5 Efficient PPC Advertising Trends To Try

PPC Advertising

Nowadays, more companies work with their digital marketing agency to come up with a pay per click advertising strategy to boost the brand’s website. It is currently one of the most preferred online marketing strategies because it can deliver remarkable results without spending much. But because of the constant changes in the online landscape, businesses need to assess the suitable type of pay per click advertising services they can use for their benefit.

To help companies keep up with the ever-changing times, here are several PPC trends that businesses and digital marketers must keep in mind when conceptualizing their marketing schemes today and in the coming years.

Pay Per Click Automation

One of the most talked-about trends in PPC advertising in 2020 is PPC automation. Based on the data gathered by Alphabet Google, this method generated $32.6 billion in advertising revenue in 2019. It showed an approximately 16% increase over the same time interval during the previous year. This method uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automate labor-demanding tasks related to searching engine ads.

According to reports, the automation industry around the world could expand rapidly by 2021. The report predicted that the industry might grow up to as much as $238 billion in the coming year, particularly in the process automation segment. While PPC automation is not an entirely new concept, it only started to become more relevant in today’s industry because it started to take on more important roles like ad testing. It can also help in measuring the most appropriate bidding strategy the company can use for specific goals.

Artificial Intelligence

While the use of artificial intelligence becomes common in most industries, its relevance in PPC can be seen in creating more efficient ad campaigns. This trend makes it easier to predict the click-through rate (CTR) of future ads, helping the digital marketers focus on improving their campaigns if the prediction does not yield their preferred result.

Using AI in PPC also allows marketers and companies to measure the effectiveness of the ads on quality scores, as well as recognize the possibility of conversion from a particular customer. Also, it can help in determining the bids that may get the most traffic online. It is also effective in optimizing keywords or ad campaigns when a particular event occurs, such as the unexpected drop of the cost-per-click (CPC) drop below a specific amount.

Video Ads

According to studies, 78% of people spent time watching videos online at least once a week. It means that many individuals allocate a significant amount of their time in this medium. Thus, businesses need to consider adapting to the vertical video ads of Google to take advantage of people’s penchant for watching online videos.

Also, marketers must begin linking their clients’ products in video ads to capture the attention of more people. It will result in reaching a wider audience in the long run. Also, the era of using Instagram Stories as part of a video marketing strategy will still dominate in years to come because the customer tends to watch rapid videos on their social media accounts.

Smart Bidding

Smart bidding is one of the automated bidding techniques that use ML to boost the ads for consumer conversion based on the company’s goals. It helps marketers handling the pay per click advertising services to come up with a ballpark figure when they need to bid for Google Ads.

To make it work, Google’s AI system will mechanically optimize to come up with conversions every time an auction takes place. The digital marketing company only needs to inform Google about the preferred advertising goal. The Smart Bidding tool will figure out how to obtain it without going beyond the specified budget. It can also help the website generate new leads based on the company’s preferred cost per acquisition (CPA), maximizing the best return on investment (ROI) in every cent spent, and increasing the conversion rate.

YouTube Masthead

Since people can now enjoy being online while using traditional media like TVs due to the emergence of smart technologies, it is no longer impossible to watch YouTube videos on television sets. Because of this, the YouTube ads flashed on TV screens managed to generate a 10% increase in recall than the regular ads on the usual TV programs.

However, marketers can now take advantage of the digital billboard called YouTube Masthead, which is placed on the online video sharing platform’s homepage. It usually lasts for 24 hours. As a result, the company’s ads can reach a more diverse audience each time they turn on the YouTube page.

These current PPC trends can help businesses and digital marketers to comply with the changes brought by technology to gather their target audiences. It will also help them acquire new and loyal customers based on their compelling campaign strategy. To maximize their efforts, the advertisers must take time to study all these trends and try out which among these can yield the best results for the business.

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