5 Tips on How to Deal With Bad Yelp Reviews

The internet has brought business owners and the customers very close to each other. With platforms such as Yelp, It has become possible for users to give reviews on any businesses based on their personal experiences. When if you own a business, be prepared to receive reviews on performances and don’t expect it to be always pleasant as there could be customers who may not like what you are offering. Or you may get some fake reviews from your competitors.

So if you are a business owner and have been registered with Yelp and may have received a bad review, what are you going to do? So here’s how we can help. We will be giving you some tips on how to deal with bad Yelp reviews. So let’s get started!

Tips to Help You Deal With Negative Yelp Reviews

  1. Read the review thoroughly
  2. Research in-depth and in detail
  3. Get connected with the reviewer
  4. Get the air clear
  5. Be clear with your explanation and solution

1. Read the review thoroughly

So why is it necessary to read a negative comment thoroughly? Well, reading it word by word would give you detailed insight. When you scam, we may miss a lot of details. However, when you take time to read, you can get deep into the details and be aware of every aspect the negative reviews say. And it is crucial as it is going to help you with improving your business strategy.

Also, with getting into the bits and bytes, you can not only improve but take a stand for yourself if the negative review is not claiming the correct information.

2. Research in-depth and in detail

So when you read the negative reviews, don’t just let it rot there. You may feel offended. But it is must you research and dig for details. When you do research, you may find the reason clear and may also find a solution. Again, if you know the issue correctly, this could also help you defend if it is wrongly written there.

Above all, be it right or wrong, this could help you vastly with improving and modifying your business strategy if needed.

3. Get connected with the reviewer

So when you bump into a bad review on your business, please read it thoroughly and do some research. What else can you do? Well, you should look for the Yelper who put the review. So research your Reviewer in Yelp.

When you do a background check of the person who did the review, you could get valuable information. The next step would be to get connected with him or her. However, first, you should look for the activities the person does in Yelp. The frequency of his/her negative reviews. Or if the person is from the local area or a distant place. Try to figure out if he is doing it honestly or for fun or trying to defame your business. Also, you should be looking for if the person is famous in Yelp.

Getting to know about the person would help you with how you can approach the person. However, don’t underestimate the person if he/ she is new. Be sure if he/she is genuine with his review.

4. Get the air clear

So when you are done finding the reviewer, get connected to the person. If he/she is a genuine Yelper, it is a must that you get to the person with a sincere apology from your part and give him a reason for your failure to impress. So start with an apology note and give reasons for your failure.

Lastly, thank him/her for the valuable insights. It would help if you also assured the person that the mistakes would not be repeated.

5. Be clear with your explanation and solution

So after you have shown the reviewer your apology be sure to give the person an explanation of the issue. Explain it clearly and with concise words so that the person is convinced of your behavior and mistake. Again, let him/her know about the solutions you have thought of to reprimand the problem.

So this is how you can deal with a genuine negative review in Yelp. Remember to keep yourself broad and welcome any thoughts that will help even if it is a negative one. It would be best if you keep in mind that your business is for the people, and satisfying them is your utmost concern.

Therefore, without getting offended and reacting eccentrically, be a wide hearted one, and welcome reviews. Be thoughtful connect with the person who made a negative yet useful critique, explain your position, and improve. This way, you not only get to grow your business but is also connecting with your audience and customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you blatantly ignore a bad review, it might affect your business indirectly. The person who experienced low would have a negative impression for a long time and may never visit or recommend your place

No matter whether the person is influential or not, you should remember every review and customer matters. The reviewers from a less prominent Yelper will also show up on the Yelp platform. 

Well, it may or not become an issue. Since the person has a lot of influence on others with his/her negative comments, the reviews would be exposed and influence a big audience. It is always better that you deal with the issue as soon as you can. 

No, Yelp is just the platform by which a customer can review. It is the Yelper whose comment would influence most. Yelp has no connection to demeaning or defaming your business for a negative review. However, it is always best that you check for reviews regularly.

Well, it may not affect many users who get a positive attitude from your place. However, those who don’t know about your place yet may rethink visiting or involving. And not everyone could realize if the post was to make fun or defame. So it’s better that you contact and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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