5 Essential Free Apps for your PC


There are loads of things to love about your PC. Lauded for its productivity, speed, and ease of use — the PC is still the go-to device for every generation since the 20th century. But, what if we tell you there is a way to optimize your PC for even better performance?

Whether you are a PC gamer or a professional who needs their computer running smoothly — there is an app for every use. It is likely that you are tired of navigating through the million Chrome tabs open on your PC, that probably look something like this — work, work, Instagram, Twitter, Netflix, work, work. We know how it can be. Here’s a sure-shot way of increasing PC performance, reducing resource consumption and enhancing utility, (plus, a lesser risk of getting distracted). Instead of opening a new tab, download one of these apps. Which apps, you ask? Well, here’s a list of 5 apps you need for your PC.

1. Zoom

Zoom is the literal definition of 2020 — no kidding. Be it classes, work meetings, weddings or family events — everything was virtual this past year. However, using Zoom on Chrome is not only uncomfortable but in case of an unstable internet connection, it is a hassle to get it restarted. The solution is simple: just download the app instead. Using the Zoom app also promises loads of neat features otherwise unavailable on Chrome. For example, you can assign participants to specific breakout rooms, create and edit polls, share a whiteboard, annotate on screen, change profile photo, edit or delete sent messages and so much more.

2. Spotify

Spotify is the largest music streaming platform in the world, and there are a thousand reasons why (even Apple Music loyalists would agree). It offers playlists curated for you, artist and playlist recommendations, access to artist merch, tickets and so on. Spotify’s free Windows app comes loaded with all these spectacular features — all. for. free. Even if you are not subscribed to Spotify Premium, which costs $9.99 per month, you have the key to discovering new artists, new songs, new genres and (cough, cough) snoop on what your friends are listening to, as well.

3. WhatsApp

If there is one application that you, your parents, your grandparents and your toddler knows how to use, it’s WhatsApp. Using WhatsApp on Chrome consumes a lot of battery and that’s something you can easily avoid by switching to the Windows app. Whether you are a small business owner or a student — if you want to keep up with your messages even when you’re not on your phone, the PC app does that for you. The app syncs conversations across all your devices for ease of use.

4. Bitdefender antivirus software

The internet is dark and full of terrors is probably the catchphrase an antivirus software would use — because it’s true (also, a great way to reel in all GoT fans).

When you use your PC to buy groceries or make payments, you expose your privacy to malware, adware, phishing, all manner of fraud and other risks. The easiest way to keep yourself protected is to install efficient antivirus software. While there are plenty of options in the market, we think that Bitdefender is the leading free antivirus software that keeps you and your privacy safe from being compromised. Powered by award-winning technology, Bitdefender is the hero your PC needs, but you probably didn’t know about. Although Bitdefender is completely free, if you would like to invest in the optimal performance of your PC, here are the best Bitdefender deals for you. Scan your PC for viruses, protect it against infections, encrypt your online presence using a VPN, manage your passwords and optimise your devices using Bitdefender’s powerful, world-class cybersecurity solutions.

5. Duolingo

Alright, enough talk about work and utility. Let’s have some fun! More specifically, fun with languages. This past year, countries across the world were plunged into a seemingly unending lockdown and the only real way to navigate purposeless doom is to keep oneself busy, and that’s exactly what Duolingo helps you with. The world’s leading language learning application is helpful for professionals, students, teachers — literally anyone who wants to learn a new language. Be it English, Spanish, French, Italian or German — the app lets you complete everyday, do-able goals all the way to fluency. The phone app is immensely popular but the con being that phone screens cannot be used for long hours and limit the experience of learning. Shift your energies to the big screen with Duolingo’s friendly Windows app, today.

In conclusion

There are so many pieces of software to choose from when it comes to your PC. However, these are 5 essential apps that make using your device just a little bit easier, smoother and faster. Download today!

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