Starz App: The Perfect App for People Who Love Movies and TV Series

There’s one thing we commonly share when it comes to whiling away the time: watching films and TV shows. This pastime activity allows us to learn, relax, bond, and enjoy.

Movies and TV series are now very accessible thanks to technology. Cinephiles can now stream or download video content on their smartphones, laptops, tablets, Smart TVs, and computers. You can also find video streaming apps like Starz App that provide you with an extensive library of films and TV shows.

Starz App is among the best movie apps that cater to people who love to binge-watch films and TV shows. Here’s what you need to know about Starz app.

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What is Starz App?

Starz App is the flagship streaming service of the American premium cable channel Starz. You can avail of this app through a monthly subscription for only $8.99, and subscribers to the premium cable network can also access the application without charge.

This streaming service lets you access trending TV series and blockbuster films. There’s also original content produced by Starz. Aside from streaming the content from its catalog, you can also download them on your device for offline viewing.

Starz App Features

Starz App takes your viewing experience to the next level due to its impressive feature set. When you open a particular TV series or movie, you’ll be directed to a page containing its synopsis, length based on minutes, year of release, movie genre, and cast members. Here’s a list of other essential features of the Starz App.

  • My List Tab
  • Content Schedule
  • Parental Control

My List Tab

Starz App’s My List tab is a great feature that enables you to compile your favorite TV shows and films in one place. You can also add video content to this compilation that you want to watch later. Moreover, you can find in the My List tab all your pending downloads.

Content Schedule

Another unique feature that you can find in Starz App is the Content Schedule. Only a few video streaming services have this feature, which helps you get updated on the release schedules of the TV series you’re currently watching. It shows you the time, day, and month as to when a particular episode or season will air.

You can also locate various channels of Stars on the screen, such as Starz Comedy, Starz Edge, Starz Live TV, and Starz in Black.

Parental Control

The Parental Control feature provides you with information about the age-appropriateness of a particular film or TV series. It serves as your guide to restrict your kids from watching video content that’s not suitable for them.

Devices that are Compatible with Starz App

Once you subscribe to Starz App, you can now watch video content using a maximum of 4 gadgets at a time. Moreover, you can use this video streaming application on Android, Apple, and Smart TV devices. Check this list to know more about Starz App’s compatibility.

  • Android TVs (Nvidia Shield, Nexus Player, and Razer Forge)
  • Android tablets and smartphones running Android 4.1 and up
  • Apple TV running on tvOS nine and latest tvOS versions
  • Apple gadgets (iPod, iPad, and iPhone running on iOS 8 and other latest versions)
  • Apple OSX version 10.5.7 and up
  • Microsoft Windows 7 and up
  • Amazon devices (Fire Stick, Amazon Fire TV, Kindle Fire Tablet, and Kindle Fire Phone)
  • 2nd generation of Roku digital media players
  • Internet browsers (Safari, Firefox, Edge, Google Chrome)
  • Samsung Smart TV running Android 5 and latest versions
  • LG TV running on WebOS 3 and up
  • Sony TV running on Android 5 and up
  • Xbox game consoles (Xbox OneS, Xbox OneX, Xbox One)
  • PlayStation 4

Create an Account

You can avail Starz App free trial for seven days. In this way, you can try its features and perks. After the free trial ends, you can subscribe to the service for $8.99 monthly.

You need first to create an account by visiting the official site of Starz or downloading the application on your device. It’s alright to sign up using your Roku, Google Play, or Apple ID. Then, enter your payment details to proceed with the subscription.


If you love binge-watching films and TV series, Starz App is the perfect application for you. Starz App has a great selection of video content, and it has incredible features to make your viewing experience satisfying.

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