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Cooking Fever Mod

The cooking fever mod apk game is designed for you always to be the most excellent chef and get your own kitchen whenever you choose to cook. To cook the best of delicious food:

  • Set up your little restaurant.
  • Save money and improve your opportunities by hiring workers and contractors who can do anything necessary for you.
  • Get your restaurant the number one in town and have your focus.
  • Create VIP seats and much more with Cooking Fever mod apk for specific customers and feel like the world’s most esteemed and popular chef!

Here you will experience how to cook food and visit a wide variety of countries and meet a number of fascinating people who will be your friends. This is one of the most enjoyable cooking games ever. Choose your dream place and discover new recipes, and meet all of your artistic admirers. It’s all in your hands; even the interior of your restaurant is up to you.

Open and change the inside, free muffins, and cookies for customers, attract as many of them as possible! The game features over 1000 exciting stages, different national dishes, recipes, a broad range of architectural design solutions for your restaurants, and a wide range of kitchen equipment. Install Cooking Fever nod apk and launch your dream restaurant right now!

Cooking Fever Mod Apk Limitless Money & Gems

Cooking Fever Mod Apk Limitless Money & Gems
Cooking Fever Mod Apk Limitless Money & Gems

The latest version of Cooking Fever mod apk would allow you to purchase new helpers, new kitchen accessories, and kitchen equipment for free. In the original edition, you’ve got to make money and gems by finishing those stages. But, with the aid of Cooking Fever hacked apk, you will now have infinite money and jewels, which ensures you can purchase anything you want, such as coffee tables, seats, equipment, and other kitchen appliances.

In addition, with the assistance of Cooking Fever mod apk all enabled, you can now easily use all premium functionality and in-purchase products free of charge. Isn’t that amazing, huh? Have fun and don’t worry about the money. Keep tuned to download the Cooking Fever mod apk!

Cooking Fever gives you a lot of fresh opportunities. You’re a talented restaurant manager, as well as a top cook. After cooking delicious food, it is important to decorate the store to draw customers. Customize a store with tables, benches, and floors so that clients can appreciate a restaurant and still come with their mates.


This patch apk update has a handful of exclusive features that render the game much more fun to enjoy. Any of these traits are as follows:

Various stages

You’re going to be surprised at the very heart to discover that this game has over 1,400 difficult levels to enjoy. Some of the levels are difficult; some are not, based on the way you play. But if you feel that you haven’t won enough money on the previous game, you can easily go to that level and play it again. Every level has its surprises, and once you start to play it, you’ll know everything.

Variety of foods

Cooking Fever mod apk is so realistic that the supplies for a single dish are accurately determined. More than 1,300 words are containing 350 ingredients. You’ll play with all the spices and vegetables until you download this app. If you’re crazy about food, this game is meant for you.

Mad Venus and the Menu

In this game, you’re going to serve customers whatever food they choose to consume. You also have the choice of fast food, restaurant, fish, etc. to support the clients. Different special locations are varied and up-to-date.


After completing a quest or a challenge, you can win diamonds, which will allow you to unlock those features. In order to achieve this, you have to work hard to cross the stage with a huge amount of coins and diamonds. But Cooking Fever Diamond Hack can make you hack the game and help you get limitless diamonds.

Modified facilities

Using gold and diamond to update the facilities. It can allow you to render dishes quicker and update a specific item up to 3 times. With the guidance of Cooking Fever mod apk limitless all, you’re going to be able to earn income. Get infinite money and coins and customize your things as you wish.

How do I download the Cooking Fever mod apk?

Download the Cooking Fever mod apk
Download the Cooking Fever mod apk

To download this fascinating and innovative game, just read the directions below and get your own game right now.

Tap on the connection to launch the download phase.

If you download an apk file for the first time, some warnings will appear on your computer. To stop this, go to the settings and switch on “Unknown Sources.” After this, open the download tab and press the Install icon. Your game has now been successfully mounted. Enjoy it!

Frequently Asked Query

Any questions might pop up in your mind after reading this article. Any of these problems are as follows:

No, you will play this game on android, iOS, and PC.

By downloading this game, you’ll get unlimited gold, coins, diamonds, and all that. That’s how you can cheat on this game by purchasing something without caring about money.

You should play this game online, but you can play this game offline if you don’t have a stable internet link.


Cooking Fever is a typical game, so it’s changed regularly. Various new features are introduced to attract players and to guarantee revenue. A brand new restaurant named Vegan Peak has just been updated! Here you can find new organic produce. There’s a new restaurant in the Alpine Resort service chain. Several other programs can be enjoyed there. Nutritious bell peppers, maize cobs, and aubergines will please your guests, along with high-quality salads. The dishes are still prepared and served in an efficient European style.

In addition, to update your kitchen appliances or purchase new appliances, uninstall Cooking Fever mod apk unlimited and get almost all free of charge. With the support of Cooking Fever mod apk android, you can experience all the premium features on your Android phone; in addition, iPhone users can also gain from Cooking Fever mod apk iOS.

All bugs are fixed, but how will you deal with the situation if there is no internet connection? There’s no problem because Cooking Fever mod apk offline will let you play this game without an internet connection. Go and download this awesome game right now!

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