4 Advantages of Reducing PDF Size

In this world of digitalization, everything is being done online. Every corporation, company, small business, and individuals have adopted a lifestyle where the internet is a core part of their daily life. Whether it is business memos, employee contracts, business deals, term papers, assignments, time table, or any other form of a document, all of them are being shared online, mostly in the PDF format. As there is so much information to share in today’s world, there are many benefits of reducing PDF file sizes. If you have a PDF file containing a lot of images and information, the size of such data can be huge, making it difficult for you to transfer them online. By reducing the size of these files using online compression software tools like sodapdf, you can get the following benefits.

Faster Emails

One of the most obvious advantages of reducing the size of your PDF is that it becomes somewhat easier to email it to another person. Depending upon your internet speed, if you have a file with a large size to send and you are on a deadline, it could take a while to upload your document. In such cases, it is best if you compress your PDF file so that you can quickly email and transfer it to anyone. Moreover, most email providers like Gmail have an attachment limit of 25MB. So, if you want to send a file through Gmail, you are going to have to compress it so that it meets the minimum size requirement. Failing to compress your files before sending them over the internet may also cause issues for the recipients as they download these files.

Reduction in Storage

Even if you don’t have to send your PDF file to anyone and want to keep it to yourself, merely reducing its PDF size means that it will not take up a lot of space on your computer. If you are already dealing with PC storage problems compressing all your present and future PDF files can free a lot of used space in your hard disk.

Data Retention

One of the most significant advantages of reducing your PDF file size using compression software programs is it doesn’t mess with the quality of the file. These software programs are optimized to retain all the data in the original record, meanwhile significantly reducing the space they take up on your computer or hard drive. You can even process bulk documents using batch-processing software so that you can compress hundreds of PDF files at one time and store them somewhere safe.

Less Server Load

Transferring files over the internet takes up a lot of bandwidth and speed. If you are transferring a large file over the internet, you will see a significant reduction in your internet speed. However, with the help of a PDF compression software, you can reduce the file size dramatically, therefore allowing the file to take up less upload bandwidth. So, it automatically enhances the load server and raises file transfer efficiency.

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