Best RapidGator Premium Link Generator 2021

Rapidgator premium link generator or the Premium leech is the solution to the Premium Rapidgator account. You can have tons of features in the Rapidgator Premium account. We have selected the best RapidGator Link Generator that will help you to get the premium features.

Nowadays, many people use cloud storage for file sharing and for the storage of data. Almost all cloud storages are free to use. But, they may have limited features like less storage capacity, less bandwidth, and thus less speed for uploading and downloading your file.

Many users upload the file on the pc to talk about it with others. But there are lots of people with a file of big size and they also wish to talk about the file on the web. The person looks for lots of ways to store the information as being a backup and searches several very good means to publish this large file. The most popular method is Internet Storage and also the very best one is when we are able to keep our information safe. The most effective way to publish a file is we are able to upload it on the site and also download the information any time you want it, from the site.

Why use RapidGator Premium Link Generator?

By using the Rapidgator Link generator, you can use the premium features of RapidGator. You don’t need to purchase the premium account of RappidGator anymore. However, you do not get all the premium features with Rapidgator Link Generator. You can not control your storage. You can not save them for a long time and you can not exceed a subscription.

Other than that, you get the basic features that are enough for the most needed functions. So, it is not a bad deal.

You can also get the premium app from

Using the link generators, you can download the premium files of Rapidgator.

You can choose any of the following for generating RapidGator links. We have selected the best Rapidgator Generator for you. All are working fine in 2020. If you find any link broken, please let us know in the comment section.

  1. Cocoleech
  2. Neo Derbid
  4. Deepbird
  5. GeneratorLink Premium
  6. Hungry Leech
  7. Leech All
  8. Uploaded Premium Link
  10. Reevown Cloud

1. Cocoleech

Cocoleech is one of the best RapidGator link generators. There are two versions of Cocoleech. You can either use the free version, or you can buy the premium link generator.

CocoLeach – RapidGator Link Generator

Reasons to use Cocoleech RapidGator link Generator

  • They have a niche interference.
  • You can use make many links with the free version.

There are a lot of features for the premium version.

  • Torrent Support
  • No Captcha
  • 24/7 Support
  • 35+ Filehosts
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • No Ads & Pop-ups
  • High Anonymity
  • JDownloader Support
  • +1.000 Loyalty Points
  • No Bonus
Click Here to use CocoLeach

2. Neo Derbid

To use this RapidGator Link Generator, you have to make an account on the website. Once you will sign in to the account, you can see the dashboard like above. You get a free 1Gb storage, that you can use for making money.

Neo Derbid – RapidGator Link Generator

You can also use it as a guest or can purchase a premium subscription.

The following are the features that you can get using the premium account of Neo Derbid.

  • Unlimited traffic
  • VPN
  • 24/7 support
  • Unlimited Speeds
  • 30+ Filehost
  • Download Managers
  • Multiple Link Generation

Click Here to use NewBird


PremiumLeech – RapidGator Link Generator

This is the Premium Rapidgator Link generator that is famous among marketers. They have excellent servers and can help you to enjoy the premium features at their best. They don’t have any premium plans, so you can use all the features in the free link generator.

Click Here to use PremiumLeach

4. Deepbird

DeepBird – RapidGator Link Generator

It is another very famous Rapidgator link generator site that you can use to download the premium links from RapidGator and other websites too.

It has a lot of premium features that you can use. For that, you have to make an account for the Deepbird.

It is quite easy to use, you just have to paste the premium link on the homepage and you will get the link to download your file.

Click Here to use Deepbird

This is a completely free Rapidgator Premium Link Generator. You see the box to place the link on the homepage. Just past the link and you are good to go. You can follow the procedure to paste the link.

  • Go on the official site of GeneratorLink Premium from the specified link
  • Copy the website link and paste in the specified box
  • Click on I go along with the conditions of services Box
  • Then click the generate premium link button You’re done. You’ve developed a premium link.

Click Here to use GenerateLink Premium

6. Hungry Leech

Hungry Leech

As far as the best RapidGator Premium Link Generator in 2021 is concerned we have Hungry Leech ranked at the 6th position. They don’t support any option as to see the past uploaded files or to see the server limit, however, four hosts are well supported in Hungry Leech: NitroFlare, FileBoom, RapidGator, and DepositFiles.

The first issue with this premium link generator is the hectic and long process it makes you go through. Still, it is of good use. You have to follow the following procedure to paste the link:

  • Go to
  • Paste the links you want
  • Verify “I’m not a robot”
  • Click on “I agree to terms of services”
  • Click on Generate Premium Links
  • The website will generate your premium link, click on the Generated Link.
  • When you click on leech it! A countdown starts of 5 seconds which gets covered by URL shortener full of ads
  • A few MINUTES later, you will arrive at the download page
  • You have to wait for a few seconds (3 sec to be exact) and your download will start.
Click Here to use Hungry Leech

7. Leech All

Leech All

Leech All premium link generator tool is one of those tools which is used at a global level. This website is user friendly and most of all it is FREE. Using this website, one can very economically generate a RapidGator Premium Account as well. Also, it does not charge any fee to the use.

You can implement the following steps to generate RapidGator Premium Account:

  • Open the Leech All website from the link below
  • Paste your link in the text area
  • Now click on the download button
  • Leech All will create a Premium Link successfully
Click Here to use Leech All
Uploaded Premium Link

Out of all the Premium Link Generators available on the web, Uploaded Premium Link is one of those RapidGator Link Generators that offers statistics, server limit, traffic utilized, server host, and server usage. The reason for server’s limit is to let you know when one premium file hoster is not up and running. This allows you to switch to another (working) premium file host.

The website provides a server limit of a little bit above 6GB. In addition, it comprises of the best premium file hosters like, Uptobox, ifichier, MEGA, and file factory. They also provide a lot of informational analysis on your file.

Similar to Hungry Leech, this Premium Link Generator bombards you with ads and link shortners before the final downloading can begin. This is how you can Generate Premium Link via Uploaded Premium Link:

  • Go to the website by clicking on the given link below.
  • There you will see statistics of servers, select the best premium file hoster (based on availability)
  • Paste your premium file hoster’s link
  • Click on Generate (Most files don’t come with password, so you can just ignore the password box)
  • You download will begin.
Click Here to use Uploaded Premium Link

9. is not as popular as the other RapidGator Premium Link Generators, although it allows you to download and generate an unlimited number of premium links from file hosts at a full speed.

Premium file hosting sites supported by are,,,,,,,,,, and +20 file hosts.

Click Here to use

10. Reevown Cloud

Reevown Cloud

Initially Reevown Cloud only supported Uploaded. However, it has introduced 10+ filehosters on their site which you can use to generate premium links.

With a re-launch that they did from Reevown to Reevown Cloud, they installed the feature of traffic updates with a 1GB of sever limit per premium host. The change in the interface of the website also makes it user-friendly.

They offer 84 mirrors with almost 63TB of storage space. Also, they have a dedicated server of premium link generator. With this feature you are allowed to download almost 1GB of premium links uploaded files as a premium user while utilizing different mirrors.

Click Here to use Reevown Cloud

How does the RaidGator Premium link generator work?

A Premium Link Generator (PLG) is a program that enables you to obtain data files from file hosting servers (Rapidgator,, Turbobit, etc.) with premium privileges, which often eliminates different limitations that impact download speed, wait times between others as well as downloads. It helps you to make a brand new URL to begin and change a typical one, which enables the users of it to obtain files with no boundaries in a very similar fashion as premium users do (for a fee).

In a nutshell, a high-quality link turbine is a web-based company that functions like a bridge between the person and file hosting services. When you provide the website link to a file, it creates one more link to download it as in case you are a high-quality user.

It enables you to obtain from many file hosting providers, like Rapidgator, Turbobit, along with a number of more, with the benefits of Premium accounts but without having contracted with them any Premium accounts. They provide, generally speaking, a multi-host platform.

We simply have to paste the URL of the program as well as the file will produce an immediate download link with all the functions of a Premium account, letting the download of documents in a quick and instantaneous way.

From these websites, you are able to download as Premium and make use of the bandwidth, along with being ready to do, in some instances, simultaneous downloads. The privileges of a high-quality user are gotten in the most widely used download servers, without waiting around or maybe slower download.

What’s A Debrider?

The word debrider, essentially, a debrider is a website that eliminates the limits of download links therefore owners are able to download immediately with no limitations. This’s among the labels with that the generators of Premium links are generically denominated. This term serves as the grounds for the option of the compound identity of most of the websites that offer this service.

How Can They Work?

The website which provides this particular program uses premium accounts of file servers to produce high-quality links from these accounts through those website links to owners for them to obtain directly.

Several are immediate file collectors: they download the file into the server’s memory as well as at exactly the same time the end-user downloads it in the server.

Others download them then and locally let the download get started on after some time. With these, you are able to typically use download managers/accelerators. The trouble is the fact that many Premium links use a small lifespan: in case it takes a long time to get the download, it’s lost.

About RapidGator is a given file hosting company: it pays you when folks download the file of yours and/or perhaps when they purchase a Premium membership.

For the Premium, without limit, you generate fifty % on purchases of Premium accounts + fifty % on invoices.

For downloads, it all is determined by the dimensions of the file of yours and also the place of the individuals that download it.

There’s also a sponsorship program. When a person registers together with your referral link, ten % of his or her earnings are acknowledged to the bank account of yours.

Payment is made each Thursday after thirty-two days. Affiliates are paid via Paypal, WebMoney, Visa or Mastercard, Virtual MasterCard / Credit Card, Epese, OKPAY, Paxum, Wire Transfer, Epayments.

Here’s exactly how they’re distributed (in groups):

  • Team I: Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Poland, Saudi Arabia, United States, Canada
  • The Team II: Japan, Kuwait, Monaco, Norway, New Zealand, Portugal, Qatar, Russian Federation, Sweden, Singapore, South Africa, Italy, Isle of Man, Andorra, Finland, Ireland, Israel
  • Team III: Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Argentina, Republic of, Korea, Lithuania, Ukraine, Turkey, Slovenia, Oman, Malaysia, Mauritius, Latvia, Brazil
  • Team IV: All of the others.

Final Words

It is a brief guide to choose the best RapidGator Premium Link generator. If you find any link broken or not worth sharing, you can ask me to delete that in the comment section.

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