5 Best Cell Phone Lookup Platforms

Cell Phone Lookup Platforms

You may come across many websites claiming to offer free cell phone lookup services to you. But while they claim to provide a free service, you cannot be sure whether they provide accurate data or not. You might get them just because they are free, and then you realize that you are not getting the exact details you require.

So, should you not trust these platforms? It is not like that, but you should know which are the trustworthy websites to go for.

Here is a list of some such free cell phone lookup platforms that you can rely upon and use for sure.


Radaris is known to offer a free cell phone lookup. It offers a service where users can conveniently put up a phone number and trace the number’s owner. When you run a search on Radaris, you come across the owner’s name and address. Many other details such as the past address where the person was residing and further important details about the connection.

Apart from this, if you wish to know more about this person, you can also run a background check and report on various aspects of the person such as personal information, professional details, criminal background, and others. Moreover, Radaris is a perfect platform that helps you get complete detail of the phone number owner you wish to track.

Swordfish AI

Apart from Radaris, Swordfish AI is another worth mentioning service provider you can use for cell phone lookup services. When you run a search on this platform, you get the name of the phone number owner and come across several other details. You can know the person’s personal as well as the professional email address of the person.

Swordfish AI also allows you to add the extension of it to your chrome. This way, when you are accessing your social media platforms such as Facebook, the extension will help you get the phone numbers on Facebook’s contacts. Many people are using this system today to get accurate data and save a lot of time.


This website Pipl is to protect users from any fraudulent calls and activities. It helps you in getting across the real people who are behind a particular phone number. It enables you to identify the correct owner of the phone number to know in detail about the person and the purpose of the person behind the phone number.


Intelius is almost similar to Radaris and offers a wide variety of details about the phone number that you are searching for. It offers to discover the owner of the number that you are searching on the website. Apart from this, this website also helps find personal, professional, and social details. You can run a background check so that you can find out any criminal link of the person.

Apart from this, Intelius also helps you in finding the connection of this person with many people. Moreover, it is yet another website to find and manage people’s details in a much more efficient way.


BeenVerified is more of a public record that helps you get details of a number and get information on various aspects. You can search a number and get details about their social connections, bankruptcy, properties, criminal records, and many others. It mainly offers the service of Whitepages lookup through which you can find out the owner of the phone number and get to know the details about the person on various grounds.

Thus, while there are many options available in terms of mobile number search, here are some reliable platforms that you can get to have the right services. Selecting these platforms will help you get accurate data of the phone number owner and help you get many other details about the person, such as the professional, personal, social, and criminal background.

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