How to check plagiarism in a document online for free?

Plagiarism in documents can destroy your score in examinations, and reputation in the office. There are many plagiarism checkers in the document online, which allow you to examine your files for free. Using the plagiarism software, one can easily remove plagiarized content from the files so that no reason for the low score or high work bloats can be accessed.

Why should you use plagiarism checker tools online?

You should surely use the plagiarism checker tools online to verify your content, whether it is free from copyright issues or is 100% unique. In university, one might check the plagiarism before submitting one’s thesis or assignment paper. Still, it is essential to test it on online plagiarism-detecting tools so that necessary changes can be available, and one can get good grades from the professor.

In digital marketing, various businesses require good ranking in search engines, like Google or Bing, to generate sales or leads. Content marketing is a type of digital marketing, and if the content is plagiarized, it will harm advertisers more than proffer any benefits.

What is the primary function of plagiarism software?

The primary function of plagiarism software is to detect copyright in any content. Some bloggers use paraphrasing tools, content spinning techniques, and various other tricks to create new content from the old one. It works but no like 100%. Content encompasses some percentage of plagiarism in the content resulting in lower grades in university, low ranking in search engines, and shallow feedback from companies.

Are there any free plagiarism checker tools?

Yes, there are free plagiarism checker tools with percentages available on Google and other search engines. These tools are looking for the best user experience from their audience. Thus, these tools are free of cost, and anyone can check plagiarism in content using these free tools.

Which are the best tools to check plagiarism in a document online for free?

There are many plagiarism checker tools available online, which one can use for free. Some of these tools have limited features, while others offer 100% services as well. The following are some plagiarism checker tools viral in 2020.

Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker

Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker
Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker by Prepostseo is one of the best free plagiarism tools available online. Every person can utilize it for free by just visiting Prepostseo allows one to check 500 words without signing up on the website. To increase the limit of word count, you will have to sign up for it.

You may amaze at the report structure, and features of Prepostseo. Check this!

It is the best thing in this online plagiarism detector that it clears both about plagiarized and unique content. The following features of this tool are very meritoriously praised by a variety of users from different areas.

  • Easy-to-use
  • 500 word limit without any account
  • Plagiarism and uniqueness report
  • Gives the URLs of websites where plagiarized content is available
  • Provides readability score out of 100
  • Prepostseo gives guidelines to paraphrase in the comparative method
  • Lower rates for premium plans

The following are somehow cons, which may be unreal in true essence as this tool provides free services to check plagiarism.

  • Limit of 500 words without signing up
  • 1000 words limit to check plagiarism for free

Ozziessays Plagiarism Detector

Ozziessays Plagiarism Detector
Ozziessays Plagiarism Detector

Ozziessays plagiarism tool for students and teachers is specially designed to check plagiarism in assignments, papers, or thesis writing. It is also an excellent tool and recommended by several students. It possesses special features only for academic writing or thesis papers. Ozziessays generates its reports like this.

The reddish word or phrases contains plagiarism issues as detected by this tool. “Ozziessays” shows much plagiarism than usual because specially designed for academic writing, which requires strict plagiarism algorithms. The following are best practices by Ozziessays software.

  • Unlimited word count
  • Strict algorithm
  • Uniqueness report in the bottom
  • Further guidelines to make it 100% unique

Ozziessays does not generate the report in a human-liked way like Prepostseo. The main cons of this tool are written below.

  • Low on-page SEO structure for the generated report
  • Not designed for search engines
  • Algorithms work for targeting academic writings only.



Papersowl is also a useful plagiarism detecting tool. This resembles Prepostseo generating the list of websites where the similar content lies. On its website, it says check your essay online, as you can see below.

Papersowl shows the plagiarism percentage or similarity index in its report. It means the students or teachers of the universities can get great benefits from this free tool. The following are the main pros of a paper owl.

  • Best for academic essays
  • Comparative report
  • Shows websites where similar is available
  • Easy to use
  • Allows uploading a file for checking plagiarism

The cons of papersowl are;

  • No direct uniqueness percentage
  • Limited features and only specific for academic purpose



PlagiarismSearch is also a useful tool for checking plagiarism in any content. It covers a variety of users and is not specially designed for a particular niche. Though it contains minimal features for free users, it can take you away from plagiarizing in your field.

It allows a user to check 150 words without joining daily. After signing up, a user can check up to 300 words daily to examine the ratios of plagiarism and uniqueness in content. This is the way PlagiarismSearch gives its report.

The following are pros of PlagiarismSearch;

  • Free to check plagiarism
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Accepts pdf and word files to examine uniqueness
  • It directly shows plagiarism percentage
  • Good premium plan
  • Affiliate program available

The cons of PlagiarismSearch are;

  • Meager word count for free users
  • Lengthy files are not accepted in free account


These four free plagiarism detecting tools are useful enough to verify your content or document. Many a man suggests that one can use free plagiarism tool online to check the plagiarism ratio of a document because why should go premium if free tools are such useful enough? Thus, go free and enjoy getting good results from the content.

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