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Music has no language, and this is the reason that you will find yourself listening to the tune of some other regions or styles. You don’t understand that, but the music connects you with that. This is due to the essence of the music, which is always the same. Well, have you ever tried to search for the lyrics of the song you are listening to? I doubt that you can find all the words of songs online.

There was a time when you can read the lyrics on the Cd cover, but now it is not possible. Most of the media that we haunt is on our computer or mobile devices. And our default music players do not support lyrics. So, we came up with a listing of top lyrics apps.

  1. QuickLyric – Lyrics App
  2. Genius – Song Lyrics
  3. Musixmatch – Lyrics App for Music
  4. Lyrics Library
  5. Lyrics Mania – Lyrics App and Music Player

1. QuickLyric – Lyrics App

The first member of our list is pretty fast, as its name suggests. This is a separate app, and does not play music but supports almost every music player. As soon as you play the song on your phone, it starts showing the lyrics. It’s fast because it scans your music library after installing it. If you listen to the songs in offline mode, then this app is for you.

You can also use this lyrics app to identify the song you listen to somewhere, and this app will pick lyrics for you. But you can even recognize the song using Google assistant. QuickLyric app is free to use, but to remove ads, you have to upgrade to the premium version. Moreover, the Quicklyric app supports more than 12 languages, including English and Hindi.

2. Genius – Song Lyrics

This app has a classy look, and I love the feel of it. This also does not have its music player and works on the detection mechanism. Being quick, it fetches the lyrics of all of your music library in a single shot so that you can enjoy offline lyrics too on a long journey.

This also comes with the feature of detecting the music playing around, so that you don’t need to ask strangers about the song. You only have to pay if you want to remove the ads.

3. Musixmatch – Lyrics App for Music

This is also a popular lyrics app with excellent ratings on the Google app store. It is a complete package with a built-in music player and beautiful interference. Some of its most liked features include floating display lyrics, on-screen lyrics, and translations. It also comes with the sync feature with almost all the popular platforms like Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and Pandora.

You can skip the song to your favorite lyrics by typing the lyrics. It automatically fetches the lyrics for your music library for any new availability. You can also make your Spotify music playlist using the Musixmatch lyrics app.

4. Lyrics Library



I like the name of this lyrics app, as this is very related to our intent search. The lyrics library has a clean look with very user-friendly interference. The significant features of the Lyrics library app include adding, edit and save. You can also add chords over the lyrics. This app also comes with a fantastic organizer that can help you to organize your lyrics according to your wishes or your playlist.

In the above screenshots, you can perceive how splendidly you can make your lyrics library. Moreover, you can also share the lyrics with the world.

5. Lyrics Mania – Lyrics App and Music Player


With an alluring music player and good lyrics size, the next member of our list of best lyrics apps is Lyrics mania. It also comes with the same features as the previous apps. But it has a music player too. Plus, it can also detect the music from the other players. If you listen to any music somewhere, lyrics mania can help you out to find those songs and even the lyrics.

Lyrics mania also supports Spotify. So, if you want to make a lyrics library of your Spotify playlist, you can do that with lyrics mania.


So, here is our verdict on the best lyrics apps. All the apps mentioned above are good enough to be used in your daily routine, but you can pick the one that fulfills all your needs. For Example, if you want a complete package, with the built-in music player and also the support of external players like Spotify, then you can choose between Musixmatch and Lyrics Mania. But if you want lyrics but with a clean and classy look, then Genius lyrics and Lyrics library are your buddies. And Quicklyric is there if you want some quick lyrics offline.

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