Karyagdyyev: “Gamingtec is open to many options in the area of media entertainment”


In this interview, Sapar Karyagdyyev, CEO of Gamingtec, tells us about specific features of a full turnkey solution and explains how to build a successful online business in a partnership with a platform provider. Moreover, he describes other ways a company may benefit from collaboration with Gamingtec in the area of media entertainment.

– There are a lot of platform providers in the iGaming market. Can you tell us the difference between their services and share tips on choosing a potential partner to start a successful business?

Sapar Karyagdyyev: Looking for a platform provider, businesses should primarily pay attention to the level of agility and customization of the product. Currently, most platform providers are quite similar: they offer the same content produced by the biggest game developers, a basic number of payment methods, and several website design templates.

As a result, the client becomes the owner of a website that looks like dozens of others that have been churned out by the platform provider. Do you believe such a business can attract a lot of clients, grow, and develop? Most probably, it will be extremely hard to stand out among other lookalikes and build a sustainable business.

That is why we at Gamingtec pay a lot of attention to the customization of our product. For each B2B partner, we build a unique design, provide various tools, and offer different ways of gamification. Our specialists focus on high-quality solutions that can be competitive in the market and appealing to end users. This unique combination will give the owners of the business better chances for attracting and growing a loyal base of clients and building a strong brand in the media entertainment niche.

Are there any markets you focus on as a platform provider?

Sapar Karyagdyyev: Our platform is versatile enough to be used for different markets. We are open to providing solutions according to the requirements of any market that a client comes from. Each market, be it regulated locally or not, usually imposes rules on game limits and bonus policies, and has other restrictions and nuances that should be followed.

At the same time, it’s worth mentioning that operating in regulated markets is becoming more complicated. Protecting incumbent large businesses, these regulations raise barriers of entry for newcomers. For example, new restrictions related to advertising and bonuses are coming into force in Spain in May. Generally, these actions are advertised to be done with customer protection in mind. However, they are likely to result in the slowdown of growth of locally regulated businesses, higher customer acquisition costs, and increased pressure on small to mid-sized operators.

Gamingtec offers a full turnkey solution to clients. Could you explain to us who can benefit most from this service?

Sapar Karyagdyyev: Full turnkey is a perfect choice for those who have substantial expertise in customer acquisition and online operations. The turnkey setup allows outsourcing all technical work and focuses on growing the customer numbers and the business in general. The full turnkey product includes everything an operator needs to get started: a unique website design, top-level games and payment systems already integrated into the platform, our full partner support, and marketing consultancy. The client needs to bring their license, a robust marketing strategy, and a viable budget. In other words, we technologically assist the partner in building their own business.

Why is it important to us? We are as successful as our partners. Our profit grows in direct proportion to the growth of our partners’ profits. We believe that such a mutually beneficial partnership is the way to develop the market on which everyone can win.

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