The 5 Advantages of Screen Printing

Advantages of Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the oldest types of printing. It has recently experienced a complete overhaul and has become a generally acceptable printing technique in the world.

Screen printing can be done on various types of surfaces and materials. You can print designs on wood, plastic, metal surface areas, and glass.

Screen printing is mostly used in the textile industry due to its print quality. For these reasons, the fashion world has adopted them as the number one option. Clothes such as t-shirts, bags, and every other material get a new creative touch when using screen printing.

Here are five reasons you should consider using screen printing.

  1. Durability
  2. Quality and Consistency
  3. Prints for Various Surfaces
  4. The Best Solution for Textile Printing
  5. A Cheaper Solution for Multiple Pieces

1. Durability

Durability is paramount in printing. You need to be sure that your prints will last for a long time. This is where the screen printers shine. To ensure the durability of printed designs and creations, you’ll need the best printer for screen printing.

The good thing about this type of printing is that what you print will surely last you a very long time. If you decide on a print like this, you can rest assured that quality comes first and will resist all external factors that can destroy it.

This is especially important if you decide to print posters or some billboards exposed to various weather conditions. The best choice for such a thing is screen printing. Because of the specific way each product is printed, it remains protected for a long time.

2. Quality and Consistency

This printing technique is very popular for large runs. Although the initial price is higher than other techniques, a single print in large batches is incomparably lower. Compared to other printing techniques, it’s much cheaper.

The advantage of the print obtained through the screen printing process is high quality and durability. Today, screen printing is one of the most popular printing methods. With its help, it is possible to apply a significantly thicker layer of ink than other printing techniques.

The result is high print quality and longevity. For this reason, screen printing is used to reproduce paints by famous artists.

3. Prints for Various Surfaces

Screen printing is a unique printing technique used to decorate and restore every possible surface and material. With this technique, you can print on wood, glass, plastic, and even ceramics because it allows printing on all surfaces.

Because of the variety of surfaces that can be printed with this technique, screen printing is a very convenient option. This is a great option to print on mixed materials since it works flawlessly with different surfaces and doesn’t require additional adjustments.

If you print on various types of materials, you won’t need to change printers because everything can be done on this one.

4. The Best Solution for Textile Printing

The expansion of screen printing and its application on textiles has pushed the boundaries of fashion, design, style, trends, etc.

Due to the color durability and the quality you get, screen printing takes first place in the textile industry. It is increasingly used because the technique used for printing is both simple and high quality.

For example, when using this type of printer for t-shirt designs, the print will last much longer than any other technique. The color penetrates the textile and is infused directly into it.

5. A Cheaper Solution for Multiple Pieces

Screen printing machines are relatively cheap, and they are also characterized by a high degree of automation. This printing technique is trendy today because it is used to apply the thickest layer of ink out of all printing techniques.

The main characteristics of screen printing are cheap production and relatively low printing speed. If you need more prints, then screen printing is the most affordable method.

Since you can print different surfaces on one printer, you will avoid the hassle of processing and machine changes. All this makes it a cheaper technique than the others. You can print a t-shirt and immediately after that your favorite coffee mug.


As you can see, screen printing offers many advantages. Of course, it’s not ideal for all uses. However, if you recognize your needs in what we provided for you today, this might be the right option for you.

Whether you get your own screen printer or hire someone else to print for you, it’s a popular choice for many businesses and individuals.

So, get your favorite childhood photo or a most beloved cartoon character on your t-shirt! Print your favorite quote on your white coffee mug, create custom-made designs, and print a cool Halloween costume for your entire family! The possibilities are endless with screen printing.

If you are a business owner, then you certainly need one of these printers! Good luck!

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