6 Hassle-free Ways in Converting PDF Files Using PDFBear

When we want to convert files, we usually pull up the search bar and find that there are lots of options to choose from. And this makes us quite confused more often. And instead of taking less time to convert a PDF file, it would take longer to choose a good website with some excellent tools.

Convenience in One Click

One website which gives you the solution in finding all the right tools is PDFBear. You don’t need to get too confused in choosing which site to use, especially if you want to convert PDF to JPG. Just click once for the website, and you can now convert your PDF files into six hassle-free ways.

PDF to Word

You can easily convert your file to a DOC or DOCX document if you want that easy-to-edit mode that you were used. The images in the document files are way easier to extract if you’re going to reuse it. Also, having it in a DOC or DOCX document will help you in quickly formatting the document to your preference.

PDF to Excel

Do you have a lot of data that you wish to interpret and effortlessly manage but is in PDF format? Try this feature! You can convert your file into an excel file in an instant. With this, you can analyze all your data, interpret it any various ways, and use it for detailed presentations.


As mentioned in the previous feature, presentations are essential, specifically in day-to-day office meetings and reports. This feature will permit you to convert your PDF file and turn it to a PPT file. Now you can add transitions and animations, which will make life easier for you in the office.


One handy file nowadays is the PNG file. It makes you use the file in a high-quality form without degrading the image. Using this feature, which converts PDF files to PNG ones, those in marketing and sales will bid goodbye to low-quality images. It is a big help to them, not to mention the big billboards we see in our daily commute.


This next feature is a convenient and essential tool in preserving digital files in a PDF for long-term storage. If you need to store a particular digital file where you can still access and change some aspects for you to reuse it, then this is for you! This element of the website can help you convert a PDF file to a PDF/A file.


They say you should secure the best for last. In this case, it’s converting a PDF file to a JPG file. If PNG is a bit too big and too bulky for you to store, then go with this JPG file. It can compress the image’s size into a smaller one, giving you more space to store other photos.

On the same note, it’s also popular nowadays to convert PDF to JPG since we quickly want to access it. You don’t have to experience all the hassle in opening your File Manager to see the contents of your PDF file. An image in your gallery is the best and most efficient way to check it.


Converting PDF files has never been this easy. With just one click, you can freely choose from the six ways you want to convert your file. May it be if you work in admin, marketing & sales, finance, human resources, etc., using this site takes all that wasted time away from you. So next time you think of a converting tool, type in PDFBear, and you’re set!

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