hashtag, which has more than 1.1 million tagged posts!

Link to Other Profiles
Link to Other Profiles

How to link to other hashtags or perhaps profiles in your bio:

  • From the Instagram Profile page of yours, tap “Edit Profile”.
  • In the bio section, add some Instagram handles (including any hashtags or perhaps symbol) (using the # symbol)
  • Tap “Done” in the top right of the screen when you are done with the bio of yours
  • Instagram will instantly make this text link to the Instagram profiles or perhaps hashtags.

7. Reorder your stories highlights

Think of your Instagram Stories Highlights as your brand’s portfolio or lookbook – you would like to share your best content upfront and center on the profile page of yours!

On your Instagram profile, there is prime property for four Instagram Stories Highlights above your grid, and you wish to ensure you are always optimizing that space as well as showing off your very best highlights.

But as you launch a brand new highlight, your existing highlights are shifted to the right, and users might have to scroll to find them.

Thus receiving the order right on your Instagram Stories Highlights is crucial in case you wish to entice the audience of yours to tap through your highlights.

Thankfully, there is a trick to continually having your very best highlights at the front side and in this top-four spot!

How to reorder your Instagram Stories Highlights:

  • Tap as well as hold the Instagram Stories Highlight you would like to bring to the front side of your Highlights list.
  • From here, select “Edit Highlight.”
  • Then tap the “Archive” tab to access all of your archived Instagram Stories Tap to add an Instagram story to the highlight of yours and click done.
  • This can move the highlight of yours to the front of our highlights thread.

Then you will have to redo the steps above but unselect the story you added to get rid of it from the highlight of yours.

This procedure is going to take under sixty seconds, so it is doubtful anyone will catch this rapid hack in action.

But the benefits really pay off as your very best highlights are the very first ones to show up on the website of yours!

8. You can save the best hashtags

Posts with hashtags get 12.6% more engagement than posts without – so you would like to be strategically thinking about using hashtags in your caption whenever you post!

With Later’s Saved Captions feature, you can now create multiple hashtag lists based on your frequently used hashtag categories, all out of your Later account.

For instance, let us say you run a spa in San Diego, as well as the Instagram feed of yours is a set of beautiful California based travel photography, and pictures of your treatments and spa you offer.

Rather than attempting to remember (or find) relevant hashtags for every single post, you can use Saved Captions to keep them all organized, which means you are able to add them when scheduling in the future efficiently.

In case you would like to plan a photo of a beach in San Diego since you have previously saved hashtags for various categories, you can we are able to insert relevant hashtags for beaches, travel, California, and San Diego with only the press of a button!

Once you have written the caption of yours, simply click on Saved Captions then click on the proper hashtag list to instantly add those hashtags to your caption!

9. Before publishing, change the highlight icons

Your Instagram Stories Icons help draw in the audience of yours and entice them the tap through to find out much more of your story’s posts. So you would like to make sure your highlights do not just match your overall Instagram aesthetic but also let your target audience understand what your highlight is about!

Today, you can update your Instagram Stories Highlights cover without actually posting the cover your Instagram Stories! Here is how you can do it: Tap as well as hold down the Instagram Stories Highlight you are looking to change the cover of Then tap “Edit Cover” at the top part of the page Scroll all the best way to the proper until you see the image icon appear.

Then tap this icon to access the camera roll of yours. Today you are able to choose some image to use as your cover icon, and it does not have to be posted to the stories of yours or perhaps added to your highlights reel! This could be exceptionally useful in case you are using cute icons as your Instagram Highlights covers!

Are you looking to update your Instagram Stories Highlights covers? Today you are able to download Later’s free icon pack with thirty-six different covers and twelve unique icons! Sign up later, and we will send them right to your inbox.


So these are the top 9 Instagram hacks that can enrich your Instagram experience. Instagram is full of options, and you can discover your own tricks too. If you have any such tricks, please do mention in the comment section.

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