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What would you do if you are given a choice to start your life from the beginning? How will you live your life if you were free to make every choice in your life? You could marry whoever you want, you can choose your education and profession. How will you react to different situations in life? Well, practically it’s impossible to go back in time and restart life, but you can do this in the virtual world.

Bitlife is a life simulation game that is developed by Candywriter, LLC. The game implements a text-based format to create a somewhat similar life simulation by giving you different options to choose from.


After the new life is created, you (as an in-game character) will be in the Infant stage. The game will display your basic details like your character’s parents’ names, their occupation, your date of birth, how you were conceived, star sign, and if you’ve any pets or siblings. Some stats represents your health condition and happiness level. Both stats are initially very high.


Unlike other games, Bitlife ‘s interface is text-based. There are no animations in this game. You read a description of your life and make a decision based on that description. That’s how the game goes on. The story of your life keeps changing on the basis of your decisions. What makes it interesting is it makes us curious to see what will be the implications of those decisions.

One of the best options in Bitlife is the Relation level. This indicates your relation with your parents, other relatives. You can interact with them to improve the relationship. You can complement them to improve your relationship.

There is an age button that ages you for a year. The stuff happens based on the choices you make. Things get interesting when something goes wrong, as in real- life. Like you may marry someone but end up having a divorce or for some mistake you may end up in prison.

There is a way to use your high – performance PC to play Bitlife using the Android emulator for gaming, and get better gameplay. With the best android emulator for gaming, LDPlayer you can use your keyboard and mouse to control your life on Bitlife.

Why should you play Bitlife on PC?

Although Bitlife is made for mobile phones but enjoying any game on PC has always been an awesome experience. You can view your game on a bigger display, which helps reduce the strain on your eyes. Talking about resources, RAM, and CPU, your PC will probably have more resources than smartphones.

While gaming on smartphones we often experience reduces battery backup. Well, by playing Bitlife on PC you can save your smartphones’ battery and give it a long life.

How to optimize LDPlayer for the best experience?

By using the android emulator for gaming – LDPlayer, you can make use of your mouse and keyboard to play Bitlife. After entering the Bitlife gameplay, you can go to the toolbar and enable keyboard mapping settings. You can see a panel with several icons that control specific actions. Drag the one you need to the exact input position and allocate the key to that control.

If your CPU supports virtualization technology then you can significantly improve your Bitlife gameplay performance by enabling the virtualization in LDPlayer settings.

Most computers come with two types of graphics cards one integrated graphics card and one dedicated graphics card ( mainly NVIDIA and AMD ). If you want to get the best gameplay performance make sure you LDPLayer uses a dedicated graphics card. This will improve the FPS of game and smoothness of gameplay.

The Bitlife gameplay performance also depends on the number of resources you allow LDPlayer to utilize. By resources, I mean RAM and CPU cores. The more resources LDPlayer is allowed to use the better the performance you get. So, if you’ve got a PC with enough RAM and CPU, make sure you allocate more resources to LDPlayer. You can easily find the option for resource allocation in settings.

LD Player Setting
LD Player Setting

How to download the LDPlayer emulator?

Follow these steps to play Bitlife on PC with the best android emulator for gaming:

  1. First, download the LDPlayer setup from their website.
  2. Run the LDPlayer setup and complete the installation process.

    LDPlayer Installation
    LDPlayer Installation
  3. Open LDPlayer and download Bitlife from LDPlayer’s app store or you can configure your google account to download Bitlife.

    Download Bitlife from LDPlayer’s App Store
    Download Bitlife from LDPlayer’s App Store
  4. After downloading, open, and enjoy Bitlife on PC on LDPlayer.

    BitLife on LD Player
    BitLife on LD Player


LDPlayer is the best android gaming emulator to enjoy Bitlife on PC. Bitlife is an awesome text-based game that simulates real-life experiences. You can see what life can be if you made a certain choice. Setting up to Bitlife on PC is super easy, Just download Bitlife on LDPlayer and start making choices.

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