Managing Healthcare in 2021 – Top Med Apps

In today’s technologically advanced world, there seems to be an app for everything. From addictive flying bird games to apps that stream your favorite radio show’s broadcasts, apps range from complete wastes of time to extremely helpful. Apps can edit your pictures, direct you around town, and now they can make healthcare easier. Let’s overview some of those apps with Angelina Fokina, project coordinator, and healthcare sector expert at Elinext.


Who doesn’t use WebMD’s helpful health articles online when looking up symptoms, treatments, and general health questions? Well, now WebMD has created a resource for professionals that offers medical news and research for over 30 specialties. For medical professionals looking to learn more about their field, this is the perfect app for finding credible information without cracking large open books or wading through haphazard Google results.

3D4 Medical

If you are looking to enter the medical field, 3D4 Medical is the app for you. Navigate and explore a virtual human body with this series of apps to better visualize complex systems that are difficult to understand in flat printed format. An accurate 3D animation allows you to rotate, zoom, and learn about body parts and how systems interact with one another. Functioning as an app suite, 3D4 Medical offers apps on Body Systems, Health & Fitness for workout guides, Patient Education for clearer communication and visual aids for patients, Body Regions, and more.


Finding a new healthcare professional can be difficult. While your insurance may provide a list of in-network doctors, you don’t get to see how acceptable their practice is, and you have no way to compare one doctor to the next. With ZocDoc, users can compare a map of in-network doctors with important criteria, such as zip code and user ratings. Read past patient reviews to get a feel for what doctor will be right for you. Once you’ve chosen a professional, you can even book your next doctor’s appointment through the app.

Everyday First Aid LITE

Need basic healthcare facts fast and can’t quite remember the specific remedy? Everyday First Aid LITE has a convenient handbook of answers available even when the internet isn’t. You can search for facts on sunburns, CPR, allergic reactions, and many other common problems that might need immediate attention. This app includes explanations, causes, treatments, and dangerous warning signs for each of the common conditions listed.

Healthcare BlueBook

Do you know if you are getting charged a fair price or paying way too much for your medical or dental procedure? With so many expensive treatments and healthcare bills, it is difficult to know what to expect or what is reasonable in today’s medical industry. Healthcare BlueBook helps you understand what kind of cost range is normal for the specific procedure you need to have done.

This can help you discover if your fee is reasonable and find healthcare services in your area that are fairly priced.

This list will get you started on the road to better health and show you what technology can really offer. If you found these apps fascinating, you might want to consider pursuing a career in nursing informatics.

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