How to Fix Scanner on HP Printer?

Fix Scanner on HP Printer

Having a scanner at home can be incredibly convenient. From digitizing essential documents and reports to whole scanning books, it’s a wonderfully versatile tool.

Many HP printers are equipped with easy-to-use scanners that are great for the home or office. However, getting your scanner to cooperate can be easier said than done. We’ll show you how to fix the HP Printer scanner with HP Scan Doctor and other handy tools.

Help, My Scanner Stopped Working, What Do I Do?

This is a widespread problem. You’re going about your business as always, and suddenly, you need to scan something. Try as you might, though; you can’t seem to get the scanner to react. Your HP printer is connected and prints just fine. The scanner, though, remains unresponsive.

First, don’t panic. Many users fear they’ve done something wrong or somehow damaged their scanners. This is highly unlikely (unless you’ve been pouring soda on it or something). It’s far likelier that your scanner is misconfigured.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to tackle the problem.

Best Ways To Fix Scanners On HP Printers

Up next, we’ve assembled the best tools to fix the scanner on your HP printer.

HP Scan Doctor

The HP Scan Doctor is the most straightforward tool to diagnose and repair any issues with your scanner. It’s a lightweight tool that can troubleshoot both printer and scanner malfunctions. It’s also capable of fixing many underlying problems with your HP printer or scanner.

It’s compatible with desktops and laptops running modern versions of Windows. You can tackle connection issues, missing software updates, hardware malfunctions, port issues, and device conflicts, among other common problems.

HP Scan Doctor
HP Scan Doctor

Driver Easy

Driver Easy is a powerful tool for diagnosing and fixing a range of hardware issues, including trouble with HP scanners. The primary function of the utility is detecting missing or out-of-date drivers. A missing, misconfigured, or old driver is a widespread cause of scanner troubles.

The software automatically scans your computer for hardware, devices, and components. It then proceeds to compile a list of their corresponding drivers, testing them against a cloud database of driver definitions. Driver Easy can also download and install fresh drivers for your scanner.

Driver Easy
Driver Easy


iMazing is a simple and effective driver utility tool. Much like Driver Easy, iMazing is capable of detecting outdated or missing drivers in your system. It has a huge driver dataset and a very intuitive user interface. The app is very lightweight and compatible with Windows 7/8/10.

Using iMazing is quick and effortless. After detecting any missing or old drivers, iMazing lets you download and install new versions with a single click. It’s designed for rookies to use without hassle. If your scanner troubles are due to missing drivers, iMazing will be able to help.


A Scanner Darkly

A broken scanner spells dark times for your productivity. With a powerful diagnostic utility, you’ll be able to patch things up quickly.

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