5 Best Websites to Trade Altcoins for Profit

Websites for AltCoin

Are you among those who missed the Bitcoin rally in 2017? Or do you belong to those who have gained their profit? To whatever group you belong, you know that cryptocurrency has a huge potential. It is valid especially now when a new rally is expected.

Have you prepared yourself properly? This preparation includes not only accumulating a particular number of coins to be able to swap them as soon as the conditions are profitable. Being prepared also includes being registered on the best platform to trade crypto. Well, being registered on several platforms might be even better than keeping in mind just one of them. Here, we will check what platforms for trading altcoins are the best and check why they are at the top.

Binance – the Highest Selection of Coins

Binance is on our list not by accident. This is the biggest and one of the oldest exchanges in the crypto market. There, you get access to swapping more than 200 coins of all types. The number of transactions per second exceeds 1 mln, so you can only imagine how many people use the platform to swap crypto coins and earn.

Mobile trading is available via apps for Android and iOS devices.

Binance supports not only crypto trading, including altcoins and stablecoins, but also trading with fiat. Trading with futures and options is also there. Don’t forget though that this platform charges fees. They are competitive though.

Indeed, Binance is one of the most powerful exchanges around.

Crypto Engine – Safe and Convenient

Crypto Engine is one of the most optimal choices to trade whatever altcoin you choose. The platform offers you some crucial benefits:

  • The main benefit is the top security level. The platform applies all the possible most advanced measures to ensure that your data is as safe as it is possible.
  • Another benefit is the absence of fees. All the trading processes are highly transparent, thus, you won’t make a mistake. Only a low spread is charged for the trades that you post. This is the main difference between the platform from the world-known exchanges.
  • Liquidity level sufficient for any transaction. It is guaranteed that your transaction won’t get stuck but will be completed asap.
  • The availability of the main coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. Thus, you get access to the most important assets in the crypto market.
  • Trading on the platform is automated. You don’t need to search for options. A specially designed toolset will do it for you. Thus, no mistakes are possible. Neither needs you a lot of money to start. You deposit just 250 USD minimum, and with it, you can start. This is the minimum needed to start real trading and earn.

Account registration is mandatory, we comply with all the requirements to companies of our type. We want to be confident that you and your money are safe. Thus, we implemented 2F authentication on the website. Needless to mention that all the information you are sending over the web is encrypted. The platform uses an SSL certificate to safeguard your personal and financial information as well as your communication on the website.

Mobile trading is available, too. You can download a special app directly from the website or Google Play and earn wherever you are.


This is one more big exchange. Mostly, it is known for trading Bitcoin. However, there, you can swap the main crypto coins, too. Coinbase is known for being highly safe.

There, you can not only trade but manage your portfolio, use a special app for market monitoring, even register a wallet to store your coins.

Fiat money is supported. Deposits and withdrawals can be made in several ways, including bank cards and bank accounts.

This is one of the safest platforms where users all around the world can perform their trading activities conveniently and confidently.

Bybit – a Platform That Welcomes Innovation

This is not just a usual trading platform, like those mentioned previously. This is a derivatives exchange service. The main difference here is that the platform offers perpetual contracts. These contracts follow a specific crypto price.

For example, in the case with Bybit, we can speak about the perpetual contracts for USDT. You can trade the mentioned contracts with high leverage.

The platform uses the most advanced software. It is able to process more than 100,000 transactions every second. Such thing as mutual insurance guarantees the best opportunities and safety for traders. And in the case of downtime or an error, the platform takes full responsibility for all the losses that a trader can have.

Now, this platform takes 3rd place among all the derivative exchanges available in the market. The number of its clients is growing exponentially. This is one of the main indicators that the platform can be trusted.

eToro – Not Only Crypto

eToro is not just about cryptocurrency. It is a brokerage that works with trading in general, everything that is about trading. There, you can swap coins, trade fiat currencies, futures, or whatever might be available on a platform of this kind.

eToro is perfect not only for traders with extensive experience but for complete newbies in the market. The platform is absolutely user-friendly. The trading software is developed with the utmost care. You can count on the best results when you use their toolset.

The platform is filled with different tools to simplify the life of a trader. You can count on risk management tools, the latest news, a feed-in social networks, and many more additional features that boost the results.

Copy trading is also available. If you don’t have experience or just feel not confident enough, you can copy the trades of the most successful traders in the world. Of course, risks are there. But it is always safer to follow somebody who understands the market.

The payment methods are varied. For example, you can fund your account with a bank card, by using a bank account or PayPal. You can withdraw the earnings in the same way.

Mobile trading is supported. The eToro apps are known for being super-fast, highly efficient and comfortable. Now, eToro has users all around the world. The platform is known for its safety and functionality – the main features valued by all traders.

Final Thoughts

While just a decade ago, it was difficult to imagine that cryptocurrency would be so popular. Now though, for traders, it is difficult to imagine the modern world without this highly volatile and absolutely lucrative coin or asset.

Many countries still don’t have proper legislation about cryptocurrency. Other countries still haven’t decided what those coins are – whether they are money, or property, or assets. However, one thing stays clear: the popularity of cryptocurrency is growing, along with its prices.

New realms of crypto coins are discovered and explored. And finally, they open unlimited opportunities to those who understand who to behave in the financial world. It depends on you whether you are going to use the opportunities that are opening. Everything is available. All you need is to have a device and the internet connection. And of course, save some funds to start: the more you invest, the more you can earn.

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