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Bulk Downloader Tools

For Android users who download several files from cloud storage, Filelinked is really helpful. For eg, whether you choose to email several files, without zipping or submitting each URL for each file, to an individual or several persons.

That’s how to do it. It’s annoying to unzip files using an Android handset. You’ve got a picture folder and you want to give it to your friends and relatives. This software would then be more convenient. Upload them to your favourite cloud storage service, such as Dropbox, first.

Then connect this app with each URL. Then only give the long 5 to 6 digit code to members of your family. Then, using that code, they can quickly download the picture album.

No requirement for zip archives to be removed. Super simple and fast. Download this software for free from the connection above and make transferring your downloads quickly.

Why Filelinked?

You must download Filelinked because of the following reasons.

  • Free: Fully free Android software. Support all Android devices like Android TV. Just download and try Apk from above. For free shop codes, click here. You’re going to enjoy it.
  • Fast: You can easily download several files to your Android computer at once. We know how sluggish and repetitive several files are to be downloaded. You no longer need to type long URLs from your computer to speed up the operation.
  • Easy to use: Simple and quick, simple and easy. Everybody can conveniently make their own wallpaper set, Android applications, games or something. Build setup and provide your preferred date. Using it free of charge.

How to Download Filelinked to Amazon Firestick?

Amazon Firestick - Bulk Downloader Tools
Amazon Firestick – Bulk Downloader Tools

Amazon Firestick is one of the most common Android TV devices in the world. Amazon is offering other gadgets including Firestick 4K, FireTV, FireTV Cube. If you have one of the above system installation methods, it’s fairly easy. Here is an overview of the installation process.

  • Phase 1: Allow “ADB Debugging” and “Apps From Unknown Sources” first of all. Go to Settings-> Device-> Developer Options to do this. There you can see the choices listed above. Go ahead to make that happen.
  • Phase 2: Update your web explorer app. Here we’re using the most common Android TV web browser named “Downloader.” It’s very lightweight and quick to use. You can grab it from the Amazon App Store. Everything you need to do is check for “Downloader” to claim it is sponsored by Amazon Alexa’s speech. You’ll see the “Downloader” software appears. Download the software to continue.
  • Phase 3: Download and update this FireStick/FireTV software. Open the Downloader window, type “” This software would be updated immediately. If the file is complete, install it.

How to install Filelinked on Nvidia Shield TV?

Nvidia Shield TV is one of the most powerful Android TV gadgets you can find. If you are a gamer or want a decent show, then Nvidia Shield TV is the answer. You can play most of the Android Games with this computer using your Smart TV. Let’s see how to update Filelinked on Nvidia Shield TV for free.

  • Phase 1: You will need a web browser to access this program. Here we use ES File Explorer for your convenience. We require both the File Explorer and the Web Browser. We can do both by using the ES File Explorer. Go to the store and update the new edition of ES File Explorer.
  • Phase 2: Build a favourite one. To download this program, you need to build your favourite ES File Explorer connection. So open File Explorer and see the Favorite part. Go to the favourite segment and add details to it below.
    Path: https:
    Name: This is my app.
  • Phase 3: Download the Filinked Software in the Nvidia Shield. Now go ahead and click on the freshly generated favorite object. It’s going to start uploading your app.
  • Phase 4: Activate permissions. When you have finished the update, press Open File. You can see the mistake as below
    “Your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source for your security.”
    Don’t close the error message. You will see “Settings” on the post. Click Settings and enable ES File Explorer to install Unknown Applications.
  • Phase 5: Once this option is allowed, locate the downloaded apk file using the File Explorer and resume the installation process.
  • Phase 6: This software is now installed on your Nvidia Shield. Allow the “Install Unknown Apps” function of the Filelinked software on Settings. If you don’t have the opportunity to install applications from retailers.

How to install Filelinked on Android TV?

Install on android tv - Bulk Downloader Tools
Install on android tv – Bulk Downloader Tools

You could use the ES File Explorer. ES File Explorer is now installed on a range of Android TV computers. You should obey the process used to install this software on Nvidia Shield TV unless you import it from the Google Play Store. Tap the ES File Explorer app. When you’re inside, you’ll see the “Favorite” menu. Tap on the “Favorite” icon to access the drop-down menu and you’ll see where “Add” says. Click “Add” and then query for the direction and the path is the URL. URL is the link to download the software. Join the URL below:

Offer any name you want to the name field and press “Add” to build the favorite object. Tap on the latest favorite piece. You’re going to start uploading the software to your Android Box. When you have completed the update, you can see two choices, such as “open file” or “open folder.” We want to “open the file” and if you click on it, it’s going to load, then once you click on install it’s going to configure it as a kit installer. Click on install, and then wait a couple of moments and let it install. After the installation is complete, we’ll click on “Done.”

The installation phase is completed. Now it’s time to locate the codes to download the Apks.


How to install Filelinked on Windows/MAC?

This is an Ios program that is now only available for Android users. So, how to import and update this software on your PC/Laptop, MAC or MACBook. There’s a simple path out there. Only download and install BlueStack or Nox Player using these apps. BlueStack and Nox Players are emulators for Android.

And make it convenient for consumers of Windows and MAC or Apple to use the Android operating system on their device.

  • You can need excellent Android emulation tools to install Android apps like AppFlix. That’s why you download and update Bluestack on your machine.
  • Click here to download the Bluestack version.
  • Once you have downloaded and activated the BlueStack program, launch it.
  • Download the apk from this website now. Please check the end of this web page for a download address.
  • Drag and drop apk to open BlueStack and immediately install the fallen apk.
  • Now launch the BlueStack software and watch free movies and TV shows.

The method would be the same if you use Nox Player.

How to Use FileLinked?

Before using FileLinked, I still recommend deleting advertisements from the app’s main menu. This can conveniently be achieved using the following steps:

  1. Open FileLinked and click the Settings Gear Icon

    Setting Gear
    Setting Gear
  2. Click the button to turn off “Show Hints and Useful Information”

    Show Hints and Useful Information
    Show Hints and Useful Information
  3. Now Click Apply

    Apply settings
    Apply settings
  4. You can now see your new Main Menu and any sort of ads or tips are removed.

    New Main Menu
    New Main Menu
  5. To download files or apps, simply enter in the Code of any preferred APK you are looking for and install!

Filelinked Codes 2021

Here we exchange Filelinked passwords with no pin code. Share your file-linked comment codes. To this post, the best codes will be applied. Filelinked stores that are not maintained will be deleted from this article in order to create space for fresh and improved file-linked stores.

About the following Filelinked Codes:

  • No code for pin
  • Totally Free This
  • Regularity has preserved shops of the new apps.
  • Filelinked codes that hold older applications are disabled.

The following Filelinked codes below offer you access to some of the most common lockers available for the app. If you have some others to say, please make sure you comment below and let us know.

  • HQ FreeFlix:  53098718 – This is the official code for FreeFlix HQ, the famous Android APK for film, TV, IPTV, sports, and more. It has recently been upgraded to v4.0.0, a big upgrade!
  • Syncler’s:  52358658 – This is the official Syncler Filelinked store secret. Syncler is a terrific Android TV APK you’re going to try out now.
  • TeeTV: 67817931 – This code refers to the official TeaTV Filelinked shop. TeaTV is a terrarium TV equivalent to Android TV.

Kodi and Kodi Construct

  • 76908483 PIN 2010 – Different Kodi builds and streams APK from EzzerMac.
  • 44427643 – Large collection of Kodi repos and builds on the Peters Youtube page.
  • 85810914 – This Filelinked Code allows you access to the various versions of Kodi for download and activation. The Aptoide Shop is also provided as a perk.
  • 12345678 – This code has a Youtube TV client and a lot of various Kodi wizards that can be enabled.

Different Apps

  • 95030652 – This file-linked code includes a lot of Android TV APKs and connections. Maintained by ratings on this and that.
  • 42420789 Pin 7997 – Another connection to the new Android TV APKs and data.
  • 85810914 – Multiple electrical MD APKs
  • 22222222 Pin: 4754 – This is the code for the whole APK shop. It includes most common APKs such as CyberFlix TV, Cinema HD, Morph TV, MX Player, Cloud TV, Titanium TV, Morpheus, BeeTV, and more.
  • 96031172 Pin: 1234 – This code includes a variety of clones of Terrarium. Terrarium TV went offline last year, but for some excuse, some people are attached to the brand.
  • 17779393 Pin 2222 – This collection is from JO May and includes one of the biggest APK lists. All is Ad Free and has few Latino APKs to try out.
  • 74238464 – Bobby123 has a number of streaming applications in this code and more,
  • 11039868 Pin 2501 – This Filelinked Code is from NxtLvlTech, which is common on Youtube.
  • 38069272 – This coding is based around the Firestick APK’s from Joe’s House.
  • 47603928 – Also from Joe’s Place, this code is based on Android Applications.
  • 13131313 Pin 4545 – This list is from YouTuber Optimum Bliss, who used to have a common Selfless Kodi addon.
  • 51829986 – Different Balaji Apks

Roma and Emulators

  • 88897031 – My Simulator Region – ROM, Emulator, etc.
  • 88897031-Trevor Smith, Arcade Gaming

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this is a free download.

Yes, yes. FileLinked is 100% legal to build and use. However, some of the FileLinked applications could be illegal. To ensure that you do not install unauthorized applications, please make sure that only checked apps are enabled.

Yes, FileLinked is secure for usage. However, we still suggest the implementation of checked software.

FileLinked is compatible and fits well with Android OS smartphones, including: Amazon Fire TV, Firestick, Fire TV Cubes, Kindle Fire Phone, Nvidia Shield, and other Android TV sets.

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