Write Captions for Insta | Complete Instagram Captions Guide

Complete Instagram Captions Guide

Instagram is a powerful platform to popularize and promote your business, but let’s remember how it all started? Back in 2010, the app appeared in the App Store and since then has been winning fans all over the world. Initially, this social network was nothing but a platform for unsigned snapshots. By the way, even now in the U.S., popular bloggers can post pictures without text. It works only for celebrities like Kim Kardashian. If you’re interested in promoting yourself on social media, it’s better to write posts – let people know you better.

Why it’s important to write texts on Instagram

As statistics show, 85% of users of Instagram read texts. Many of them pay attention to the well-written post, hate grammar mistakes, and adore the useful content. If you still have doubts about it, here are a couple of arguments for writing on Instagram:

  • Content influences decision-making. In an app, you can’t have a live dialogue with your interlocutor. Consequently, you can’t use proven sales leverage. Texting does this in online and offline formats. Proven;
  • Content builds trust and expertise. Thereby generating a desire to buy from you specifically;
  • Content supports the path of purchase from a subconscious dream and desire to possess to “I got the product and leave a review;
  • Content helps make pre-sales;
  • Content is a profile asset. If your texts are concise, bold, attention-grabbing, and carry a clear message, your blog will be much easier to promote and monetize.

These facts are enough to motivate you to write a post, right?

Is it possible to learn how to write posts on Instagram?

Many people have a quite logical question – is it possible to learn how to write posts on Instagram so that they take your breath away and provoke followers to click on the cherished heart? We suggest you develop your style of thoughts presentation, which will then become your business card. If you absolutely cannot stand these creative torments, and the muse did not come either on the first or the second call, then we recommend you to take advantage of the essay editing service.

At this very moment, marketers identify four types of content for social networks:

  • Selling;
  • Informational;
  • Entertaining;
  • Combined.


  1. Selling content is a kind of foundation on which your sales in social networks will be built. Sales posts are compiled according to the following scheme:
    Offer + Timeline + Call to Action = Sale
  2. Informational content is content that helps build your reputation as an expert and expose your product from new angles. While the goal of selling content is to make money, the goal of informational content is to benefit, virally sharing your posts.
  3. Entertainment content, or content that helps keep your audience entertained. Entertaining content encourages audience engagement and helps create a real person’s image.
  4. Combined content is a symbiosis of several types of texts at once. However, the most working formula for your Instagram can be considered this one:
    Recognizable style + Interesting content + Characteristic visual presentation = Success

If you want to write interesting posts, it is important to understand who your target audience is, their problems and desires, and what language they are used to speak. Here are at least a few ideas:

  • Quotes and motivation. No matter how you look at it, Instagram is a network of “successful success”;
  • Announcements of guest posts and re-announcements of successful publications. It’s a sin not to brag about your great article, uploaded to a cool information resource – so tell your subscribers about it;
  • Write about a useful case study or offer some ready-made solution to a problem. Such content is perfectly liked, followed, and saved by users;
  • Different ratings and lists. It’s not necessarily a trivial list of movies for Saturday night, it can also be your top places in your favorite city and more;
  • A history of the creation of the business or that particular page. Longreads are good when dosed, so try to break up the information into a series of posts on a topic;
  • Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs);
  • Reviews, how-to guides, tips, tips, and valuable insider information;
  • Product features;
  • “Kitchen” or life at the company from the inside;
  • Ask your subscribers for advice and invite their opinions;
  • Use info trends. Today is Builder’s Day, which is a great reason to write a post about building your business from the ground up.

But most importantly, be honest, open, and sincere – and followers will reach out.

How to correctly write texts for posts on Instagram?

Working with text can be difficult and painstaking, but only for those who do not know the simple rules of sentence construction. For example, the formula for selling content was derived by American copywriters back in the early twentieth century. This model has the non-trivial name AIDA, which stands for:

A – Attention

I – Interest

D – Desire

A – Action

Also, here are a couple of tips on how to write not only technologically well, but also interesting:

  • Avoid clichés and clerical language; write from your heart and soul, don’t try to play a role, just be yourself;
  • Activate the limbic perception system (imagine yourself lying on the sand and listening to the sound of the Pacific Ocean);
  • Use the rational perceptual system;
  • Use emotion and space to structure your text so it does not look like a solid canvas of letters;
  • Avoid grammatical and punctuation errors;
  • Do not publish trash, write on current topics;
  • Take into account the specifics of your audience.
  • Set deadlines (don’t think about how to start – just write regularly and enjoyably).

How to make a beautiful post?

Beautiful posts are not just text. The formatting of your thoughts is also important. Here is a detailed guide on how to not only write, but also edit your masterpieces.

The topic of the post

should be relevant to your audience and you should not deviate from it on related issues. Clearly express your position or thought with informative text, but before you do, create an eye-catching headline. How to do this? Here are simple formulas:

  • Question (question word + desire or fears of your CA);
  • Shock and intimidation (scary words + your audience’s desires or fears);
  • Promise a benefit with a time commitment to get the reward (number + simple condition + desire of the CA).

Add emoji

Smiley faces, like punctuation marks, are a kind of etiquette in social networks. Also, they give an emotional coloring to this or that post, reflecting the mood of the author, as well as a good structure of the information, dividing it into meaningful blocks. Adding smiles to the text on your smartphone is easy enough, but if you prefer to write posts to Instagram from your computer, then special programs will help here. Or just type the name of the emoticon you want, then copy and paste it with the Ctrl C + Ctrl V combination.

Changing Fonts

Experienced designers know that fonts matter. For example, promotional posts with unreadable, complicated fonts can alienate potential customers, while a simple and accessible text format will work most effectively. One option for changing your font is the free smartphone apps in the AppStore or Play Market.

Maximum number of characters in a post

Instagram, like any other social network, has its limits. For example, the maximum number of characters in a post is up to 2,000. All characters are counted without spaces. Of course, you can continue your thought in the comments, but try to express yourself succinctly, tenaciously, and moderately briefly. Conciseness is the sister of talent.

Common mistakes and how to avoid them

No one is immune from mistakes, but smart people learn from other people’s mistakes, while others prefer to make their own. We have collected the top most popular mistakes that web users make in their texts:

  • Grammar and punctuation. Let’s not be original, spelling problems are still present in many posts. We ask you to at least read and edit all the above before you click the button “post”. This is especially true for bloggers who demonstrate their expertise on a particular issue;
  • Text canvas. In the previous sections, we’ve already similarly covered how to do digressions, paragraphs, and break up lists with emoticons – use this cheat sheet and forget about a solid canvas of characters;
  • Expensive-rich. An abundance of emojis, hashtags, or punctuation marks will lead to nothing good, remember that;
  • No headline. Spell out a provocative, funny, cheeky, interesting headline and it will make the reader lower their eyes. Tested;
  • No logic. Continue your thought logically, offer arguments and reasoning, but don’t interrupt it with other statements that don’t make sense.

We hope, after reading this article you will no longer have the question – what to write under the photo, and, most importantly, how to do it. A good text is the one in which you put your soul, deep meaning, and a bit of inspiration.

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