Certification Guide: Launch a Career in IT by Passing Microsoft 98-365 Exam Using Exam Dumps

Are you happy with your current job? Remember how it all started? Maybe, you want to give your working process a new breath to get that feeling of curiosity again. Or you are looking for new opportunities in the industry and are ready to try out something different. In both cases, the best way to achieve this is to get certified. And while it is quite easier for experienced professionals to find a suitable credential, the newbies in any sphere may face some difficulties. So, in this article, we’ll try to help you and suggest one of the best ways to launch a career in IT by obtaining the MTA — an entry-level Microsoft credential.


One of the first steps when launching a career is to identify your areas of interest and what you can offer differently to your company. IT certifications have been in existence for several years and have proved their important role in helping trainees land new opportunities. This post is dedicated to the 98-365 exam which validates your knowledge of Windows Server Administration on the fundamental level and leads to the MTA IT Infrastructure certification.

But firstly, let’s see a general review of the MTA credentials.


Summary of the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certifications

MTAs are the lowest-ranked credentials in the Microsoft certification ladder and offer the perfect starting point to your IT career. It’s a great opportunity to check whether the IT-sphere suits you or not.

Logically, these credentials are viewed as the most appropriate options when you want to launch a career in the technology field. They cover a variety of fundamental IT skills in addition to evaluating your core knowledge. They involve the basics of Windows OS, Databases, Networking, Software development, Security and Programming with different languages among others.


Some of the most popular MTA credentials include:

  • MTA Database for those who plan to work in the database administration field. It will require candidates to pass exam 98-364.
  • MTA Developer is designed for those candidates who strive to develop a career as an application developer, software engineer or computer programmer. This badge is usually associated with exam 98-361.
  • MTA IT Infrastructure requires the knowledge gained from the Microsoft 98-365 exam that is focused on Windows Server Administration Fundamentals. So, let’s see the details of this test.

Microsoft 98-365 Exam: What is It?

The Microsoft 98-365 exam, Windows Server Administration Fundamentals, is a test commonly associated with the said MTA IT Infrastructure certification.


Usually, this exam is intended to evaluate the student’s knowledge and skills related to server administration fundamentals. It’s important for candidates to enhance their knowledge of the technical concepts covered in this test by taking the relevant training courses offered by Microsoft.

Also, 98-365 exam candidates are expected to have basic experience in working with various products and services including Active Directory, System Recovery Tools, Account Management, Windows-Based Networking, and Windows Server.

Important 98-365 Exam Facts

The Microsoft 98-365 exam costs $127 and can be scheduled through Certiport or the Pearson VUE website. Some of the skills measured by this test include Server Installation (10-15%), working with Server Roles (25-30%), Active Directory (20-25%), and Storage (10-15%) as well as providing Server Performance Management (10-15%) and Server Maintenance (15-20%).


About the Microsoft MTA: IT Infrastructure Certification

Being the entry-level Microsoft credentials, MTA certification is great for launching a fruitful career in IT. The MTA badge in IT Infrastructure is ideal for candidates who are exploring their options in cybersecurity, cloud computing, networking, and IT infrastructure management domains. The obvious technology employed by this credential is Windows Server 2016.

You can earn this certification by passing the said MTA 98-365 exam. Also, you can pass one of the following tests:

  • MTA 98-366
  • MTA 98-367
  • MTA 98-368
  • MTA 98-369

Becoming MTA accredited implies that you can successfully fill specific entry-level job roles such as website developer, systems analyst, IT security specialist, help desk technician, database administration to mention just a few.

MTA 98-365 Exam Training

Although the MTA exams check your basic IT knowledge, it doesn’t mean that passing 98-365 assessment will be easy. For this reason, Microsoft offers two effective ways to help you get prepared.

Firstly, you can train by taking the relevant practice test offered on the Microsoft official website. This option is great if you want to assess your knowledge of fundamental exam topics and boost your confidence in readiness for the test. Another option you may want to check out is the Microsoft community. Here, you will find the Microsoft Forum and Wiki platforms, both of which are made up of committed IT experts to guide your learning and subsequent exam scheduling.

Train for Your MTA 98-365 Exam with ExamSnap

ExamSnap will go down as one of the most reliable websites providing a large number of training resources for IT certification tests and it’s all for a good reason. For exam 98-365, candidates will get several materials to aid in their preparation from including free exam questions with updated answers.

Download the latest MTA 98-365 exam dumps and study for your exam with ease. These dumps are uploaded on the ExamSnap website by the real test-passers to augment your knowledge of exam objectives and help you build confidence at the exam.

Also, you can opt to use the 98-365 Premium Bundle ($39.97) with its expert-verified vce file, study guide, and training course. Just be sure to download the VCE Exam Simulator to give you the real picture of what the actual Microsoft MTA exam looks like.


The first step when you want to launch a career in IT is to explore all your options and formulate a plan that will help you advance your career. Switching to a new profession is always exciting, especially if you have a specific objective in mind. Still, wondering if the MTA IT Infrastructure certification is worth it? Pass 98-365 exam with ExamSnap’s exam dumps, add this MTA badge on your CV list, and enjoy the rewards of your hard-earned skills.

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