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Population health management software is useful for multiple reasons but before we dive into its advantages and choosing the right solution for you, let us define what population health management is. It is the greater effort in pushing value-based payments in healthcare. Value-based means that quality of service, the procedure is administered, and the overall health result of the patient care is taken into account. Value-based payments are the counterpart of the typical fee-for-service healthcare model. Fee-for-service is what most are familiar with. It is when each service is billed whether or not the service was beneficial, valuable or even essential to the care of the patient.

Value-based payments are said to be beneficial for patients because it incentivizes healthcare providers to do quality work. It pushes them to end up with healthcare results with successful treatments. It also allows healthcare professionals to be accountable.

Population health management software is the collection of patient data throughout different sources. It is a good way to keep files, data, and documents in an organized system that allows a better understanding of health situations in different populations. It also helps with making an efficient diagnosis as it can make assessing conditions easier because of the presence of complete health information. It improves the effectiveness of the care that is given to the patient as well as the health results. Although, that’s not the only use of population health management software. It also serves as a tool that helps with the clinical, financial and operative aspect of healthcare. Its service to healthcare providers, clinics, hospitals etc. elevates productivity and patient care. The collection of patient data integrates with some of the functions that population health software offers and it closes the gaps in the healthcare system. Population health software increases the efficiency of or improves billing, electronic health record systems, pharmacies, prescriptions, and lab results. It is also said that population health management software can help patients in cost savings because the software allows real-time insight from clinicians and administrative staff. They can give advice specifically in populations with a chronic disease which is usually expensive conditions. They can do this because such diseases are common. Their input or the resolutions they offer are also backed by the patient’s documents, data, and information so the immediate care they offer can be as accurate as possible. All in all, population health management’s end goal is to improve patient self-management, provide patients with better medication administration, and reduce the overall cost of their healthcare.
With the rise of digital healthcare solutions, the traditional approach to treating patients is also being changed. This is the response of population health management to the modernization of healthcare. If you are looking into population health management, this article will talk about the different solution providers. Hopefully, it can help you choose what is right for you.

1. CIOX Health

CIOX has a wide database of health information which allows them to have resources across different industries. Their broad medical records have enabled them to increase productivity in their workflow, facilitate access to important clinical data, and improve the accuracy of the health information they give to patients. As a company their goal is to help their clients manage, protect, and leverage health information to achieve operational improvements, optimize revenue and achieve better patient care results.

2. GSI Health

GSI Health is geared for anything and everything. They are ready to provide solutions in terms of population health management challenges. GSI Health differentiates their company by seeing the organizations they work with as a part that helps run the population health management ecosystem. Their approach with their populations, patients, and clients are more personalized. GSI Health’s main focus is care coordination, uniting care teams including providers, health systems, community organizations, and payers of all kinds to help deliver collaborative whole-person care within complex populations.

3. ODH, Inc.

ODH innovates healthcare solutions by leveraging technology and clinical expertise to elevate the management and economics aspect of behavioural healthcare. They find that attention is scarce in the field of behavioural healthcare so they made it a focal point to provide solutions in that population. They are equipped with an expert team and they deliver healthcare plans that are efficient and scalable to the needs of every patient. The company believes that this is the way to fulfil the support necessary for the population they focus on.

4. Performance Clinical Systems

Performance Clinical Systems is a privately managed healthcare information technology and business solutions company. Their system is cloud-based and that’s how they manage patient communication. Their team-based population delivery models are prepared for any clinical settings and different patient outreach and encounters. The algorithm of their system can be tailored on the fly and is case-specific depending so it differs on what care a patient needs, requirements, and past experiences.

5. Stratus Interoperable

This company prides itself on its data management capabilities and advanced analytics platforms. Their sophisticated setup allows those who administer to quickly access, analyze, and provide comprehensive and accurate patient health data. They value the importance of gaining the right information to the right person at the right place and at the right time. They function as a clinical, financial, and operational solution in one secure location. They aim to make things more efficient in the healthcare industry with the use of technology.

6. Allscripts

With their 30 years of experience, Allscripts is no doubt one of the best in the field of healthcare information technology solutions. Their innovation aims to elevate clinical, financial, and operational results. They do this by connecting people, places and data across the open and connected community of health. Their goal is to allow caregivers to make better decisions for the people they care for. Good decision-making results in healthier populations and successful results.

7. Caradigm

Caradigm’s tackles a specific population, they focus on helping patients fight cancer. They have a comprehensive cancer information database that brings solutions that can help patients throughout their cancer care journey. The expert clinicians of Caradigm, are equipped to make informed decisions that help patients improve their health care situation. Caradigm has advanced and proven and tested technology. They are built to address complex challenges. They are also leading in digital pathology solutions.

8. Cerner

Cerner is a supplier of healthcare information technology solutions that also increase the effectiveness of clinical and financial outcomes. A lot of health organizations and even single doctor practices use Cerner for its powerful ability to generate reliable solutions. Cerner is devoted to enhancing the quality of life of everyone through the development of the health care of the people.

9. HealthEC

The innovation of HealthEC allowed them to be one of the leading health management solutions that integrate electronic patient information from any source. Their comprehensive platform helps healthcare providers or clinicians to provide care more confidently to their patients this then allows them to maximize incentive payments by being able to manage high risk and chronically ill patients and tackle gaps and problems in care. HealthEC’s main goal is to encourage healthcare organizations to maintain successful results in their population by utilizing the sources they have.

10. MAP Health Management

This company focuses on the population of those who are suffering from addiction. There are millions of families and individuals that suffer from or are affected by the effects of addiction. It’s MAP Health Management’s mission to save these lives by improving the lives of these individuals and families. Substance Use Disorders is a problem that MAP Health Management provides solutions for. They work closely with health care insurers, treatments providers, and other organizations across the country that has the same goal as them. With their help, they aim to deliver recovery support services and tracking and predictive analytics solutions that can help with long-term recovery support. They can do this by encouraging innervation, and improving clinical and financial outcomes for suffering individuals, families, and organizations.

As you can see from the different healthcare technology solutions companies above, every company focuses on different populations. To find out which one is right for you, of course, proper research is needed. There are a lot more solutions out there but by checking out this article you are heading in the right direction. To find which solution is for you, try to identify first what your problem is, and then find the right company that focuses on your specific population. If you find multiple healthcare technology solutions that focus on your population, try to narrow it down with the functions and features they offer. Assess their credibility and their ability to provide informed decisions and accurate information. If the solution can give you the right advice, the chances of your health care result being successful is high.

The success of population health is enough evidence to allow healthcare to extend beyond all the traditional systems. Of course, population health management will still change and improve over time, new best practices will continue to be discovered but right now there is not enough reason not to pay attention to it.

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