Which ATX PC case is best for you?

6 Most Popular Types of ATX PC Cases

There was a time when people mostly used to buy pre-assembled PCs due to a lack of technical stuff. But now that technological awareness is on the rise, people have started building PCs on their own to cut down on extra costs and get the best bang for their buck. As you all know, the process of building a PC requires a decent amount of time and effort because it involves various stages.

Once you get hold of the best processor, GPU, and other essential components for PC building, the next step is to pick the right ATX case. Given the fact that the online market is flooded with a huge range of ATX cases, identifying the best product is not at all an easy task. While it is true that you can purchase any ATX case you want, but then there are high chances you will end up regretting your decision in the long run.

However, you need to be bothered by product selection hassles because this ATX buying guide has been created with the sole intent to simplify things for you. If you have really been searching the web for the best ATX cases, you have landed in the right place, thanks to your lucky stars. In this article, I will throw light on the different types of PC cases so that you can easily choose the best one for yourself in the shortest time frame possible.

Let’s discuss the only 6 types of PC ATX cases you need to focus on.

Full Tower Case

Full tower cases are the most popular option for the new generation of PC builders as they offer ample space for demanding desktop builds. These cases are widely available, and their height is normally above 24 inches in most cases. Designed to cater to hardcore PC users’ requirements,  full tower cases are indeed a perfect choice for gamers and professional video editors.

Another amazing thing about full tower cases is that they boast excellent airflow capabilities, thus increasing the lifespan of your PC to a pretty great extent. Full tower cases come equipped with the highest number of drive bays compared to all other computer cases. Keeping everything else aside, these cases can easily fit in extended ATX motherboards owing to their large dimensions.

Mid Tower Case

Featuring fewer drive bays than full tower cases, mid-tower cases are sized between 17 to 24 inches as far as height is concerned. The latest games demand multiple graphics processing units to run without lag, and mid-tower issues can easily accommodate up to 2 or 3 GPUs. The additional space present in these cases paves the way for superior cooling around the clock.

You would be happy to know that cable clutter will not be a problem with mid-tower cases because they are sufficiently spacious from the inside. People who have plans to upgrade their systems shortly must opt for a mid-tower case.

ATX Case

As the name suggests, ATX cases are designed specifically for both AMD and Intel motherboards featuring the ATX form factor. These cases offer sufficient surface area, and they are great for seasoned overclockers. ATX cases efficiently get rid of excessive heat from the system and ensure better cooling for proper functioning. Furthermore, the best part is that most ATX cases are fully compatible with Micro ATX mobos as well.

In addition to boasting excellent cooling potential, ATX cases offer great flexibility for fan placement and their side panels are also easily accessible. Even if you install roof radiators with 140mm fans in the ATX case, you would still be left with ample space and this is something you cannot neglect.

Micro ATX Case

Micro ATX cases offer the best balance between ATX and mid-tower cases, and all the credit goes to their compactness. It must be taken into account that these cases are usually 16 inches high and they are built mainly for micro ATX mobos. Since these cases offer limited room for expansion, you may not be able to make many upgrades and add a whole lot of components.

But the good news is that the small size of micro ATX cases makes them an ideal choice for people looking to build a compact setup. One of the major benefits of micro ATX cases is that they are relatively cheaper than full-sized ATX cabinets. So, if you want to buy a cabinet for home or office use, your best bet would be to go for a micro ATX case.

Mini ITX Case

Mini ITX cases are dramatically lighter, and they are a good option for those who want to fit their cabinet in a limited space. The width and height of mini ITX cases are less than all other cases listed in this article. Although mini ITX cases are quite small in size, they have enough space inside to house the necessary hardware.

Since these cases hardly weigh anything, you can move them from one place to another with little to no effort. Therefore, going for the mini ITX case would prove to be a very smart decision, especially if saving space is a topmost priority for you.

Transparent RGB Case

Considering the current technology trends, it can be seen that PC users of varied age groups want to style up their rig with stunning colors and lighting effects. Some time ago, computer cases used to boast a simple look, but things have completely changed. The reason being that people are now more interested in owning colorful desktop cabinets so that they can create a great first impression on their tech-obsessed friends.

Leading CPU case manufacturers globally have begun incorporating modern RGB capabilities into their cabinets to satisfy people’s appetite for colors and lighting effects. As surprising as it may sound, transparent RGB cases are available in all sizes because their demand is incredibly high in all parts of the world. Last but not least, it would not be wrong to conclude that RGB cabinets are a feast for the eyes of PC users.

Top 6 Factors to Consider When Buying an ATX Case for Your PC

Picking the best ATX case is no piece of cake and one needs to be equipped with the necessary knowledge to make the right selection. Knowing the criteria to buy the best computer case is very important, especially if you want good value for your hard-earned money. To speed up things, you can opt for just any cabinet available online which has the maximum number of positive reviews.

But there is no surety whether that cabinet would be able to meet your personal needs or not, and thus, you should make an informed buying decision. Once you are acquainted with all the essential points, it is guaranteed you will not face any hassle while choosing the ideal CPU case. Having come this far, I will now discuss in detail the 6 most vital factors that PC builders should take into consideration before buying their dream ATX case.

Build Quality

First and foremost, the build quality of the PC chassis you choose matters a lot as the same determines the product’s overall lifespan. It is highly recommended that you purchase a CPU case that has already been rated for durability by hundreds and thousands of verified buyers. This way, you will be able to identify the right chassis that boasts outstanding build quality and design.

You must understand that a cabinet that is not built with top-quality materials might even break or show signs of degradation if handled roughly. On the other hand, a well-built cabinet is bound to last for many years because it comprises select components of premium quality. Therefore, see to it you purchase a CPU chassis whose build quality is exceptional, or else you might have to reinvest in another cabinet in the coming time.

Internal Dimensions

Before you finalize your decision to purchase a particular desktop cabinet, it is crucial to analyze its internal dimensions carefully. Simply put, a standard big-sized chassis will have large internal sizes and will provide you with more space to add different components. A small-sized chassis offers compactness and is perfect for users who do not have much free space. No matter what size you select at the end of the day, it totally depends on your unique needs.

Hardware Support

Hardware support is another factor that you must keep in mind before making the final purchase. High-end CPU cabinets are armed with enough drive bays and they house sufficient connectivity ports to deliver utmost convenience throughout the day. If making PC upgrades is something you love, your highest priority should be to get a chassis that is pre-equipped with enough expansion slots.

Overall Appearance

Contrary to what most people falsely believe, the overall looks of your PC cabinet can make a notable difference to your computing experience. Nowadays, most desktop cases feature eye-catching exteriors to give your PC a modern makeover. The RGB facilities present in the latest CPU cases make them a must-buy product.

Above all, the sight of vibrant colors and lighting effects is pleasing to the eye. The coolest thing is that you can gain full control over your cabinet’s RGB function via dedicated software. In case you are not tech-savvy, you can always go back to the instruction manual or search the internet for all the information related to chassis RGB controls.

If the style does not hold much significance, in your opinion, you can invest in an ordinary-looking chassis and save a few extra bucks, which you can invest elsewhere. But if you happen to have a penchant for stylish tech components, getting an RGB-powered CPU case is the wisest decision you can take for ensuring maximum fun.

Cooling Potential

A majority of PC enthusiasts completely agree that a system’s performance and life greatly depend on the cabinet’s cooling potential. Some cabinets are specially designed to pave the way for optimum cooling, whereas others lack these capabilities. People building a PC for normal day-to-day tasks like accessing documents and watching videos need not worry much about cooling.

But those who spend most of their time playing resource-heavy games cannot ignore this point at any cost. Wondering why? Graphically rich games consume plenty of power, and they also cause your CPU to generate heat, which must be dissipated at the earliest. More important than all, the best cooling potential is offered by cabinets that have a huge size. Small CPU cases also offer good cooling, but they are not as effective as the large ones.

Price Tag

There is no denying that different ATX cases come with different price tags for various reasons. CPU cabinets that feature superb durability and distinctive looks are usually more expensive than basic computer cases. Since this is a matter of personal preference, you should always buy a PC cabinet that best suits your budget.

Final Words

With technology making its way into the lives of millions of people across the world, buying the best PC components is now more important than ever. When it comes to building a PC for daily use, many people find it extremely difficult to select the right ATX computer case. It is so because they get confused while browsing the huge selection of ATX instances over the internet.

Take note that investing in the wrong ATX case will lead to wastage of your money and negatively affect your desktop’s overall style factor. But since you have this buying guide at your disposal, finding the best product should be a piece of cake. So, make sure you consider the information above before spending money on the ATX PC case of your choice.

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