4 Little Known Ways to Use Proxies!

Proxy servers benefits go beyond anonymous web surfing and web scraping for business. A proxy will help you get through geoblocked sites. It will make it possible to hold multiple accounts on restrictive websites such as most social media platforms without being blocked or banned. There are different types of proxies:

  1. Residential proxies
  2. Datacenter proxies
  3. Dedicated proxies
  4. Shared proxies
  5. SOCKS5 proxies
  6. Static residential proxies

Both free and paid proxies will successfully act as an intermediary between you and the website you are accessing. But the extra privacy a private IP address provides will help keep business’ and personal information hidden from any malicious entities.

Everyone knows proxies can be used for privacy purposes, but there are more ways they can be utilized. If you think you do not need a proxy, here are four different situations where it could come in handy.

1) Using Private Proxies for Sneaker Copping

If you are a die-hard sneakerhead, you understand the rush of getting hold of a limited edition item and the value it has in the reseller market. Manually copping a sneaker that drops once is toilsome, and the chances are high that they will sell out before you can get what you want.

Sneaker websites can easily detect when different accounts make requests from the same IP address and will blacklist such accounts. With proxies, you can mask your IP address and make as many requests as you need to.

Use rotating proxies to have a different IP for each account. And be sure to source them from a trustworthy vendor as being confident that proxies are dedicated (sold to one person only) will be critical to your success.

2) YouTube Unblocking

An irritating scenario that YouTube users face is blocked videos. Travelling YouTube users often encounter geoblocking, a situation where access to certain websites is restricted in some countries. YouTube could geoblock some videos to comply with local laws. Employers also block YouTube to reduce time wasted by employees watching videos during office hours. you can always get through geoblocked sites by changing IP with some proxy server.

If you must access a blocked video, use a proxy. In case you are facing geoblocking, choose a different country to go along with your new IP address. You will get to visit the blocked site by requesting a different IP address.

If YouTube is blocked from a provided computer network at work or in school, visit your web proxy and type in the YouTube URL. It will redirect you to YouTube, and the system will not detect it.

3) Using a Proxy to Play Online Games

Online video games are a favorite pastime for most young people. But some parents, teachers, and governments perceive it differently. They view it as a waste of time, promotion of violence, and a hindrance to productivity. In turn, they will often block or limit access to popular online games. The use of proxies can bypass most of these roadblocks.

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), for instance, is one of the most popular games with a recorded peak of 3 million players in one hour. Despite its popularity and profitability, the game is banned in several countries, such as Iraq.

But this does not mean you have to give up your love for the game when in a location where its access is blocked. Use proxies to bypass the restriction by replacing your IP address with another based in a different country. A proxy will also enhance your gaming experience by providing a fast and smooth connection that prevents lagging. You can also use a proxy to connect with gamers outside your geographical region for a more fun experience. Dedicated proxies will generally be a lot better for gaming, as you will only use the bandwidth.

4) Managing Social Media Accounts

Social media marketing is an integral part of a successful business. Almost every company has an online presence, and there are billions of active social media users. Social media managers open and control bulk accounts. But accessing multiple accounts from one IP address could raise eyebrows and have the accounts banned.

To prevent this, use proxies. For each account, assign a different proxy indicating locations from all over the world. The social media platform will take the bait, and you can carry on with your campaigns without interruptions. It is highly recommended to use dedicated instead of shared proxies as the actions of other users might hurt your social media accounts. You do not risk having your accounts closed due to the behavior of another user.


Proxies help provide access to geo-blocked online games and access blocked YouTube videos. You can use a private IP to carry out sneakers copping and manage multiple social media accounts without the risk of being discovered or exposing your personal information.

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