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We prefer quality over quantity, so we can not allow anyone to make a guest post on Tech Ninja Pro. This is why we have made some guidelines. Make sure that you can meet the guidelines before contacting us for a guest post.

Here are the guidelines to follow.

Content should be unique

Obviously, this is our primary goal to deliver quality content to your visitors. And the purpose of the guest post is not only getting a backlink but also providing value to the user.

So, You must provide a minimum of 800 words of Plagiarism free content.

Add Royalty - Free Images

Make sure to add at least two royalty-free images in your article. One will be a featured image. The quality of the images should be good enough for mobile and desktop users both.

Only one do-follow link is allowed

You must add only one link in the last paragraph of your article. That will be a robust do-follow link.

Only TECH related articles are allowed

Articles related to Tech will be allowed only. If you are not sure whether it is a tech article or not, contact us before submitting.
Contact us for any queries you have about submitting the content.