0x80300024 – Easy and Quick Fix

Error code 0X80300024 is one of a variety of various error codes that you can run into while trying to put in any version of the Windows OS on a computer. Error code 0X80300024 is amid a mistake message that says something along the lines of “Windows is unable to put into the chosen location.” Error code 0X80300024 points towards some quite a problem – software or hardware – with the hard disc partition that’s the destination of the Windows installation in question. Error code 0X80300024 is often caused by anything from insufficient disc space on the destination drive or damaged/corrupted installation media to a damaged, dying, or otherwise corrupted disk drive.

Besides, error code 0X80300024 has also followed the Windows OS through all of its iterations, so both Windows 7 and Windows 10 users are vulnerable to running into it while trying to put in Windows. Thankfully, error code 0X80300024 isn’t the top of the planet. In essence, the subsequent are a number of the foremost effective solutions that you can use to undertake and obtain obviate error code 0X80300024 and successfully install Windows.

Disconnect Unnecessary Hard Drives

Perhaps, you’re using quite one disk drive, and one among them is meant to become the installation destination. If this is often the case, then the Error 0x80300024 can point out abreast of your screen while you’re installing the Windows OS. What happens is that the new drive is coming in conflict with the destination drive during the installation process. As such, our first point is to get rid of the opposite disk drive from your computer. And after doing that, try installing the OS again. You’ll re-attach the extra drive once you’ve installed Windows successfully.

Check if You’re Using the Proper USB Port

If you’re installing the Windows OS through a USB flash drive, you’ll use this solution to repair the Error 80300024. Possibly, you’ve connected the USB drive to the incorrect port. As such, we propose that you disconnect the flash drive, then try inserting it to other ports.

Setting the Disk Drive Because of the Primary Boot Disc

This is also possible that the destination drive for the Windows installation isn’t set because the original boot disc, which is why the Error 0x80300024 appears. To prevent the error, you’ll adjust the disc order within the BIOS of your computer during startup. Follow the steps below:

  • Boot your PC.
  • Now, you would like to access the BIOS setup of your computer.
  • You would possibly get to press the F1, F2, or Del key to try to do this. However, the key to entering the BIOS screen varies, counting on the brand of your PC. So, you should consult your manual to understand which key to press.
  • Once you’ve accessed the BIOS setup, search for the boot configuration of your PC.
  • Confirm that your disk drive is about because of the first option within the boot order.
  • Now, Save the changes you’ve made, then exit BIOS.
  • And try installing the Windows OS again and check if the error is gone.

Freeing Up Space

As we’ve mentioned, there’s an opportunity that the Error 0x80300024 occurred because the destination drive is already crammed with data. Consequently, the trip doesn’t have enough room to carry the installation files. During this case, it’s advisable to format the disk drive to urge obviate the Error 0x80300024. Here are the steps:

  • The first step is to Plug/insert the installation media, then restart your computer.
  • Confirm you decide on the acceptable choice to boot your PC from the installation media.
  • Now, choose your preferred language, then accept the license terms. Select Custom.
  • Click Drive Options to format the destination drive.
  • Choose the proper partition, then click Delete.
  • Click Next to restart the installation process.

Switch Drive Order

Switch Drive Order
Switch Drive Order

The Windows Installer is extremely picky and can not install the OS just because of incorrect installation location. You’ll have to switch the order during which destination installation location (hard disk) appears. You would like to access the BIOS to try to do this:

  • Start or restart your computer.
  • Press the “F12” key or any key that applies counting on your computer to enter the setup screen.
  • Make sure that the target drive on which you would like to put in on is the first so as (0).
  • Now, Restart your computer to run another round of installation to ascertain whether or not the error remains persistent.


So these were the natural solutions for the 0x80300024 error. You can try the above resolutions one by one, and you will end up with a solution. If you have any proposals, you can ask in the comment section.

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