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Surfshark VPN Review – 2021

Surfshark VPN provides the best value for money and has millions of users all around the world. Its apps are easy to use, and it will block almost everything with its Shadowsocks technology (even in countries like China, UAE, and Egypt).

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VPN is short for Virtual Private Network and acts as your private security guard once you log on to the internet.

How can you identify a good VPN? It will have good speed, can be accessed by various locations, handle multiple devices, and does not go on to collect the data from its users.

You can go on whatever site you want to visit with a VPN, and no one would be able to track your activity as you will be freely browsing on the internet under the umbrella of your own Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The main technical function that the VPN companies serve is this, they send the traffic of your website via an encrypted tunnel where it cannot be tracked by any kind of malicious activity, hackers, and give you access to various unreachable websites.

Best VPN Company - Surfshark VPN

Now, coming to the best VPN service company out there, Surfshark VPN is a top-ranking VPN company and has value to offer to its customers. Its one account can be used by multiple users at a time, unlike some other VPNs that block your account if 5 users try to access it at the same time.

Surfshark VPN has more than 3,200 servers placed in 65+ countries worldwide. It is one of the best value for money VPN services available in the market and you can select any of the locations via which you would like to continue browsing on your device. It is loaded with features and has a very well-designed user-friendly interface.

The best thing to being highlighted here about Surfshark VPN is it allows multiple connections at the same time i.e. you can log in with multiple devices with Surfshark VPN.

Furthermore, this addition to the unlimited simultaneous connections instills a huge value to the technology that Surfshark VPN uses.

Surfshark VPN is compatible with Mac, iOS, Linux apps, and Windows. You can also use this VPN Chrome and Firefox as you can integrate Surfshark VPN extensions in your web browser. If you are a gamer, you can utilize a website-unblocking smart DNS system for your gaming consoles, TVs, and more.

Talking about the encryption technology that they use in their VPN, strong encryption software like AES-256-GCM encryption, OpenVPN, IKEv2 support, Shadowsocks that will help you buy VPN blocking, WireGuard, and a kill switch that protect you if your connection somehow drops.

We are bringing you the review of Surfshark VPN and will tell you about all of the Pros and Cons of this VPN. Additionally, we’ll deliver all of the information relating to this VPN in this complete review so you can make a choice and stick to it.

Surfshark VPN Specs



Protocols for iOS

OpenVPN – WireGuard – IKEv2

Protocols for macOS

IKEv2 – WireGuard

Protocols for Android

OpenVPN – IKEv2 – WireGuard

Simultaneous Connections

5+ (Yes) - Unlimited

Servers Locations

67 Countries



Block Ads


Free Version




Surfshark VPN - Plans



Billed every month.

6 Months


Billed USD 38.94 every 6 months.

24 Months


Billed USD 59.76 now, & annually after the first 24 months.

Surfshark VPN Pricing

Now, if you go into the market and research the pricing models of other VPNs out there, you’ll find that the average going price is about $9.96 per month.

Contrary to this, Surfshark VPN’s subscription will cost you around $12.95 per month. It’s a bit more expensive than the rest of its competition, however, you’ll be able to receive massive discounts once you go on and subscribe to Surshark VPN.

If you subscribe to their long-term plan, you’ll receive a huge discount when your subscription is going to be renewed (as they claim).

Out of all of these plans, only the two-year plan will renew without a discount. On the other plans, you may get a discount on renewal. If you look closely and compare the pricing model of Surfshark VPN with the leading VPN companies out there, the average comes out to be a bit less than its competitors. You can’t ignore the fact that Surfshark VPN offers the best value for money VPN services.

You’ll save a chunk of money if you go on to subscribe with a long-term commitment with Surfshark VPN.

Some people suggest that one should always start with the shortest subscription possible. The reason being, you should first try the VPN by yourself and see if it fits & suits your requirements. If yes! Then and only then you should go for the long-term commitment with that VPN company.

Unlike IVPN and Mullvad, Surfshark VPN does not go as far as accepting cash payments, although, it allows you to pay them via:



Credit/Debit cards


Amazon Pay




One thing that makes Surfshark VPN the best value for money VPN service is the unlimited connection limit that they offer. You see, if you buy VPNs, they do not allow you to connect to more than one device at the same time. However, with Surfshark VPN you are given the liberty to attach as many devices as you can with your VPN at the same time. Only Avira Phantom, Windscribe VPN, and IPVanish VPN are offering this simultaneous connection feature with their VPNs.

Surfshark VPN Privacy & Security

The primary VPN security features include:

  1. AES-256 encryption
  2. Kill Switch to block the internet access
  3. Secure Protocols like WireGuard, IKEv2, OpenVPN TCP and UDP)
  4. Identity protection and Identity leaks prevention

All of these primary VPN features are offered by Surfshark VPN. In addition to all of these mainstream features, Surfshark is also equipped with the basket of the following tech goodies:

  • Double VPN Hop: To make your tracking by hackers and malware a bit more difficult, Surfshark offers you Double VPN Hop. You can use this feature to log on to the internet in India, and then leave the internet in Germany. Thus, it makes your internet browsing very difficult to track, and enhances your protection walls.
  • Private DNS: Very few VPNs are available in the market that offers you their DNS network. Surfshark VPN is one of those VPN companies that have their private DNS. To be more exact, for each server of Surfshark, they have their private DNS. What this’ll do is provide an additional layer of security and no one can spy on the internet on your browsing activities.
  • Head Office: The Surfshark VPN’s head office is based in the British Virgin Islands. As we all know that the British Virgin Islands offer the best privacy laws in the world for any use whatsoever, so, by having the head office there, Surfshark VPN plays by their rules and is not required by law to keep logs of user’s activity. (It is declared on their website also)
  • Browsing History: Your Browsing History will be kept hidden by Surfshark VPN and you do not have to worry about your browsing history getting recorded or being tracked by anyone. Once you are done using the internet under the umbrella of Surfshark VPN, it would be just like “you were never there”.
  • Downloading History: All of your downloads will take place under full privacy and will not be recorded.
  • Online Purchase History: Surfshark VPN also does not collect any kind of Online Purchase History of its users. Your Credit/Debit Card information will be kept private while your online purchasing and your financial information will not be collected anywhere, no matter what.
  • Usage of VPN Servers: Say, you are using the VPN server of Surfshark placed somewhere in Italy. Once you are off the internet or log off, your server usage data will not be collected along with the various servers you have shifted along the way.
  • Timestamps of Connections: Surfshark VPN does not collect any kind of data of your Timestamps.
  • IP Addresses (Incoming & Outgoing): Further, all of your IP addresses will be hidden. Whether the IP addresses are incoming or outgoing, Surfshark VPN does not monitor your IP addresses and is integrated with the best IP privacy technology.
  • Network Traffic: Data of your Network Traffic is also not collected.
  • Sessions Privacy: No matter how many sessions and how lengthy your sessions are, Surfshark VPN gives you complete confidentiality during your sessions and afterwards the data is removed from their servers.
  • Bandwidth Data: You Bandwidth data is also not collected by Surfshark.

The above-mentioned privacy delivered by Surfshark VPN comprises the data that is not collected by the company. So, a common question might arise in your mind that “then what kind of data does Surfsahrk VPN collects?”.

Well, it only collects:

  • Your Email ID
  • Your Billing Information

One of the options that Surfshark VPN provide, that requires highlighting here is the “Crash Reports” option. Initially, Surfshark used to collect:

  • Frequency of the usage of VPN by the system
  • Crash Reports
  • Statistics of various natures
  • Unsuccessful connections made via the VPN

However, it is been long time since they dropped collecting this kind of information. Some people claimed that Crash Reports are still being collected. To tackle that problem and provide their users with the Fully Optimized Private Experience on the internet, Surfshark integrated their VPN with the “Crash Report” option.

You can easily turn off the Crash Report option by going into the settings of your VPN portal and your Crash Reports will no longer be collected. By doing some research, we found that very few VPN companies have this option. Surfshark VPN stands out in this regard.

Also, Surfshark went through a security audit of their Browser Extension by Cure53 (German Security Company). They passed the security audit with flying colours and have been declared as one of the most secure VPN’s that an everyday person can go for.

The Privacy Policy stated by Surfshark VPN is updated regularly so the user remains in the loop and new subscribers of Surfshark VPN thoroughly get an idea about what they are getting into.

Products Like Surfshark VPN

Private VPN: PrivateVPN covers all of the aspects from downloading files, streaming content, and online gaming. For a VPN with a small server network, it’s impressive.

Smart Proxy: It is a SmartDNS proxy server, and allows you to collect data from the internet via a pool of 40 million proxies.


ExpressVPN is the most reliable, easiest, and fastest VPN for the purpose of streaming videos and Disney Plus Original Films/Movies.


NordVPN is one of the most accessible VPNs out there. It will allow you to access all kinds of streaming sites.


PureVPN has the most speedy upgrading service out of all the VPNs out there.



Proton VPN has a very strict no-data logging policy as it comes from a country with very strict privacy laws.

Surfshark VPN Netflix

One of the requirements from all of the VPN users around the world is to gain access to various Netflix libraries that are not accessible in their country/region.

Websites like Netflix have different set of libraries for each particular country/region. For instance, the Netflix UK will not show you the Netflix USA library of TV Shows or Films and vice versa.

The reason being, streaming websites like Netflix have signed contractual copyright agreement with every country they operate in. They can only show you the list and library of that content for which they have a legalized license, and own the copyrights of that content.

That’s why you cannot see the USA Netflix library in UK, Europe, or India.

VPNs solve this problem in a jiffy and allows you to access any of the Netflix libraries that you are interested in.

Surfshark VPN is one of the best VPNs in the market who is providing that service. It’s another thing to unblock a website or get access to restricted content on the internet. But! Accessing an entire library filled with TV Shows, Dramas, and Films is whole new level even for a VPN giant like SurfsharkVPN.

Features of Surfshark like unlimited bandwidth allows an uninterrupted streaming of content on Netflix and the speed is also not bad.

To access Netflix via Surfshark VPN you need to:

  1. Install Surfshark VPN on the device of your choosing.
  2. Select the Server in accordance to the Netflix Library you are trying to access (see list of servers & Netflix libraries below).
  3. Login to your Netflix account and hit Refresh.

You can connect to the following list of servers to gain access to a variety of Netflix Libraries.


Netflix Libraries

United States

Netflix US

United Kingdom

Netflix UK


Netflix CA


Netflix IN


Netflix FR


Netflix IT


Netflix FI


Netflix DE


Netflix AR


Netflix NL


Netflix CH


Netflix AU

Hong Kong

Netflix HK

South Korea

Netflix KR


Netflix GR


Netflix TR


Netflix CO


Netflix CL


Netflix SG


Netflix PL


Netflix JP


Netflix MX


Netflix HU


Netflix TH

Czech Republic

Netflix CZ


Netflix TW


Netflix RO


Netflix MY

Surfshark VPN Speed and Performance

To get a complete sense of what you are getting into with Surfshark VPN, the most important factor is the speed and performance that you are getting under a VPN.

The two giants in the tech industry PCmag and TechRadar have done personal VPN testing of Surfshark VPN and the results are just mind-blowing.

TechRadar tested Surfshark VPN by using the SpeedTest Tool, Netflix’, to cherck the download speed that Surfshar VPN has to offer. They installed the Surfshark App on their system and connected it to the nearest server they could find within their location. They tested the download speed by using up to almost three protocols.

Initially, the results that came were not impressive. The average came out to be 155-165Mbps. This is very low as most of the VPNs reach between the range of 250-350Mbps.

But all of that changed once they switched the protocols. By switching the protocols, the download speed went up to almost 500-700 Mbps. This massive change occurred as per the reason of WireGuard support that Surfshark is integrated with.

They also found that different servers delivered variable downloading speeds. So, if you go on to but Surfshark VPN, then to get the best downloading speed, you need to switch to various servers and protocols to hunt for the best downloading speed. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do that every time you log in via Surfshark VPN, you can just try this strategy the first time, and find the right server to download with an effective speed.

The speed of the VPN will vary from user to user, as one thing that you must know about using a VPN is to carry our performance tests on your own by making a few tweaks here and there so you can find the right servers that serve you best.

It’s a very common phenomenon that whenever you download something using a VPN, the download speed would be a bit slower than without a VPN.

PCmag tested this concern about VPNs for Surfhsark VPN by using the Ookla Speedtest Tool. Their test results showed that Surfshark VPN does not deliver a good downloading speed for an average user in comparison to its competitors like ExpressVPN. The downloading speed downgraded much more than they expected it to be.

On the other hand, the uploading speed with Surfshark VPN turned out great and it threw its competition straight out of the park.

Concluding the speed and performance for the VPN under discussion, you must know that these tests were run under specific conditions, place, and a few servers. Your results may vary widely from these tests depending upon your usage and the way you use your VPN.

Speed is not the main factor that should convince your buying of Surfshark VPN or any VPN in this regard. The main purpose of using a VPN is not for its downloading speed factors, but the privacy that it has to offer.

Surfshark VPN Windows App

The Surfshark VPN is really easy to use. You just have to: 

  1. Download the VPN.
  2. Install the Windows Client.
  3. Choose whatever suits you as a SignUp Option.
  4. Choose the Plan that you want to.
  5. Select a Payment option.

The user experience of Surfshark VPN is pretty amazing. The user interface of the Surfshark VPN is pretty simple and very clean to look at. It gives you a very sharp vibe of all the features it has to offer.

When it is minimized, the interface shows you the small version of the VPN app. It will show you:

  • Connect button
  • List of locations where servers are located
  • Status information

The three major buttons and information that any of the VPN provides, can be seen in the short minimized form developed by Surfshark VPN for its clients.

Once you maximize the Surfshark VPN app, you’ll see that it is integrated with several panels and various options. You can use these options and panels to make some tweaks for your VPN experience that will eventually grant you more privacy and protection.

If you want to connect to the VPN, you just need to press the Connect Button and Surfshark VPN will push a notification on your desktop that you are now connected to the VPN. The same process happens when you Disconnect the VPN and you are informed afterwards that you are now off the VPN radar.

The main interface of the Surfshark VPN Windows App also displays your new location (server location) and the new IP address via which you are now browsing on the internet.

The list of Static IPs will help you connect to several countries like Singapore, UK, the US, Japan, Germany, etc. You’ll receive a fixed IP address from each of these countries. Now, to fully understand the usage of Static IP in the world of VPN, you need to understand that the main purpose of using the Static IP feature on VPN is to get access to the IP-restricted networks. One other thing that must be kept in mind is, any of the other client from Surfshark can be using the same IP address that you are using so maintaining an additional layer of authentications must also be done.

Another amazing thing to be highlighted here is, if you right-click the Surfshark System Tray Icon, it will display you a miniature (small) app window. You will not get a traditional text menu dropdown, and from there you can set your recent location of the server that you were comfortable with (the last time when you were browsing).

The list of the Locations of servers does not show you the servers that are broken or are under repair. Surfshark VPN displays the servers from the best to the worst depending upon your location. It will create the list of server locations from most favourite to least favourite and it will vary from client to client. You will not find this automated display of servers anywhere in other VPNs.

Another option that you’ll just love to have is the Whitelister Panel. This panel will allow you to create a list of whitelist applications, IP addresses, and websites that can bypass the protection of the VPN. Why is that necessary for some apps or websites?

While using a VPN, sometimes the VPN can break the application or not fully load a website. Adding those applications and websites into the Whitelist will prevent that from happening and you’ll be able to access those areas without breakage.

This feature is mostly used when you are downloading torrents or torrenting. You can set up your torrent through the VPN you are using (in this case Surfshark VPN) and you’ll get a flawless experience out of it.

The MultiHop Tab added into the Surfshark VPN performs a very nifty function. Your traffic will jump from two VPN servers. Thus, if someone is trying to track you, let’s say a hacker, that hacker would not be able to track your activity as you are continuously jumping and passing through two different VPN servers. Also, your exit will not get compromised.

The total number of routes that Surfshark will give you is 14. Those 14 routes function in such a way that the initial route of your connection would be different, and the second route that is appearing to the public would be different. The concept behind this variation of routes and appearances is to not let your exit getting compromised. So, once you are in the loop of two routes, the attacker will be seeing an anonymous IP that would be difficult to track.

One of the mainstream features that the Windows App of Surfshark VPN holds is the option to launch the VPN with Windows, or the freedom of switching to WireGuard, IKEv2, Shadowsocks, or OpenVPN TCP and UDP. This is an alternative way for the traffic to get directed via an encrypted tunnel. The reason that this feature can be seen in all of the VPNs out there is majorly concerned with the bypassing of internet censorship placed in China.

A NoBorders Mode is also installed in Surfsahrk VPN. This feature’s main purpose is to access the internet in those countries where generally the usage of VPNs is blocked and restricted.

The CleanWeb feature will help you to block all of those annoying ads. As stated earlier, all of these features are integrated into Surfshark VPN for purpose, and that purpose is a full proof security blanket for your online activities.

The CleanWeb feature will block all ads as ads can contain trackers and malicious links that can cause a huge problem for you as the attacker can get into your computer and get access to all of your sensitive information. Activating the CleanWeb feature will protect you from all of that malicious activity.

Like many other VPNs, the Kill Switch is also given by Surfshark VPN. The function of the kill switches is to kill your internet connection if your VPN fails. The only thing that we can request from Surfshark VPN is to send a notification once the Kill Switch has to be used. As a user, you will need to monitor this scenario on your own. Surfshark will not notify you by proposing to use the kill switch once the VPN fails.

The warning is not flashed by Surfshark at the failure of VPN and you can still be connected to the internet. This is a very feature that Surfshark does not have and can cause a huge issue as your security shield would be lifted, leaving you exposed.

Surfshark VPN Mobile App

The Surfshark VPN’s Mobile App surprisingly has all the necessary features that its Windows App comes with. You’ll find the CleanWeb, MultiHop Connection Option, Location Lists, Whitelisting, etc. All of the above-mentioned features in Surfshark’s Windows App are given in the Mobile App.

One feature that stands out in the Mobile App is the Small Packets option. This option is purely custom made for the mobile usability and mobile-friendliness of the respective VPN. Turning that feature on will help your VPN to connect automatically and turn your VPN whenever your mobile phone/device gets connected to the internet. It does not matter whether the connection is secure or not, it will take your cell phone inside an encrypted tunnel for full fledge security. 

The Support system for Surfshark’s clients is also amazingly user friendly in the app. You can just open the support/help section, and send bug reports to the company and get your problems resolved instantly. This Support feature makes the Mobile App stand out in comparison to the Windows App.

One thing that also came under our observation is, iOS Surfshark’s Mobile App is not short-ranged. Most of the apps launched by VPNs on the Mobile have few features, but not with Surfshark VPN. They have provided all the necessary features like Kill Switch, and other specs that can also be found in the android version.

A recent addition that also got our attention is the multi-lingual feature that they have freshly introduced in their Mobile App. You can now set the app in the language that you prefer. You can also reset your VPN profile to resolve all kinds of connectivity issues that you might be facing.

The user’s reviews on the mobile app suggest, unlike other VPN applications, Surfshark’s Mobile App has never failed even once. It is smart, easy to use, and have a straightforward nature of usage. Overall, they have a very good mobile phone app.

Surfshark VPN Protocols

If you choose to use Safeshark, you’ll get a chance to work with one of the best VPNs available in the market nowadays. It is packed with features from head to toe, and you cannot go wrong with Surfshark VPN.

However, nothing is perfect and every technology requires updates from time to time.

Coming to the protocols that Surfshark offers are a total of 4 in number. These are 4 VPN protocols that are encrypted and provide security to your online browsing activity. You can choose any of these 4 protocols as you require.

The 4 protocols are listed below:

  1. OpenVPN: OpenVPN has two versions UDP and TCP. It is a technology that is continuously improved by the security intellectuals of the world and is one of the most reliable security protocol that one can go for. Having that protocol integrated into the Surfshark VPN tells us that Surfshark is the best value for money VPN anyone can go for today. UDP is best for video calls since it is faster, and the TCP is best for consistent browsing as it is a bit slower than UDP. It is available in iOS, Android, macOS, FireTV, Linus, and Windows.
  2. Shadowsocks: This tech is primarily meant for China, Egypt, and UAE. These countries have the most internet restrictions. This encrypted proxy is specifically meant to get over the barrier of internet restrictions that are not easy to get over. This will provide you with a security that even the intelligence agencies would not be able to track your internet movement, thus giving you access to all of the uncensored content from the comfort of your own home (without getting detected or tracked).
  3. IKEv2: The best performance is given by IKEv2 when it is connected to a nearby server within your country or the country next to your region. It will also deliver high-speed connectivity and speed over long-distance servers if they are compatible with the field of your browsing. IKEv2 has the availability of Surfshark’s Windows, Android, Linus, macOS, FireTV, and iOS.
  4. WireGuard: One of the most famous protocols in the cybersecurity industry is WireGuard. It is the best for your online activity if you are using a VPN for your online streaming purposes, video calls, and other video-related stuff. However, WireGuard is only available on Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS.

Surfshark VPN Support

We all have had our issues with technology, especially SaaS software. They may break, get a bug, or crash at an unexpected moment causing us issues and frustrations. The VPN industry is no more different than the rest of the tech out there.

For that purpose, all of the products that you buy or subscribe over the internet has customer support platforms that you can access to launch a complaint and get your problem fixed instantly.

The same is the case with Surfshark VPN. That has a completely optimized, and active support site that is instilled with tutorials and FAQs. They also have a troubleshooting guide in case your problem’s solution requires it. All of the problems that Surfshark VPN clients face are openly discussed if they relate to more than one customer. They create a tutorial or a complete solution/fix guide for the issue so if any of their clients come looking for a solution to their problem, they can instantly access that area and extract the information they are looking for.

Other than the literature full of useful information about Surfshark VPN and its usage, they also have a 24/7 live chat where you can directly chat with a customer care representative of Surfshark and share your problem with them.

They will respond to you within 60 seconds and their response would be relevant, exact, and direct. You wouldn’t have to chitter-chatter before coming to the issue at hand. Surfshark has a highly trained Customer care staff and instead of browsing on the internet to find solutions (or even on their support site), you can just drop a message in the live chat box and get your issue resolved within a few seconds.

Surfshark VPN - Plans



Billed every month.

6 Months


Billed USD 38.94 every 6 months.

24 Months


Billed USD 59.76 now, & annually after the first 24 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best part of using a VPN is the protection of the personal information that you send online like your emails, passwords, and messages. If you are using a public WiFi network, which is without a doubt a very suitable opportunity as FREE WiFi, it is one of the most common tools for attackers and hackers. They can utilize your personal information from your phone by using public WiFi as a gateway network. VPN protects you from all of that. Further, VPN protects your information or data by routing all of your web traffic through a remote server.

Most of the people who use VPNs are those people who travel the most. So, naturally, those VPN companies that have the largest server locations are the most popular ones. Express VPN has the greatest number of servers located in the entire world i.e. 94 countries. When it comes to VPNs, the geographical location of their servers matters a lot.

VPNs use hosting via routers in various places for the delivery of their VPN services, thus forming a virtual VPN server. It’s almost similar to an IP network.
A lot of servers used by VPNs have virtual servers at virtual locations. Several companies utilize these virtual servers for the accommodation of surges in demand. Virtual Servers are actually those servers that do not have any kind of physical presence in the areas where they appear at.

Surfshark VPN also has virtual servers and have mentioned the location of these servers here on their website. They also deliver you a complete list of their 3,200+ servers in 65 countries here, and you can select the server that you like in accordance with your requirements.

Final Opinion

Surfshark VPN is one of the strongest and most advanced VPNs that you can find in the market. It offers you the best value for money and delivers you those up-to-date features that you can use to browse on the internet with full security.

You will not find any VPN that brings you a set of these security packed features which Surfshark is delivering. So, what are you waiting for? Start your safe browsing journey on the internet today with Surfshark VPN.

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