Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application Issues – Quick Fix

Are you working with digital TV tuner device registration application error in your Windows PC or maybe Laptops? And in case you’ve seen your PC is slowing down. After that, it’s most probably this particular error. In case you operate some security cleaning agent or maybe wide open Windows task manager, you can quickly identify this specific issue.

When you’re continually facing this particular device registration program, then you concerned about the appropriate spot. Below in this post, three tested methods have been clarified. With such repairs, you are able to disable the electronic TV tuner device registration application promptly.

But before that in this article, it’s essential to find out what this particular electronic TV tuner application is?

What’s an electronic TV Tuner Device Registration Application?

An electronic TV tuner allows for your automated TV to get digital TV signals broadcasted on the area TV stations of yours. The Digital TV tuner is a regular job that is an element of the Windows Media Center. It’s a function situated on the PC of yours, which enables you to view all of the cable television stations immediately from your area cable television provider on your PC. In many instances, the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application becomes placed on your PC with some other freeware.

The primary practice of the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration is ehPrivJob.exe because it is a non-system process. It’s applied to examine for digital cable tuners, which may be connected to your PC. The’ eh’ abbreviation originates from eHome, which is in the hands of the electronic TV tuner device.

Speaking purely starting from a security point of view, there aren’t any problems with the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application or maybe the method behind it. But starting from a functionality viewpoint, it slows down the PC of yours to a significant amount when you’re using television tuning features. Nevertheless, it mainly affects boot-up times, rather than the device functionality once the startup sequence is done.

Is the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application safe?

From a security point of view, you’ve no reason behind removing Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application or maybe the method behind it (ehPrivJob.exe).

From a functionality standpoint, eliminating the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application makes good sense in a few scenarios. While the ehPrivJob.exe will not take as many as 70% of your program resources (Avast and a couple of additional antiviruses are just a little misleading on this to upsell the other service), it has the possibility of reducing the pc up when you are using television tuning feature.

Remember that ehprivJob.exe is mainly recognized for affecting boot up times – not the device operation after the startup sequence is done.

Really should I eliminate the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application?

Usually, ehPrivJob.exe won’t use plenty of system resources (while idle) for you to affect looking for ways to get rid of it. Nevertheless, you will find specific instances where ehPrivJob executable becomes glitched, and it is working at full speed much once the laptop isn’t performing some TV tuning chores.

In situations in which the ehPrivJob.exe does get counterproductive for the computer of yours, it may wind up saving and producing substantial documents on your SSD / HHD. It is likewise noted to create invalid registry entries, which may wind up impacting the entire functionality of your pc.

Whether you need to eliminate Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application or perhaps not truly is dependent upon what you do with the laptop of yours.

In case you are utilizing it for TV tuning purposes (you are watching television channels on the PC of yours via the TV tuning function), and then taking out the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application isn’t a wise decision since it’ll efficiently eliminate this characteristic.

Methods to Solve Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application issue

Here are some methods that you can try to fix the issue quickly.

Method one – Use the Resource Manager and End The Process

Performance and Resource Monitor

Indeed, an intelligent strategy to stop the matter is usually to prevent the primary procedure, which is leading to the problem; that’s the ehPrivJob.exe software. Disabling the primary practice consequently disables the other program of actions, therefore resolving the issue. Follow the below-mentioned steps to remedy the error:

  • Step one: To start with, press CTRL + ALT + Del simultaneously. The task manager is going to appear on the display screen.
  • Step two: Click the Performance tab. Beneath the table mentioning the functionality of different features of the product, the open resource monitor tab is noticeable.
  • Step three: Then go through for ehPrivJob.exe within the overview (the default tab). End the process.
  • Step four: To perform this, click the specific method and, after that, press the’ End Process’ option.
  • Step five: Press OK and shut the process manager.
  • Step six: Finally, to be able to indulge it into effect, restart the device. Check out whether the problem persists.

The above steps describe the most straightforward answer to this finicky problem. We highly recommend using it first. If the above doesn’t function, make sure you go through the following strategies.

Method two – Turn The Windows Features Off Using Control Panel

To overturn the concerned flaw, transforming the equivalent function off utilizing the Windows Features option may work. Windows features enable us to immediately begin and finish any particular element within the operating system. Perform the following actions for the same.

  • Step one: Within the very first place, press the Windows key and open the control board. Conversely, you make use of the Run dialogue box to start the control board.
  • Step two: Then, go through the packages and also functions option and open it.
  • Step three: Click Turn Windows Features On and Off option placed over the best-left panel of the display screen.
  • Step four: A new window will pop up. Go down to find the Media functions folder and double click it. Step five: Uncheck the Windows media center option plus press fine to utilize the changes.
  • Step six: To be able to create the brand new options much more successfully, restart the device. Check out whether the error persists.

The above are simple and easy techniques to solve the error. If the above methods don’t function, scroll down for some other ways given below.

Method three – Disable Any Scheduled Tasks

Disable Scheduled Tasks

House windows Operating system emanates with something known as Task scheduler. This tool permits a predefined set of actions to immediately take place whenever a particular set of scenarios is met. This device helps various features to perform in the operating system. The Administrator is really at liberty to add a brand new task within the os by using this function.

Today, attractive as it might appear, there may be several pre-scheduled processes that fuel the concerned error. A pre-installed task named ehdrminit is on the list of main factors behind the mistake. Thus, to correct Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application Error, turn off the regular activity. Follow the below-mentioned procedure for the same.

  • Step one: First of many, press the Windows key, hunt for the job scheduler, as well as start it.
  • Step two: Now, the Task Scheduler option window will appear. In the left window adjacent to the job scheduler option task scheduler library is going to be noticeable. Start it.
  • Step three: Now. Scroll down to get through because of the folder named ehdrminit. Finally, right-click the folder and press disable.
  • Step four: To create the brand new options much more successfully, restart the device.

Method four- How to remove the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application?

If your personal computer is legally sluggish plus you have been able to pinpoint that the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application is creating the issues, there are ways in which you can apply to cope with the progression.

But remember doing it effectively means that you’re removing your computer’s potential to act as a television tuner and stream the TV channels of yours. In case you are not serious about this particular function, you can utilize the Add/Remove Programs utility to disable Windows Media Center out of the Windows Features list.

Here is a super quick tutorial on how you can do this:

  • Step one: Press Windows key + R to start a Run dialogue box. Next, type “appwiz.cpl” and press Enter to begin the Programs and also Files screen.
  • Step two: Inside the Programs and also Features display, click Turn Windows features on and off from the left-hand side menu.
  • Step three: Wait until the Windows media Features menu is wholly loaded, now grow the drop-down menus regarding Media Features and eliminate each checkpoint regarding Windows Media Player and Media Features.
  • Step four: Click Yes at the confirmation prompt.
  • Step five: Click OK to enforce the changes, then wait for them to be applied.


Here are some of the quick fixes for the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application. You can apply the solution one by one, but most probably, you will fix the issue in the first method. The last process is the permanent solution to the problem. If you are still facing issues regarding this topic, you can comment below.

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