15 Apps you should use for a better travelling experience

Best Apps for Travelling Experience

Cell Phones have become an integral part of our lives and so are mobile apps. No matter if you are driving or not, you need some exciting apps to keep you busy. A lot of car enthusiasts love to spend time in their cars. That’s why Google, Android, and Apple are trying to develop the best apps to keep people entertained.

We are advised to don’t use phones while driving, and in some countries, it is a severe crime to do that. Still, phones have become quite a crucial part of our daily commutes and are at our sides while driving. You can’t text or receive a phone call while going, but you can still use your phone for entertainment purposes. There are several Android and iPhones apps to keep the drivers entertained, especially on the long routes.

Below are some of the best apps to keep you entertained throughout your journey? You can use these apps no matter if you are using your car or a rental car. When you cheap car rental Dubai, just check the available features and go for your required apps for a memorable trip.

1- Android Auto

You can use the android auto app as it is one of the best car apps around. It offers quick and easy access to music apps, Google maps, messaging, and much more. You can use this app in 2 ways. Like, open it in your device and let it work from the dashboard mount or you can find the car with the built-in auto option. You can put the whole Android right there on your touch screen. No matter what way you are using it, it is entirely free to use for now.

2- Audible

If you love reading books, you can still do it while driving. We know how hectic it will be to go the long routes. You can use the apps to listen to the readings of the new books. Audible is one of the best apps that will change your perspective about many things. You can use its limited free version, but eventually, you have to upgrade it with time. It is an Amazon company that offers the most extensive collection of audiobooks, and it is a gift for all the book readers out there. This app is available to use on both Android and iPhones.

3- Pocket-casts

If you love recorded radio or different TV shows or movies, then pocket-cast is best for you. You can enjoy different types of news, covers, sports, politics, interviews, etc. by using this app. This app is paid as you can enjoy the ad-free streaming of your favorite content.

4- MileIQ

You can use this fantastic app to keep track of all your trips. It uses the system clock and GPS and keeps track of all your journeys. Along with that, it also notes the start and stops time as how many miles you have driven. You can opt-in for this app if you want to record everything about your journeys.

5- Headspace

If you are looking for some type of app to reduce and make you calm while experiencing road rage on your way to your destination, there is no better app than headspace. When you find yourself in such a messy situation, this mind couch app will help you relax through some mindful meditation tips.

6- Auto Care

Owning a car comes with great responsibility and many people don’t give enough attention to their vehicles. After a while, it results in too expensive solutions to fix that problem. It doesn’t take much time, and you can use free apps like auto care to manage your car issues and needs. You can simply use this app to stay on top of your car’s service history. The monthly reminders will help you to know how well your automobile is going and what things need to be fixed. Moreover, you can use dropbox along with auto care to backup all your important information for future use.

7- DailyRoads Voyager

Dashcams are one of the most crucial things like this tool helps drivers to stay safe and ensure accountability for themselves and other drivers on the road. These cams come in handy when you want to record accident footage or video to claim insurance. It also helps the insurance companies to check if the accident was real or fraud. If you don’t want to buy dash cams you can still go for mobile apps that let you do double-duty. This amazing app offers video recording features, timestamps, geotags, screen brightness, a built-in file manager, and much more. You can go inside the settings options to customize your personal experience. This app is only available to use on Android.

8- Gas Guru

As a driver, you don’t want to run out of gas, especially when there is no petrol or gas station around. This amazing app helps to find the nearest garages near you. Gas guru will also be helpful to compare the petrol prices in your area. After finding the gas station, this app will also allow you to reach that place by guiding you by finding the fastest route. You can share the best and reasonable gas stations using your social media accounts.

9- Google Maps

Almost every one of us has heard about this app as it is a well-reputed app for checking directions and driving time from your location. You can simply check the destination by adding the pick-up and destination points. It will show you the directions and estimated time to reach your selected destination. The best thing is that you can check the time according to your vehicle type. Google maps also provide options to check if the routes are busy. The red sign indicates high traffic, while the orange sign indicates the less crowd and the blue sign is normal. Not only that, you can use this app to find the nearest restaurants, fuel stations, hospitals, etc., along with the reviews.

10- Apple Maps

Google maps work best for android apps, and if you have an iPhone, we suggest you go with Apple Maps. The driving directions apps are build-in, in almost all iOS devices, and it is quite a reliable option when you want to navigate in a new place. It is the most recommended app for you if you get overwhelmed by restaurant pop-ups and traffic alerts. You can use this navigation app if you are skilled at using instructions and reach your destination with less fuss.

11- BBC Weather

Weather is one of the most important things to consider, especially if you are going on road trips or long journeys. You need proper apps to find out the weather between your both locations. You don’t want to double up your journey duration. You can use the BBC weather app to check the weather before travelling.

12- ParkMe

Parking is such a major concern when you are in crowded cities like New York, London, Dubai, etc. You might face trouble finding a perfect parking spot as parking at any random spot may lead to heavy fines. If we talk about Dubai, they have specific parking zones in all the city and you can only park in the unit near your place. The apps like ParkMe access the world’s parking databases and help you find the perfect parking spot near your location.

13- PlugShare

This app is completely for you if you are an electric car driver. This amazing app will help you to find out all the nearest charging locations from all over the world. Just install this app on your phone and you don’t have to worry about long stretches without charging stations.

14- Your mechanic

This app is quite useful when it comes to a vehicle maintenance issue. You can install this user-friendly app and it will come in handy when something goes wrong with your vehicle. Whenever your car has some issues, you can use this app to find out the best auto repair experts who can help you in this condition. Furthermore, it will also help you to connect with other mechanics who will visit your home to fix your car.

15- Torque pro

To better understand your car’s performance and speed, the Torque Pro app is the best. This app allows you to view the digital dash of precise information of your choosing. This app is totally a game-changer as it taps into your car’s OBD with accurate data.

Best Apps for Travelling Experience
Best Apps for Travelling Experience

Final Thoughts

We hope that you must be aware of the apps you need while driving. You can use other apps as well according to your taste and how you love to entertain yourself while driving. In case you are in the UAE and looking to rent a car service, we highly recommend RentalCarsUAE. They are one of the most professional car rentals that offers everything from Luxurious cars to economic ones. You can book your car on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis accordingly.

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